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Colleen and Nick (Edgewood Country Club DJ)

Most people have an idea what they want for their wedding, but it can be difficult to have every detail work according to plan.  I encourage all of my guests to have the confidence to have things their way, and I love when people are able to create a reception that celebrates the uniqueness of the bride and groom.  Yesterday I was thrilled to be the DJ for such an event at the wedding reception of Colleen Daley and Nicholas Elliott held at the Edgewood Country Club in Pittsburgh, PA.Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

The Country Club was decorated splendidly.  The customized up-lighting really tied everything together, and the room was the perfect size for the approximately 240 guests.

Edgwood Country Club Wedding

Each table was designated with a word from “Pittsburgh-ese”.  What a fun way for guests to find their seats!

Pittsburghese Table Cards

Colleen and Nick had an entrance like none I’ve ever seen.  When I announced the couple, they entered with members of the Pitt Drum line followed by the Pitt Panther himself!  All the guests stayed on their feet dancing and singing along to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”.  It was AWESOME!

Pitt Panther Wedding DJ

Among the other things that Colleen and Nick developed for their big day, they also worked closely with me on a wonderful selection of music to be played throughout the evening.  Their choices were spot on, and their friends and family crowded the dance floor all night long.


The evening was so well organized that we were even able to do a few festivities between courses.  The newlyweds’ first dance was sweet and elegant.  I still can’t get over Colleen’s lovely wedding dress.

Edgewood Club DJ

Then things got pretty wild when the dancing started!

Edgewood Club DJ Pittsburgh

Wedding Edgewood DJ Pittsburgh

Later in the evening Colleen changed into a fun reception dress.  Perfect for dancing all the way until 1AM!

Pittsburgh Wedding Edgewood DJ

For the very last song (after a few other last songs), Colleen took the mic to lead every one in singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”

Journey Sing Bride DJ

I love helping people achieve the wedding of their dreams.  Colleen and Nick had an amazing day and didn’t compromise anything to make it a perfect reflection of who they are.  (They actually did so many cool things, I can’t even begin to list them all here!)  I’m thrilled they chose me to be a part of such a fabulous celebration.  The newlyweds are now off for a 2 week honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Tia and Benjamin (Holiday Inn, Moon Twp DJ)

Weddings usually offer newlyweds a chance for some self-reflection.  In order to have a day that truly reflects who you are as a couple, you have to evaluate everything.  Since I prefer to work with my clients to create a day that is wonderfully unique, it’s great to work with couples who know and love who they are, and choose to share that with their friends and family.  This past weekend I was the DJ for the wedding & reception of Tia Smith and  Benjamin Pease, held at the Ferris Ballroom at the Holiday Inn, Moon Township.

Ben Tia Pease Wedding

The ballroom was decorated gorgeously. The wedding colors blended perfectly with the colors of the room.

Moon Township Holiday Inn Wedding

Tia and Ben chose to have their reception as a Masquerade Ball.  While most of the guests brought their own masks, these were made available so everyone could join in the fun!

Masquerade Ball Wedding

Who’d think a pumpkin could be so elegant?

Wedding Pumpkin

I had such a great time talking music with Tia and Ben.  Their tastes were as unique and diverse as they are.  We worked together to make a playlist that included everything from Final Fantasy to Rocky Horror and much, much more.


The first dance, to Ben Folds “The Luckiest”, was sweet and tender.

Pease Dance Pittsburgh DJ

Then it was time for some dancing… the masks came out and people got wild!

Masquerade Ball Wedding DJ

Masquerade Ball Wedding DJ

Masquerade Ball Wedding DJ

Tia and Ben had the most awesome masks…

Masquerade Ball Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ Moon Twp

It’s amazing to watch people who were able to have their wedding exactly how they wanted, and see their friends and family join in to make the day a perfect success.  To me, Tia and Ben set the perfect example on how being true to yourself when wedding planning creates a day like no other.  I’m sure all of the guests will be discussing this special day for years to come.

