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Becky and Alex (Shakespeare’s Castle Wedding DJ)

If you read through my entries here, I hope people understand how much I do enjoy getting to DJ at so many wonderful and elegant weddings in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania. The end of the year always brings a variety of emotions, since it’s about time for some much needed R&R, but it’s hard for me to take a break from doing something I love to do. I can’t imagine a better end to this marvelous year than the fun-filled wedding reception of Becky Richards and Alex Youngdahl held at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood, PA.

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I’ve said many times that Old Stonewall is the best castle in town. Having everything decorated for Christmas really made the room look elegant and festive. Becky and Alex continued the castle theme throughout the reception details, most notably on their beatiful and unique cake.  Becky and Alex gave me a lot of freedom when it came to the music of the evening. They chose their special event songs and guided me to the right styles of music to get everyone dancing and celebrating. Becky and Alex’s friends were ready to get the party started! Once the Bridal Party started to dance to the Black Eyed Peas, all the guests joined in the celebration.


The end of the night came way to soon for everyone (including me). Before the couple could head off to their honeymoon in Punta Conte, their friends and family gave them a giant group hug as the final song ended! It was the perfect ending for me as well, as I end a memorable and extraordinary year of weddings.

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Mary Katherine and Thomas (Fox Chapel Golf Club)

It’s that time of year again, when Pittsburgh weather gets a little more unpredictable.  When planning a wedding for December and through winter, you never know if you’re going to get sun, rain, or even snow.  With any luck, you’ll end up with the perfect day that Mary Katherine Moravek and Thomas Fisher had for their elegant reception, held at the Fox Chapel Golf Club in Pittsburgh, PA.

Not only did Mary Katherine and Tom end up with a beautiful sunny December day,  but also the club had been gorgeously decorated for the Christmas season.  MK and Tom had provided me some general guidance for the music of the evening, but gave me the flexibility to be sure to keep everyone dancing and singing throughout the celebration.  None of the guests wasted their time once it was their time to dance.  They were such a fun group!

I had the best time getting to know Mary Katherine and Tom, and work with them to create such a customized and memorable evening.  In keeping with their uniqueness, the newlyweds left their reception to head off to Africa for a one of a kind honeymoon!

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Alyssa and Chris (The Club At Nevillewood DJ)

I always say that most wedding guests want to dance.  The newlyweds have given them a reason to celebrate, so it shouldn’t take much to get them up and dancing.  This was absolutely the case at the reception of Alyssa Beel and Chris Gonzalez held on a beautiful November evening at the Club at Nevillewood in Presto, PA.

The Club at Nevillewood is a simply gorgeous venue, which provides plenty of space for the guests to relax, visit and get a little crazy on the dance floor.  The music for the reception was a perfect mix of great style and wild celebration.  The combination of modern dance songs mixed perfectly with classic favorites, which kept lots of guests moving until the very last song.  The moment the guests were invited to the dance floor, the party went into overdrive.

Friends and family came together to celebrate and show their support of Alyssa and Chris.  Their love of the newlyweds filled them with happiness which kept them dancing, singing, hugging, and laughing late into the evening.

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Stacie and Michael (Longue Vue Club DJ)

Sometimes I don’t get to meet couples until the actual wedding day.  While it can be a challenge to plan from out of town, I often work with couples by email and phone up til the big day.  For the reception of Stacie Jo Pawlack and Michael Dickson, I was only able to work directly with Stacie Jo, but her fun and exciting personality made it so that I felt we were lifelong friends as I was able to DJ their special day at the Longue Vue Club in Verona, PA.

Pawlack Dickson Wedding

This was my first time to the Longue Vue Club, but their friendly and courteous staff went out of their way to make sure all of the vendors were taken care of. One of my favorite parts of working with Stacie Jo and Michael was that they weren’t afraid to choose some music which was unique and special to just them.  I knew when I saw that their grand entrance would be to Bing Crosby’s “Mele Kalikimaka” that this evening would be a special musical treat.

Soon after I was able to meet the newlyweds for the first time in person, I was able to announce their first dance together as husband and wife.  Stacie Jo and Michael were very relaxed and poised throughout the evening.  They were able to spend time with their guests and still make it to the dance floor for the celebration. Just as everyone thought the evening was over, there came a cry for one more song.  Everyone crowded the floor one last time for Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” and cheers, as the newlyweds soaked in this special moment with their friends and family.  Even though I only spent one evening with Stacie Jo and Michael, I know their big day will be one I’ll never forget.


Bailey and Tom (Grand Hall at the Priory Wedding)

I’ll start this post by stating the obvious.  I love music.  I’m sure one of the main things that have kept me loving my job as a PIttsburgh DJ is how much I enjoy listening to and playing new music.  Since I welcome input from every couple to make sure the music for their celebration is a reflection of their tastes, I’m fortunate to be exposed to new music that I may have never discovered on my own.  I was pointed towards tons of great music for the reception of Bailey Flask and Tom Kapfer, held on a beautiful November Saturday at the Grand Hall at the Priory in Pittsburgh, PA

The Grand Hall is a stunning venue that is hard to beat.  Not only did the ballroom look amazing as usual, but Bailey and Tom also had added some special touches that you’d never see anywhere else.  The newlyweds provided song suggestions for cocktails and dinner that were fresh and unique.  I had a great time pulling together their playlist and hearing some new music that I know I’ll be keeping in my repetoire.

The end of the evening always comes too soon, and this celebration was no exception.  Bailey and Tom were able to exit their reception with the knowledge that their input on the music helped make the day a perfect match for their friends, family and themselves.  Their guests sent them off with a sparkler farewell as the newlyweds began their honeymoon in San Francisco.


Stephanie and Joel (Beth Shalom Synagogue DJ)

Throughout my career as a Pittsburgh DJ, I’ve been fortunate enough to perform at a variety of various cultural and religious wedding receptions.  While I wouldn’t consider my self a specialist at these events, I work closely with couples to make sure I can provide the exact entertainment service they need.  Stephanie Rosenthal and Joel Pomerantz were great to work with at their Jewish ceremony and reception held this past Sunday at the Beth Shalom Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.

The newlyweds asked me to provide music and a microphone for their ceremony. The large ballroom allowed plenty of room for all the separate festivities of the day.

Stephanie and Joel chose to use classical music through most of the day, and saved more mainstream music for the last hour of the reception.  This helped keep an appropriate and yet stylish mood to the celebration.


As the newlyweds entered their reception, the guests joined them on the floor for Havah Nagilah.  This might be the most full dance floor I’ve ever seen!

Later in the reception, there was time for more modern dancing, as well as Stephanie and Joel’s first dance.

I’m thrilled that Stephanie and Joel entrusted me to be part of their big day, and helped me make sure  all aspects of my services were mindful of important traditions.  While I’m always thrilled to be the DJ for every wedding, I cherish those celebrations which expose me to new and exciting opportunities.  I can’t thank these newlyweds enough, and I wish them the best on their new lives together.

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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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