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Emily and Calvin (Grand Concourse Wedding DJ)

One challenge every couple faces is how to make their wedding day flow to keep everything running smoothly.  Emily and Calvin’s wedding reception at the Grand Concourse was amazingly organized to keep their friends and family engaged and entertained all evening long.

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The Grand Concourse at Station Square was the perfect choice for the celebration.  From the moment they made their entrance down the grand staircase, to the end of the last song, their guests were able to enjoy the beauty and elegance of this wonderful venue.  At each place setting was an itinerary of the evening’s events, I just love this idea!

When it was time to dance, everyone got a little crazy and silly.  Emily and Calvin told me they had a great dancing crowd and their guests did not disappoint.  At the end of the night no one, including me, was ready to end this fantastic party.  The newlyweds will soon be off to an epic (and I’m sure well planned) honeymoon in Europe.

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Laura and Brad (Rivers Club Wedding Reception)

A 6 hour wedding reception typically includes around 115 songs.  From cocktails until the last song, a couple must choose how to spend their time to have the day of their dreams.  Lucky for me, Laura and Brad wanted lots of time for dancing and visiting with their guests at their fantastic celebration at The Rivers Club, in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

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Laura and Brad included only the events which were most important to them, including a wonderfully choreographed first dance to John Legend’s “All Of Me”.  I really admire couples who take the time and effort to make their dance so special.

Thanks to their planning, the newlyweds ended up with over 3 hours to dance, sing, and enjoy time with their closest friends and family.  With so much time, the playlist included a wide variety of music so everyone could enjoy themselves.  Laura and Brad are now off on a well deserved honeymoon in San Francisco and then Hawaii!

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Melissa and David (Oakmont Country Club)

Melissa and David held their reception at the beautiful Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA.  They did a fabulous job making sure all of their guests felt welcome and special throughout the elegant and fun celebration. Everyone was treated to great conversation, fantastic food, and a terrific mix of music.

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The newlyweds worked hard on creating a great playlist to suit all the styles of their friends and family.  Fantastic songs from the Rat Pack era to today kept guests singing, dancing, and just getting plain silly.  It was awesome.

It’s great fun for me to get to work with people who are so passionate about music and family.  Melissa and David gave their guests an amazing evening to remember, and now are off to spend some quality time with each other on their honeymoon in Granada!

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Jessica and Phillip (Valley Brook Country Club)

Jessica and Phil had the perfect wedding reception at the Valley Brook Country Club in McMurray, PA.  It wasn’t perfect because the weather was amazing (which it was).  It wasn’t perfect because their guests went crazy on the dance floor (which they did).  It was perfect simply because their friends and family came together and really celebrated the love these two have for each other.

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The ballroom looked amazing with elegant and stylish decor.  The newlyweds had me provide uplighting which lit up the room as the sun went down.  Guests enjoyed a fantastic candy buffet after dinner.  The sugar rush that followed may explain the amazing dance party that didn’t want to end.

Jessica and Phil provided me with some general guidance for music, along with a few selections to include for dancing.  They wanted to be sure their guests had a great time, and that certainly didn’t prove to be a problem at all.  The newlyweds gave their guests a perfect day and even better evening.  The new Mr. & Mrs. are now off to what I’m sure will be the perfect Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Amy and Douglas (White Barn Wedding DJ)

Amy and Doug’s wedding at The White Barn in Prospect, PA gave me a chance to really think about the power of words.  They took great care to express themselves not only through their vows, but also through their programs, table settings, and decorations.  The way they used words and phrases gave the wedding a personalized touch that set the perfect mood for their fun and unique ceremony and reception.

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The many hours Amy and Doug spent making these customized decorations was well worth it.  Each table’s center pieces even included a stack of antique books.  I loved how the main room at the White Barn included signs with beautiful quotes as well as ones that said NOM, YUM and YAY!

The newlyweds also spent time choosing an incredible selection of music to use throughout their special day.  Music from every genre imaginable helped create a great mood for everyone to enjoy.  Amy and Doug are now off to St. Lucia for their honeymoon, which I’m sure will be too romantic for words.

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Bernadette and David (Sheraton Station Square)

Let’s face it, some people just know how to throw a celebration.  Sometimes from the moment cocktail hour begins, you can just tell that a reception is going to become an absolute party.  Bernadette and David held their reception at the Sheraton Station Square, and their guests could not have been more excited to watch them have the best night of their lives.

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Bernadette and David were tons of fun to work with, and they had complete trust in me to help make their reception perfect.  They chose a great mix of genres, but really just wanted to be sure everyone danced and had a great time.  I had a head’s up that this night would be amazing since I had played David’s sister’s wedding a couple of years ago.  They also chose to have me provide a monogram for their dance floor. I love this personal touch.

Thankfully they thought to extend their evening in advance, and this allowed lots of time to include a great mix of music from 90’s punk, pop, and modern hits.  I love the chance to get to play a few unique songs that you don’t hear everywhere.  At the end of the night, Bernadette and David’s friends and family still had as much energy as ever as they danced, sang. hugged, and cheered louder than ever.  The newlyweds are now off for a little alone time in Dublin and London for an amazing honeymoon.

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