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Bethany and Scott (The Willow Room)

Every bride and groom will eventually have to deal with having kids… at the reception.  While some will chose to have an adults-only celebration, it’s always great when couples find ways to allow the entire family and all of their friends to be part of the big day.  Bethany and Scott’s wedding reception The Willow Room was custom-planned to be inclusive for everyone from 1 to 100.

The Willow Room Belle Vernon Wedding DJ (5 of 25)

The ballroom looked amazing, and included lots of wonderful special details.  My favorite was the custom-made activity books located at each table setting of those families with younger children.

The Willow Room Belle Vernon Wedding DJ (1 of 25) The Willow Room Belle Vernon Wedding DJ (3 of 25) The Willow Room Belle Vernon Wedding DJ (9 of 25)

Bethany and Scott chose fantastic music to make sure everyone felt comfortable and had fun as well.  Everyone was up on the dance floor getting crazy to hits from 80’s, 90’s and today.  It’s so great seeing people of all ages dancing to such a diverse group of genres.  The newlyweds planned and executed the perfect celebration that no one will forget!

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Kaitlyn and Joseph (Carnegie Museum)

When it comes to wedding planning, I love to work with couples that want to dig into the details of the reception.  I’m a huge fan of making lists and triple checking everything to make sure things go well during this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Kaitlyn, Joe and I could not have been a more perfect match.  We had a great time discussing and putting together the music and events for their celebration at the Carnegie Museum in Oakland.

Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer Wedding Reception DJ (4 of 25)

The Music Hall Foyer is always stunning, and the decorations the newlyweds chose were a perfect match for the elegant atmosphere.

Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer Wedding Reception DJ (1 of 25)

Kaitlyn and Joe provided excellent direction when it came to music, but also gave me the flexibility to be sure their guests heard a wide variety of fun songs.  Everyone had a chance to join in the fun and sing and dance to hits from yesterday and today.  The happy couple will continue to reap the benefits of their amazing planning talents as they enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon in Maui.

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Molly and Jeff (Nittany Lion Inn)

Sometimes finding the venue for your wedding will come before anything else.  Choosing the right location for everyone to gather can play a major role in the success of the celebration.  Molly and Jeff knew their wedding and reception needed to be at Penn State College & the Nittany Lion Inn in State College, PA.

Nittany Lion Inn Wedding DJ (8 of 25)

Molly & Jeff invited lots of family and friends to join them on their big day, many of which were Penn State Alumni.  The beautiful Nittany Lion Inn was the perfect location for an epic reunion and celebration.

Nittany Lion Inn Wedding DJ (2 of 25)

Nittany Lion Inn Wedding DJ (16 of 25)

Once the dancing started, the party really kicked into gear.  Everyone enjoyed dancing to fantastic music from the 60’s all the way up to today’s hits.  The excitement and energy on the dance floor went non-stop until the very last song.  Molly and Jeff gave their guests a wonderful day to reminisce, visit, dance, and get a little crazy.  The newlyweds are now off to another great location for their honeymoon in Aruba.

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Constance and William (Carnegie Museum Wedding)

Most weddings end up being a mix of family or ethnic traditions mixed with modern elements.  Determining which elements to include of each can be challenging.  Constance and Bill chose wonderful details to include in their elegant reception at the Carnegie Museum in Oakland.

Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception (8 of 25)

The Music Hall Foyer at the Museum always gives a wonderful sense of class and style.  The room looked amazing with the stunning place setting and flower arrangements.

Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception (2 of 25)

Constance and Bill chose to include a traditional Greek money dance, where their guests threw bills directly on the floor as they danced along with the newlyweds.  It was fantastic!

Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception (14 of 25)

One of the more modern elements I was able to help with was providing a great mix of songs that include Top 40 hits from today, as well as some amazing songs from the 80’s & 90’s.  The newlyweds treated their friends and family to a beautiful celebration that truly had something for everyone.  The happy couple will leave soon for a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii.

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Stephane and Andrew (Grand Concourse)

Finding the perfect venue for your big day can be a challenge.  Not only does it need to match all of your needs for the wedding, it also should be the right fit for your style and tastes.  Stephane and Andy could not have made a better choice for their wedding ceremony and reception than the Grand Concourse at Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Grand Concourse Wedding (10 of 25)

The main room at the Grand Concourse is simply stunning and made the perfect location for the happy couple to share their vows.

Pittsburgh Grand Concourse Wedding (3 of 25)

Pittsburgh Grand Concourse Wedding (7 of 25)

Stephane and Andy had planned the perfect evening for their friends and family.  Everyone had cocktails and dinner while enjoying the wonderful live piano music of John Radco.  After dinner, their guests danced to songs from every genre imaginable.  There was even a live performance of “Purple Rain” by Stephanie’s brother!  The newlyweds are now off to celebrate the success of their wonderful day on their honeymoon in beautiful Cancun.

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Christina and Garrett (Carnegie Museum Wedding)

Some of the best receptions are the ones where most of the guest leave feeling a little disappointed.  As a DJ, there’s nothing better than seeing friends and family of the bride and groom sad that the party is over.  Christina and Garrett’s wonderful celebration at the Carnegie Museum left everyone, including me, convinced they could have danced until dawn.

Carnegie Museume Wedding (8 of 25)

The Music Hall Foyer at the museum is simply the most elegant and stunning venue in Pittsburgh.  The newlyweds added lots of personal details throughout the space, but my favorite has to be their anniversary piñata!

Carnegie Museume Wedding (1 of 25)

Carnegie Museume Wedding (2 of 25)

Christina and Garrett planned for a special evening that allowed them plenty of time for celebrating, eating, visiting and lots of dancing.  Their guests wasted no time filling up the large dance floor and going crazy to great songs from the 60’s to today.  After two “One More Song!” encores it was clear no one was ready to see the night end.  The happy couple planned ahead for that as well, as everyone headed off to the after-party to continue the epic celebration.

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