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Niki and Neil (Mansions on Fifth DJ)

At the end of the each year, I tend to look back at all the marvelous weddings that I’ve been fortunate enough to DJ. I love keeping a blog where I can highlight these amazing events, and try to point out the special ways that couples make their day unique and elegant. I recently was the DJ for Niki and Neil’s reception, held at the Mansions on Fifth in Shadyside. These two newlyweds included many of the elements that I think really help make a wedding spectacular.

Niki and Neil Wedding DJ

One thing I talk about a lot is finding a venue that truly meets your style.  Mansions on Fifth is one of Pittsburghs newest choice which offered a one-of-kind feel for the reception.  The mansion was decorated for Christmas which really added to the intimate and homey touch of the rooms.

Mansions on Fifth

Niki and Neil shared a story with me of how they went through a variety of my previous wedding playlists and had a blast picking and choosing the songs for their big day.  I love when people take the time to consider the role that music will play throughout the night. 


Another thing that the bride and groom considered was how they wanted to spend their time during the reception.  They knew they didn’t want to waste a lot of time with wedding traditions that weren’t important to them.  This gave them lots of time for visiting and dancing.  They did include a beautiful first dance after their entrance down the main staircase at the mansion.

After dinner and dances with their parents, everyone crowded the dance floor for over 2 1/2 hours of celebration.

Mansions on Fifth Wedding DJ

Mansions on Fifth Wedding DJ

A little bonus for me was getting to see Kate & Pete Nicholas whose wedding I played a few months ago.  I was thrilled that they had referred me to Niki & Neil.

Kate Pete Nicholas

At the end of the evening, many of the guests stayed around for a pizza party in the bar of the mansion (yet another fabulous idea!) before heading off to their rooms.  So many guests had come to be a part of a day that was truly unique, and no one left disappointed.  The newlyweds headed off for St. Lucia, confident in the fact that they had created the perfect beginning for their new lives together.

Laura and Zack (Renaissance Hotel Wedding)

It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of a wedding, and lose focus on what the day is really about.  While all of the individual elements will clearly help make it more special, it all boils down to celebrating the simple love between the bride and groom.  I was fortunate enough to work with a couple that never lost focus at the Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.  Laura Kiley and Zack Cataldi had a beautiful and elegant reception in early October.

Kiley Cataldi Wedding

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Laura and Zack came in to see the Symphony Ballroom before the guests entered.  After taking a few moments to take in the beauty of the room, the view, the details, and the cake, Laura said “this is a great bonus”.

Kiley Cataldi Wedding

Even when it came to choosing music, Laura and Zack guided me to play songs that people would want to hear.  It could not have worked out better, as people jumped up to dance to a wide variety of tunes.


Since everyone had come from all over to join in the celebration of these two newlyweds, it wasn’t difficult to get the party started.

Pittsburgh Renaissance Hotel Wedding

Laura and Zack even had a few unexpected bonuses when celebrities Jane Seymour and Chelsea Kane stopped in to dance!

Jane Seymour Chelsea Kane

These two are so clearly in love that nothing could have kept their day from being anything but perfect.  Friends and family came together to see Laura and Zack get married, and at the end of the day everyone got so much more.

Carlee and Robert (Old Stonewall Golf Club)

I am extremely blessed to get to do something I love so much.  Every time I get to go and be a part of someone’s celebration it feels new and fresh.  This past weekend I DJ’ed a wonderful celebration that reminded me how long I’ve been this lucky.  Carlee Saba and Robert Sontag were married on a perfect November day at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City, PA.

Saba Sontag Wedding DJ

I knew I was in for a fun evening when I saw Carlee and Rob’s custom cake topper featuring a bride dragging her groom away from his videogames and Dr. Pepper cans!

Custom cake topper

Due to hectic schedules, Carlee and I did most of the planning online and through Skype.  It worked out great as she was able to let me know what special songs they wanted to use throughout the evening to make the day perfect.


Carlee and Rob had wonderful first dance after dinner.  I loved seeing this quiet moment between the two of them.

An extra bonus for me was getting to see Carlee’s father and stepmother.  Cy and Joni used to work with me at one of my earliest DJ gigs, and I even DJ’d their wedding, right at the same golf club over 11 years ago!

After all the visting and catching up, it was time to celebrate!

Saba Sontag Wedding DJ

I’m grateful to Carlee and Rob for choosing me as their DJ.  They were so relaxed and fun to work with, and their day truly reflected all their hard work.  They had a wonderful celebration that they’ll never forget as they start a new chapter in their lives.

