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Lindsay and Adam (Harmar House Reception)

Everyone knows that your wedding day is the one day when you’re allowed to do everything your way.  I find that the people who have the best receptions are those who are willing to remember that their guests are the most important part of the celebration.  This weekend I was able to DJ for Lindsay English and Adam Schwab’s wedding at the Harmar House in Pittsburgh, PA.  These two were sure to include their friends and family in the special day, which made it one that everyone was able to enjoy.


It was clear from the beginning how important their guests were to Lindsay and Adam.  They spent time visiting with everyone, and allowed for many different styles of music so that all their guests would want to get up and enjoy the celebration.  After dinner they had a few special dances which were emotional and beautiful.

With lots of time to enjoy themselves, we were able to cover music from all genres including country, rock, swing, 80’s, and modern music.  It was awesome.


The large dance floor at the Harmar House gave lots of room for everyone to join in the party.

It’s great for me as a DJ to get to get to work with such honest and giving people.  Because Lindsay and Adam  were sure to put their focus on their friends and family, their day was one that was special to everyone.

Kara and Luke (Grand Concourse Wedding)

Location, location, location.  Not only true in real estate, but maybe even more so when choosing the right wedding and reception venue for your special day.  Your choice of venue will determine how your day will progress, and clearly it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.  I love when I get to DJ at locations that are a little different, as I did this weekend for the wedding reception of Kara Piazza and Luke DeJohn at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, PA.

Piazza DeJohn Wedding Reception

Kara and Luke were married on the stairs at the Grand Concourse.  What an amazing way to begin their new lives together!

Grand Concourse Wedding Pittsburgh

Later in the evening, they used the same area to have their first dance.

Grand Concourse Wedding Pittsburgh

Since the Grand Concourse is a large, spectacular venue, I placed speakers in a few areas to be sure guests could hear and enjoy the music.  Kara and Luke chose a wonderful variety of songs throughout the evening that really suited them and their guests.


The newlyweds planned to use the different areas in the Grand Concourse creatively.  There was the main dining area, the bar, and in a separate area was a photo booth, cookie table, donut machine and video slideshow .  Even the dancing was in a space that made for a nice, louder party area, while there were plenty of places for people to go to visit and relax.  Once the dancing started, the area filled up right away and things got a little crazy!

Love the look on Kara’s face as Luke’s friends carried him around the concourse.

Grand Concourse Wedding DJ

Towards the end of the night, Kara and Luke were able to dance and spend quality time with their close friends.  They were able to have the entire day at one amazing location.  From getting prepared, all the way to the late night after party, their choice of venue made for an amazing celebration.  They’re now headed to St. Lucia, for what I’m certain will be the perfect honeymoon.


Amy and Josh (Alpine Room DJ)

There are some things you just can’t control on your wedding day.  Probably the biggest is the weather.   In Western PA, you never know if you’re going to get a heat wave or a downpour.  All you can do is accept what comes and pray for the best.  The weather didn’t seem like it was on our side while I was the DJ for Amy Stausbaugh and Josh Friday at their wedding ceremony and reception at the Alpine Room in Enon Valley, PA.

Stausbaugh Friday Wedding

The rain was extremlely heavy while everyone was getting ready for the ceremony, but Amy’s attitude was upbeat and positive.  She told me “they say a little rain is good luck, so it looks like we’re having TONS of luck today!”  About an hour before the ceremony began, the clouds parted and even a little sun shown down.  Perfect for Amy’s entrance on horse drawn carriage!

Wedding Horse Carriage

Outdoor wedding dj

Amy made it clear that they wanted their night to be fun and full of all types of music.  Throughout the day we covered everything from classical, country, rock, oldies, pop, and dance.


Their reception was prepared to be sure everyone could relax and have a great time.  A huge cookie table and photo booth awaited their guests as they arrived for cocktail hour.  After the grand entrance the newlyweds had a very touching and sweet first dance.

Bride Groom first dance

After dinner Amy danced with her father.  I just love this picture.

Daddy's Little Girl

Finally it was time to open up the dance floor and celebrate!

I love that Amy and Josh didn’t let the potentially bad weather worry them, and instead made sure that their day would be fantastic no matter what.  They are now off to a well earned honeymoon in Hawaii where I’m sure they’ll find many ways to enjoy paradise, regardless of the forecast..