Kendra and Ryan (Alpine Room, SNPJ DJ)

Of all the places I’ve been, no place is more diverse than the areas in and around Pittsburgh.  All you need to do is travel 25 miles in any direction and suddenly you’ll find yourself in a unique neighborhood with it’s own culture, traditions and musical tastes.  While everyone still has their “Pittsburgh-ness” about them, it’s fun to see how different groups of people celebrate as I travel around to DJ such wonderful receptions.  This past weekend I headed out of the city and into the country to the Alpine Room, located in the SNPJ in Enon Valley, PA for the reception of Kendra Neely and Ryan Werner.

Country Wedding DJ

The SNPJ was decorated beautifully and the details throughout the room were awesome.  Western PA is famous for cookie tables, my weakness is always those buckeyes!

Wedding DJ Details

I’ve known Kendra and Ryan for years and was thrilled when they approached me to DJ their reception.  While they were relaxed and easy going about their music, I still knew their musical preferences would be largely Country & Western.  I was able to gather a selection of music for them that covered every genre, but created a vibe that was a perfect fit for these two.


After dinner, the newlyweds had their first dance.

SNPJ Country DJ

For the dollar dance, the Maid of Honor, Karen, collected money in the groom’s cowboy hat!

Cowboy Dollar Dance

Cowboy Dance

The room was filled with friends I hadn’t seen for a long time.  There were 3 couples at the reception whose weddings I DJ’ed!  One of their daughters came up to dance with the groom (along with grandma).

Wedding DJ Dollar Dance

I was excited to get the dancing started…. and so was everyone else!

Country Line Dancing

Pittsburgh Country DJ

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Everyone partied until they couldn’t dance anymore…

Sleeping Wedding Flowergirl

Wedding SNPJ Country DJ

Kendra and Ryan’s wedding reception was a tremendous celebration.  Their friends and family were so excited to come and FINALLY get to see them celebrate their love.  I can’t thank them enough for making me a part of everything.

Meghan and John (Pittsburgh Atheltic Association DJ)

Let’s talk about the excitement of the wedding celebration.  One of my favorite experiences is when the friends and family of a newly married couple arrive at the reception full of energy and jubilation to get the party started.  At the reception of Meghan McHenry and John (Gray) Cole, the guests came to the Pittsburgh Athletic Association prepared for an epic celebration, and didn’t leave disappointed.

Pittsburgh Athletic Assocaiton DJ

The venue was decorated in wonderful Fall colors.  As the guests arrived, there was no denying their anticipation for the party of the year.  The Athletic Association was filled with the sounds of laughter.

Pittsburgh Athletic Assocaiton DJ

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Meghan, John & I did our planning online and via telephone since they were planning their wedding from Maryland.  Their relaxed nature made it fun to pull their ideas together into a playlist that flowed nicely from beginning to end.


During dinner, Meg & John visited with each table instead of eating!  Once they were done they moved straight to cake cutting & their special dances.  Talk about putting your guests’ needs in front of your own!

Cole-Wedding DJ

What happened next is the reason that any one ever dreams of being a DJ.  From the first song, the guests jammed the dance floor and kept the party going, and going, and going. It was awesome!

Cole Mchenry Pittsburgh DJ

Pittsburgh Athletic Assocation Wedding

Groomsman Luis, showing off his amazing dance moves!

Pittsburgh Athletic Association Wedding

DJ Eric Pittsburgh Wedding

Pittsburgh Athletic Association Wedding

Meg and a few of her bridesmaid took a well deserved break before coming back to the dance floor.

Bridesmaids Pittsburgh Wedding

Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

DJ Eric Pittsburgh Wedding

I always tell my clients that you should leave your guests wanting just a little bit more.  Everyone should leave with the feeling that they could have danced all night.  With Meg & John’s friends and family, I’m convinced the party could have easily lasted for 5 or 6 more hours.  Everyone was ready to join together for the ultimate celebration, and they danced their hearts out to every song.  The newlyweds are off on their dream honeymoon to Greece.  I’m sure everyone will be ready to celebrate again when they return!