Megan and Edward (University Club Wedding DJ)

This past weekend I was the DJ for Megan Warco and Ed Moran at the University Club in Pittsburgh, PA.  Many couples could learn a lot from how Meg and Ed planned their reception.  They wanted a celebration that was elegant and simple.  They chose not to include a lot of the traditional elements, and instead focused on a relaxing evening that gave them the opportunity to truly enjoy this special time with their friends and family.

Warco Moran Wedding DJ

Megan and Ed chose to forgo a grand entrance into the ballroom and instead followed their guests to their seats after the cocktail hour.  Instead of a banquet style head table, they chose to sit with their bridal party in a more comfortable and enjoyable setting.

University Club Pittsburgh Wedding

As for music, the newlyweds chose dinner music that I’m convinced they’d play if you visited their home for a meal.  Great selections from the Decemberists, Coldplay, the Eagles, and more created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


The couple held their first dance between dinner courses, which really helped keep the evening moving along.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ-8

Megan and her father worked out a very special dance for after dinner.  They had a great time and performed their choreography perfectly!
Pittsburgh Wedding DJ-9

With all the festivities concluded, there was nothing left to do but celebrate and enjoy some time on the dance floor.
Warco Moran Wedding Playlist

I find it’s extremely difficult for people to let go of certain wedding traditions, even if they don’t feel like those elements reflect their personal style.  Megan and Ed had a fantastic evening where they spent their time only doing what they knew they would enjoy.  Now they are all ready for more a well deserved rest on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

Nicole and Curtis (Embassy Suites Wedding DJ)

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being DJ for the weddings of several people I’ve know for many, many years.  Throughout 2011 I’ve been anxiously waiting to play at the reception of Nicole Meyers and Curtis Clow at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Moon Township, PA.  I’ve known Nicole and her family since my earliest DJ gigs, and I was honored to help make the day extraordinary.

meyers clow wedding

I provided music for the ceremony and cocktail hour, as well as the reception.  It was wonderful to play a part in the entire celebration.

Wedding Sign

Embassy Suites Ceremony

Nicole and Curtis worked with me to create a music playlist that really reflected their tastes perfectly.


Throughout the festivities, there was a special peacock feather theme.  I was able to include this in their dance floor monogram.

Dance Floor Monogram

The couple had their first dance as newlyweds after dinner.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Once it was time to dance, guests jumped to the large dance floor to get down to a wide variety of great music.

When it was time to say goodbye, the guests formed a giant circle around the newlyweds to cheer and sing.  Nicole and Curtis are off on a well deserved honeymoon in Hawaii.  I can’t thank them both enough for having me as part of their amazing wedding day.

Jenna and Christopher (Summit Inn Reception)

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding DJ is seeing how the couple envisions their special day, so that I can help make sure it’s a big success.  I had the pleasure of really getting to know Jenna Parcher and Christopher Shuknecht to help plan their wedding reception at The Summit Inn in Farmington, PA.

Parcher Shuknecht Wedding DJ

Jenna, Chris, and I had a great time talking about everything, including their relationship, their families, and their priorities for the big day.  These two have such an amazing chemistry that makes them fun to be around.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that their cake topper was a replica of themselves.  I loved how they even had it made to match Jenna’s gown and Chris’s tux!

Etsy Cake Topper

True to their fun loving nature, Chris had to hold off Jenna when it was time to cut the cake.

Cake cutting

Jenna and Chris provided me with some guidance as far as song selection, but their main priority was making sure their guests would stay and dance throughout the evening.  Their guests made tons of requests and I was able to include music from every genre imaginable.


After everyone had the time to eat and visit, the couple had their first dance.  It was great to see them a have a tender moment all to themselves.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Afterwards it was time to celebrate!

Chris’s Aunt helped organize a Polish Wedding tradition called the Oczepiny.  All the guests gathered around to sing to the newlyweds.

Oczepiny DJ

Summit Inn Wedding DJ

While I always enjoying meeting with couples to discuss their wedding, I will never forget the time I spent with these two.  After the first 10 minutes it was clear how much they are meant for each other.  I also wasn’t too surprised to discover that their guests were as fun and wild as they are.  The newlyweds are now heading off to Mexico for a honeymoon that is sure to be epic.

Award Winning Pittsburgh DJ
Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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