Christie and Jacob (Olde Stonewall Golf Club Reception)

There are times for everyone when things get tough.  Work, stress, family, health – all these things can make us forget how blessed we are and how great life is.  While the wedding is clearly very special for the bride and groom, it’s also a gift to everyone who attends because it gives them a genuine reason to celebrate.  In this day and age, people NEED to celebrate.  Christie and Jacob had an amazing and beautiful wedding at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City, PA, and the perfect celebration for all of their friends and family.

The Grand Hall looked gorgeous and had the most wonderful Beauty and the Beast themed decor.  The roses under glass were simply amazing.  After a delicious dinner, everyone was quick to join in the fun for a fantastic dance party!

Christie and Jacob wanted to make sure everyone had a fabulous time and took the simple idea of “Be Our Guest” to a whole new level.  As the evening came to a close, there was a great atmosphere of joy and happiness as all of their guests joined in to wish them well in their new lives together.  It was a perfect ending to the perfect day.

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Kaylyn and Greg (Fox Chapel Golf Club Reception)

With so many details to choose for a wedding day, it’s easy to forget to consider how the night will end.  While no one wants to focus on the day being completed, you’ll always remember the way you spent the last moments of your celebration.  Kaylyn and Greg came up with the most original and sweet idea for their wonderful reception held at the Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Before I explain the ending, I should note how amazing the Golf Club looked.  Everything from the dining area to the ballroom looked stunning.  I was glad they chose to have me provide some uplighting and a custom monogram to make things look even better!  It was the perfect setting for one of the most epic dance parties I’ve ever seen.

So, by this point, I’m sure you want to know how it ended.  After a wonderful dance party, all of the guests gathered in the front of the golf club while Kaylyn and Greg had one final slow dance alone.  It was sweet, romantic and a wonderful chance to just be together for a few moments before heading outside for cheers and hugs from all their favorite people.  The perfect ending to a truly unforgettable day.

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Hannah and Tyler (Noah’s Event Venue Reception)

Some couples don’t like the idea of being the center of attention throughout their wedding day, while others embrace the opportunity.  Hannah and Tyler were not only comfortable and relaxed in the spotlight during their big day, they took the chance to share the attention with their closest friends and family.  Their beautifully customized reception was held at Noah’s Event Venue in Cranberry, PA.

One of the newest wedding venues in the Pittsburgh area, the ballroom at Noah’s Events looked amazing.  The newlyweds included fun and unique details as decorations through the building.  During the parent dances, Hannah danced with her father to a recording of them singing a fantastic and touching song that Hannah had written just for them.

Hannah and Tyler knew their guests wouldn’t hesitate when it was time to dance and celebrate.  Everyone was quick to join in the fun and get a little wild.  The newlyweds were surrounded by all of their favorite people as the last songs played, then they all went outside for a big sparkler send off.  The happy couple is now headed to Punta Cana for a little alone time away from the spotlight. 
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Claire and Andrew (Renaissance Pittsburgh Wedding Reception)

Couples have told me that they’ve had bad dreams before their wedding day, that no one at the reception will dance.  No matter how much fun your family and friends are, I think it’s easy to worry that for one reason or another, they won’t have a good time when it’s time to celebrate.  My simple advice is always this – when the bride and groom dance, everyone dances.  Claire and Andrew did an amazing job showing their guests exactly how to party at their elegant and fun wedding reception at the stunning Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel.

The Renaissance ballroom looked stunning, and I was thrilled that I could provide a custom monogram and red uplighting to make the room look even more amazing.

Claire and Andrew were so fun to work with, and when it came time to dance, they made sure everyone was a part of the celebration.  They both spent tons of time dancing and Claire even ran to tables to drag more people to join them.  They gave their friends and family an authentic reason to celebrate and party, and wow, did they party!  The night ended way too soon, but as the last song ended, the newlyweds were surrounded by all of their favorite people.  It was the perfect ending to a great day.
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Kate and Joe (Phipps Conservatory Wedding Reception)

One of the many challenges when planning a wedding can be finding ways to incorporate your specific tastes while being sure to create a day that all of your guests will enjoy and remember.  Kate and Joe had no problem at all when it came to their amazing celebration held on a beautiful day at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The ceremony was held in the outdoor garden, followed by a reception in the beautifully decorated outdoor tent.  Guests were treated to great music by a string quartet, followed by a selection of songs chosen by Kate and Joe.

Kate and Joe kicked off the evening with a wonderfully choreographed first dance, followed instantly by having their friends and family joining them for a fun and rowdy hora.  All night long there was a great variety of music that everyone could enjoy.  When it was time to dance, all of the guests had the chance to hear music from oldies to today’s hits.  Kate and Joe planned a wonderful day that was well suited to their tastes, and a perfect way to celebrate their love with all their favorite people.

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Meghan and Norbert (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

I love to get to hear stories from couples about their relationship and how led up to their wedding day.  It’s so fun and helps me to get to know the bride and groom in order to prepare for their special day.  Meghan and Norbert had some amazing tales about their first date (a scavenger hunt around Pittsburgh) and their engagement (a helicopter ride over the city), that definitely let me know how unique and fun their celebration would be at the amazing Carnegie Museum in Oakland.

I can never say enough about how much I love to come to the Carnegie Museum.  Not only is it stunning, but everything about it is completely top notch.  Meghan and Norbert’s ceremony was held in the gorgeous Hall of Sculpture, and the reception was held in the beautiful and ornate Music Hall Foyer.


Meghan and Norbert’s amazing history let me know that they weren’t afraid to plan and work to create magical moments.  I had the best time working with them both since they wanted to create a celebration like no other.  Their hard work paid off big since all their guests had the time of their lives dancing, singing and just getting crazy with the newlyweds.  I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with these two since I’m sure they’re going to have more incredible stories to tell.

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