Jennifer and Steven (LeMont Wedding DJ)

Planning a wedding is challenging.  It’s even more so when you’re preparing everything from out of town.  I tend to work with many people who used to call Pittsburgh home, and want to celebrate their big day back in the ‘Burgh.  This weekend I was the DJ for Jennifer Prentice and Steven Derr at the LeMont.  Jen and Steve moved away from Pittsburgh but wanted to have their wedding reception overlooking the 3 rivers of our great city.

Prentice Derr Wedding

One of the reasons Jennifer and Steven chose the LeMont was because of the amazing view.  What a great way to show out of town guests the beauty of the Pittsburgh skyline.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ-3

The music was fun and upbeat.  Jen and Steve chose songs from all genres to be sure everyone could enjoy themselves throughout the night.


When it was time to cut the cake, Jennifer and Steve both let each other have it!

Wedding cake smash

Their first dance, to Brad Paisley’s “Then”, was sweet and adorable.

LeMont Wedding DJ

LeMont Wedding DJ

The LeMont is the perfect place for guests to relax, visit, dance, and enjoy the view.

The night ended with all of the newlyweds’ friends and family crowding the dance floor and singing.  It was so much fun to know that so many people came from near and far to join in the celebration of this wonderful couple.  These newlyweds came home to Pittsburgh and gave their guests a day to remember.  Jennifer and Steve are about to travel even further for their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Krista and Ryan (Chartiers Country Club DJ)

It sounds so simple.  Just do what you want on your wedding day.  Yet so many people struggle with trying to find out how.  I love it when a couple has created their perfect day by including special touches or events that will be memorable for the rest of their lives.  Krista Shiwarski and Ryan Campbell made it seem effortless at the Chartiers Country Club in Pittsburgh, PA.

Shiwarksi Campbell Wedding

The Country Club had been gorgeously decorated in purple.  Uplighting provided by Modern Era Weddings really added the perfect touch.

Pittsburgh Uplighting

The newlyweds wanted their guests to be comfortable and relaxed at the wedding.  To help be certain, small, customized bottles of wine were their wedding favors.   Also, there were baskets of sandals that emptied quickly once the dancing started.

Wedding Favors Wine Sandals

It’s always a good time to work with people and discover their musical tastes.  Krista and Ryan were sure to include a great variety of music that really appealed to everyone.


After dinner the newlyweds had their first dance.  Krista and Ryan are a genuinely sweet and adorable couple.

One of the many things that made the night special was a performance by Ryan’s father’s Polka band.  They were amazing.

Pittsburgh Wedding Polka band

Chartiers Country Club DJPittsburgh Wedding DJ-1-3Pittsburgh Wedding DJChartiers Country ClubPittsburgh Wedding DJ-22

The newlyweds will soon be off to Hawaii to celebrate their new life together, so they provided leis for all the guests to wear for the remainder of the evening.  Simple touches like this could be found everywhere throughout the reception and really created a vibe that was as unique as this wonderful couple.  I was so glad to be a part of helping Krista and Ryan make their wedding day perfect.

Emily and Scott (Twelve Oaks Mansion DJ)

One great way to share a part of yourself with your wedding guests is to choose a fun theme to help make the day feel extra customized.  This past weekend I DJ’ed a very unique and elegant reception for Emily Knopfel and Scott Gibbons at the Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.

Knopfel Gibbons Wedding

Emily and Scott both share a love of literature and came up with great ways to use that throughout the mansion.  Scott even built this custom card catalog for guests to find their seat assignments.

Card Catalog Seating Assignments

At the center of each table were books by the couple’s favorite authors.  Since Scott works as a teacher, it certainly made sense as well to shuttle their guests in a school bus!

Literature Wedding Theme

Scott and Emily clearly have a passion for music as well.  Their song choices blended well into a mix that was upbeat and fun.


Scott and Emily worked hard to create an environment that their guests would always remember.  Their cocktail hour featured a slideshow of great photos of the couple, and afterwards the bridal party decended the grand staircase at the mansion.  The couple’s first dance to David Gray’s “This First Love” followed dinner and was sweet and romantic.

Twelve Oaks Mansion

With the formalities out of the way it was time to relax and party!

Bridal Dance, Money Dance, Dollar DanceRemove garter

Scott and Emily pulled all of this together from out of state with help from their friends and family.  Their literary wedding theme was a huge hit and was a perfect example of simple elegance.  The couple is taking a little time to enjoy the success of their big day before their honeymoon in Ireland.  I sure hope they remember to take along something to read!

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