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MobileBeat Magazine Awards The Best DJ Websites


I’m thrilled, and extremely pleased that the editors of Mobile Beat Magazine have chosen my website as the best DJ blog in the country for 2011.  It’s such a thrill to be acknowledged for doing something that you just love doing.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Using a unique approach, the homepage for this company is a blog. There is content on the rest of the website, but the home page is almost entirely made up of a blog. Like most DJ blogs, it has pictures from recent events, along with some other little tidbits of information. What makes this stand out is a great overall design of the website, amazing pictures, and a short wrap-up at the end of each wedding blog. Not only does content like this really draw a prospective client in, but it also does wonders for helping your website in the search engines (if done right, which this one is).”

I love working on my website since it showcases how special and unique every wedding can be.  Even more than that I love being able to look back on some of the most amazing and fun times I’ve had been lucky enough in which to play a part.  My thanks to Mobile Beat for noticing!


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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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