Gwen and Steve (Pittsburgh LeMont Wedding DJ)

I encourage all of my clients to find clever ways to utilize my presence on their big day.  I love being a wedding DJ, and thoroughly enjoy helping to create special moments for the newlyweds and their guests.  This past weekend I was asked to provide some unique and fun contributions for the wedding of Gwen Zajdel and Steve Majewski, held at the LeMont overlooking Pittsburgh, PA.

LeMont Wedding DJ

I  have to mention how Gwen and Steve used striking fall colors throughout the LeMont, everything looked amazing!  Candy apples as favors was complete genius.

Fall Wedding details

After their grand entrance, Gwen and Steve danced to a special medley of Michael Buble, The Black Eyed Peas AND Frank Sinatra!

LeMont Wedding DJ

During cocktail hour and dinner, guests were entertained by the Hilil String Quartet.  These brothers and sisters have been playing together for over 9 years and performed flawlessly.  (They were also a joy to work with.)  I was blessed to work with 2 other amazingly talented vendors, Dawn from DMB Videography and Dana from Scheller Image and Design.  I can’t say enough about how important it is to hire talented and accommodating vendors like these two.  Their attitude and professionalism kept everything running smoothly while they captured tons of memories for Gwen and Steve to cherish.

Hilal String Quartet

Steve, Gwen and I had a great time talking through the music for the reception.  They had a ton of fun ideas including their special first dance medley and a unique take on the Anniversary dance.


After dinner, guests JAMMED the dance floor.  Clearly everyone was there to celebrate!

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Pittsburgh LeMont

Wedding DJ Zajdel Majewski

Zajdel Majewski Wedding Lemont

Sometimes I am asked, “How many songs do you play for dancing?”  The answer depends on how the day is planned and how well everything is executed during the reception.  This couple scheduled an evening with LOTS of time for dancing, and because everything went flawlessly, there was plenty of time for everyone to dance to almost every style of music.  I’m so grateful that Gwen and Steve included me in so many of their plans.  I love getting to work for such fun, creative and detail oriented people.  These love birds are now off for a well earned two week honeymoon in Figi.

Brandi and Tim (Teutonia Mannerchor DJ)

Have it your way.  I feel that slogan is much more appropriate when planning your wedding instead of getting lunch through the drive thru.  There are so many decisions when planning your big day, but the most important decision you can make is to choose to make things exactly how you’ve always dreamed.  Yesterday I was fortunate to DJ at the wedding of Brandi Sinclair and Timothy McClain, held at the Teutonia Mannerchor in Pittsburgh, PA. Brandi and Tim definitely chose to do things their own way, and their results were extraordinary.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Teutonia Mannerchor is a German Club located on the North Side of Pittsburgh.  While the club was beautifully decorated, I have to say my favorite touch was tucked away between two layers of the cake.

Wedding Cake Topper

Another fun and special touch that Brandi and Tim created was to ask their guests to add sand to a special sand jar.  What a great keepsake for the newlyweds!

Wedding Sand Jar

Brandi and Tim chose  great music, including classic crooners as well as some modern tunes.  In the spirit of the German club, there were also a number of waltzes and polkas that kept the evening moving along.


The newlyweds had a great choreographed first dance .

First Dance Wedding DJ

To get the dancing started, all of the guests joined in on a German Marathon March. Brandi and Tim led their guests throughout the entire room!

German Marathon March

After that the dance floor was open…

German Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh German DJ

Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

German DJ Pittsburgh

Brandi and Tim held their wedding celebration over the entire weekend.  They were married at Heinz Chapel on Saturday and then held their formal reception on Sunday (10-10-10).  This gave them the unique opportunity to spend quality time with all of their guests as well as having the ability to do anything and everything they could imagine.  Now these two are off for their honeymoon at a beautiful resort in Virginia.

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