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Laura and Sean (Doubletree Hotel DJ)

There’s a delicate balance when trying to hold a reception that appeals to everyone while making sure that everything still reflects the bride and groom.  Laura Cox and Sean Ruzicka figured out the perfect blend at their Washington, PA celebration the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel.

Cox Ruzicka Wedding

The DoubleTree is a wonderful venue with friendly and efficient staff, which helped keep the day moving along perfectly.  The Grand Ballroom looked elegant and romantic.

double tree wedding dj

I love seeing the creative elements couples include to make the day fun for everyone.  This was the first time I’ve ever seen fingerprint artwork for the guests to sign.  What a great heirloom this will become!

finger print guestbook

Laura and Sean provided a great list of music to get their guests dancing.  There was something for everyone, from the Isley Brothers to Pitbull, from Europe to Big & Rich.  Their guests crowded the dance floor to every genre – it was fantastic!


Once dinner was completed, Laura and Sean did their formal dance, parent dances, and money dance.

Washington PA DJ

With all of the formalities out of the way, it was time to unleash the guests to dance, and wow, they sure did dance!

Washington PA DJ

Cave man dance


Cox Ruzicka

Double Tree Washington DJ

Even after over 2 hours of energetic dancing, it was clear this group was ready for more!  Fortunately, Laura and Sean had already planned to continue their party at the local casino.  The newlyweds had given their guests a day that allowed everyone to join in the fun, and a night they won’t soon forget.  Laura and Sean are now off to Jamaica for a much deserved honeymoon.

Josie and John (Riverside Landing DJ)

The hardest part of wedding planning is figuring out what to focus on.  The key is to determine what is most important to you and put your time and energy into those details.  Josie Powell and John O’Shea did an excellent job putting together a day that met their style and tastes.  Their reception was held on a beautiful sunny day at Riverside Landing in Oakmont, PA.

Powell O'Shea Wedding

Josie and John prepared a fun and stress-free reception which allowed them to relax and enjoy the special time with their guests.  After their grand entrance they had a sweet, romantic first dance.

Oakmont DJ

When John and I discussed the music for the evening, he told me they wanted “just typical awesome wedding reception music”.  This left plenty of flexibility to find exactly what would get everyone to the dance floor.


Josie and John spent tons of time dancing with everyone.  John even got things started by leading a giant train.

Pittsburgh Wedding Train

It wasn’t long before everyone was dancing, singing, and celebrating.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Flower Wedding Dress

Wedding Dance DJ

Wedding End

After all the wild dancing, the evening ended perfectly as all of the guests surrounded the bride and groom for the last dance.  I loved working with Josie and John to create such a perfect evening.  I’m so glad they were able to focus on how special everything was, which truly is what matters the most.

Janice and Nick (Wendel Inn DJ)

It’s always a unique experience for me when I get to DJ for people I’ve known for years.  It’s completely different than playing for people who I only get to know during the planning of the wedding reception.  I had the amazing opportunity to play the reception of two wonderful people I’ve known for a long time.  In fact, I’ve known the groom since I was 17.  Janice Karenbauer and Nick Barthen allowed me to be an important part of their fun-filled reception, held at the Wendel Inn, in Balwin, PA.

Karenbauer Barthen Wedding

Both Janice and Nick are music teachers, so their reception was filled with odes to their love of all things music.

music ice sculpture

A great Pittsburgh tradition, the cookie table was spectacular. (Buckeyes are always my weakness!)

Cookie Table

Being music teachers, the choice of music was very important to Janice and Nick.  They provided some great options for me to use throughout the night, but also left plenty of room for the songs that would get their guests to the dance floor.


I loved getting to be part of this celebration and was thrilled to see these two newlyweds so happy.

pittsburgh wedding dj

Once it was time to dance, guests got up to party to some great traditional wedding tunes.

Wedding Dance

Line Dance Wedding

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Sing Along DJ

last dance

The reception was a big hit and at the end of the night everyone joined in a giant circle for the next to last song.  It was so much fun for me personally to see so many familiar faces, and watch Janice and Nick celebrate with all of their favorite people.  These two talented music teachers get to enjoy the summer off as they start their new lives together, beginning with a romantic honeymoon in St. Martin.

