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Emily and Brendan (Twelve Oaks Mansion)

One of the great honors I’ve had is playing receptions for members of our military.  Not only do I have great respect for the men and women who serve our country, but also their friends and family know the value of spending time together, and are always ready for a celebration.  This could not have been more true than at Emily & Brendan’s reception at the Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.

Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding DJ (25 of 25)

Twelve Oaks Mansion was beautifully decorated with elegant linens and a beautiful winter wedding cake.  I was thrilled that they chose me to provide uplighting for dinner and dancing.  Emily surprised Brandon by having 2 songs for their first dance so they could both have the song of their choice.  Talk about compromise!

After lots of celebrating and singing (and a fantastic dance to N’Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”), the night ended with Emily and Brendan’s friends and family surrounding them on the dance floor for the final song.  I can not imagine a better way to end 2013 than by being a part of this wonderful celebration for such a sweet and kind couple.

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Kylie and Manny (Marriott City Center)

There are many variables that can affect how you spend your time on your wedding day.  It’s important to remember to be flexible and take full advantage of all the time you have with friends and family.  Kylie and Manny were the perfect example of going with the flow and enjoying every moment of their beautiful and wild celebration at the Marriott City Center in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.


Kylie warned me in advance that their guest list of over 250 people was going to be a fun and exciting group.  From the moment the first song began, the dance floor was never empty.  Kylie and Manny chose a great set of modern music and wedding classics, so there was plenty of variety to please everyone.

With so many guests having so much fun, I was thrilled to find out that Kylie and Manny had chosen to extend their time with the hotel.  Even with the extra time, many of their guests were ready to head to an after hours celebration to keep the fun going long into the night.  The newlyweds could not have been more fun for me to work with, and I wish them the best as they head to St. Lucia for their romantic honeymoon.

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Shannon and Cole (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

Every wedding contains a million details, all of which will come together to create a day which is completely your own.  Shannon and Cole worked tirelessly on their amazing wedding and reception held at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  With the help of family and friends, their celebration was romantic, unique, and completely awesome.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (31 of 31) One important detail I was able to help out with was the newlyweds’ customized playlist.  They avoided overplayed and cheesy songs, and instead used great songs to create a great vibe.  Their song choices included great indie singer-songwriters, and later in the night some amazing 90’s tunes.  Dancing started off with a hora which filled up the big dance floor quickly as the newlyweds were hoisted in the air!

Shannon and Cole avoided many wedding traditions, and instead spent every moment of the special day enjoying amazing moments with their guests.   Their choices in details and music helped make the day a perfect reflection of their personalities.  They can enjoy every moment of their honeymoon in Puerto Rico knowing their day  had been a complete success.

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Alys and Tim (Phipps Conservatory)

Planning a wedding is never simple.  Thousands of details need to be prepared, considered, and chosen in order to have your big day come together as you please.  Alys and Tim’s reception at the Phipps Conservatory Ballroom was the perfect example of excellent planning and wonderful choices that made for a fantastic and elegant reception.

Cheatle Jarvela Wedding

The ballroom at Phipp’s was beautifully decorated for the newlyweds and their guests.  Alys and Tim selected a great selection of music for the evening which included Rat Pack standards, swing, oldies, 80’s, and Top 40 music, all of which suited their friends and family.

To cap off their celebration, they chose the perfect songs (Livin’ On A Prayer & Don’t Stop Believin’), which brought their evening to an epic ending.  They made many wise choices and prioritized their efforts for the wedding day, which made the entire day absolutely perfect.  They’re now headed off to Antigua for a well deserved romantic and relaxing honeymoon.

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Stephanie and Jean-Pierre (Sheraton Station Square)

Most people look forward to seeing their friends and family get a little silly and crazy during their wedding reception.  One way to set the mood for a great celebration is to be willing to get a little wild yourself.  Stephanie and Jean-Pierre certainly understood how to create the perfect mood for their incredible party at the Sheraton Station Square.

Krick Bonasso Wedding

The newlyweds choreographed their first dance as husband and wife to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, which made it clear that this was going to be a wedding reception like no other.  They also included some unique music for the entire evening, including a dinner music playlist consisting of The Beatles.  The Sheraton was the perfect venue for their guests to enjoy singing, dancing and the incredible view of Pittsburgh.

Stephanie and Jean-Pierre are an incredibly fun couple who chose to include lots of their own personalities on their special day.  This really helped all of their guests to relax and get a little crazy too.  Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to a great selection of music and no one wanted the party to end.    Many guests stayed around long after the music ended to wish the newlyweds well before they left for their honeymoon in Panama.

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Krystina and Greg (Doubletree Hotel)

Not all of the couples I work with provide playlist suggestions for their reception, but those who do help provide great insight into what songs will set the perfect tone for their big day.  Krystina and Greg took the time to create an amazing group of songs for me to choose from while playing their reception at the Doubletree Hotel in Moon Township, PA.

Moon Doubletree Wedding DJ (25 of 25)

The ballroom at the Doubletree looked amazing decked out in their royal blue wedding color.  I was excited when they asked me to provide uplighting and a monogram to make the room look even better.  A friend also provided a Cinderella’s Castle card box that was truly stunning.

It became clear to me throughout the evening that Krystina and Greg really knew their friends and family well.  Their guests continually came and requested songs that were already part of their playlist suggestions.  The results were amazing as everyone danced, sang, hugged, and celebrated with the newlyweds. The couple now gets to enjoy their honeymoon in the Riviera Maya, knowing their day had been a smashing success.

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