Sarah and Tim (Soldiers and Sailors DJ)

Details, details, details.  Every engaged couple tries to figure out how to make their wedding stand out without getting carried away.  This past Friday I was thoroughly impressed with Sarah Mastalski and Tim Stewart, as they used details in a fun and modern way at their reception at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mastalski Stewart Wedding DJ

The graphic designer in me just couldn’t help but be impressed with the way Sarah and Tim used their wedding colors of yellow and gray at the reception in such a stylish and unique way.

Yellow Gray Wedding details

Sarah’s cousin and Maid of Honor made the a one-of-a-kind cake that captured the bride and groom perfectly.

fishing sport wedding cake

Sarah and I talked a bit during the week leading up to the wedding.  She had great song ideas that made preparing for the wedding fun for me as I was finding just the right songs to include in their playlist.


Sarah and Tim were so relaxed throughout the night, they were able to enjoy the special time with friends and family.

Soldiers and Sailors DJ

After the formal festivities there was tons of time for dancing, visiting and celebrating.

Stewart Pittsburgh DJ

I have to say, Sarah’s bridesmaids were so friendly and funny, they were on the dance floor all night long. (Sarah and Tim’s wedding ceremony was held outside at Phipps Conservatory – short bridesmaids dresses for a hot July wedding was genius!)

Yellow Gray Bridesmaids

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Sailors Sailors DJ

After the reception, the guests sent off the newlyweds with a sparkler farewell.

Sparkler wedding

Wedding Farewell

At the end of evening, both Sarah and Tim looked amazing, and were ready to head out to the after party.  Their wedding day had been as elegant, fun and stylish as they are. The newlyweds can now focus on the details for their honeymoon in Spain.

Jennifer and David (Doubletree Hotel DJ)

Every wedding is a celebration, but it really becomes something extraordinary when friends and family are willing to do all they can to make the day one to remember.  Jennifer Bearer and David Yurkovac were surrounded by an amazing group of excited and supportive friends for their Doubletree Hotel reception held in Moon Township, PA.

Yurkovac Wedding

A Pittsburgh tradition, there was a very impressive cookie table and coffee station that all of the guests were quick to enjoy.

Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Jen and Dave provided me with an amazing list of music that included everything from traditional line dances to modern hits.  Even as I was lining up the bridal party, it was clear they were ready to dance!


During the newlyweds’ first dance they were joined by their son, Jackson.  They are such a beautiful family!

After the formalities it was time to dance! I loved how excited everyone was to celebrate.

DJ Pittsburgh

Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Dance DJ Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

All wedding receptions go quickly, but Jen and Dave’s reception was filled with so much excitement and joy, that even I was surprised how quickly the evening went by.  All of the guests were so friendly and made so many requests, I’m sure it could have lasted long into the next day.  Congratulation to Jen, Dave, Jackson and every one of their friends and family who helped make this special day truly amazing.

Kate and Adam (Phipps Conservatory DJ)

Everything you read about wedding planning will tell you to plan your wedding details around who you really are and not what you think is ‘typical’.  The challenge I think for most people is whether or not they know who they really are.  For me, some of the most fun and exciting receptions are those in which I work for people who know themselves enough to plan a day that really suits their style.  Style was certainly the case for the elegant and unique wedding of Kate Hanahan and Adam Cooper, held at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.

Hanahan Cooper Wedding

Kate and Adam were married outside at Phipps Conservatory, and while there was a brief chance of rain, the sun appeared and the weather was wonderful throughout the rest of the evening.

Phipps Conservatory Wedding

Family played a very important part in the day.  The flowers were all done by Kate’s cousin, and her mother made her dress!

Apple Table Cards

The music for the evening was perfect.  Kate and Adam provided a list of music that perfectly suited their guests’ tastes while staying true to what they envisioned for their big day.  Dinner music was lively and fun, and the music for dancing was energetic and wild.


Throughout the day, you could feel the joy that Kate and Adam were feeling.  I don’t think I ever saw Kate without a smile.

Phipps Conservatory Wedding DJ

When it was time to dance, everything went completely insane.  I was warned by the newlyweds about their friends and family being ready to celebrate. They did not disappoint!

Phipps Conservatory Wedding DJ

Outdoor Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

I don’t think Kate and Adam left the dance floor all night long!  They really kept the party going strong.

Phipps Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh Cooper DJ

As midnight was approaching, it was obvious that this party could have lasted for 6 more hours.  All of the guests crowded the dance floor to congratulate the newlyweds and celebrate just a little more.  So much more than an “average” wedding, Kate and Adam planned a day that showcased their personalities in a stylish and elegant fashion.  In a word, it was perfect.

Award Winning Pittsburgh DJ
Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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