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Bridgette and Mike (Holy Trinity Wedding)

A professional disc jockey should have no problem putting together a fantastic soundtrack based on your tastes, regardless of the music styles they enjoy in their personal lives.  That said, I enjoy that fact that so many of my clients seems to have very similar tastes to my own.  In fact, the playlist for Bridgette and Mike’s wedding at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church was one of my absolute favorites from beginning to end.

Holy Trinity Wedding DJ (5 of 25)

The Grand Room looked fantastic as always, and I was so happy to be able to provide uplighting and a monogram on the dance floor.

Holy Trinity Wedding DJ (1 of 25) Holy Trinity Wedding DJ (8 of 25)

I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the music selections for the evening.  All of Bridgette and Mike’s friends and family spent the evening crowding the dance floor, dancing to fantastic selections from the 80’s & 90’s, as well as a lot of new songs.  The entire evening went by too fast for everyone, but all the guests filled the dance floor for an epic send off.  The happy couple is now headed to Jamaica for their well-deserved honeymoon.

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Leah and Mark (Greensburg Country Club)

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding DJ is that I get to help people create and enjoy special, once in a lifetime moments.  The wedding day is filled with an endless stream of conversations, hugs, dances, and events that will become cherished memories that are held dear for years to come.  Leah and Mark’s elegant reception at the Greensburg Country Club was no exception as their friends and family gathered to help create these moments and celebrate the newlyweds’ new life together.

Greensburg Country Club Wedding (7 of 25)

One of my favorite moments from the evening were when Leah’s father sang an acapella version of “The Way You Look Tonight” before they enjoyed their dance together.  Also, it was fantastic to see Mark enjoy their special dance to Elvis Presley’s “The Wonder of You”.

Greensburg Country Club Wedding (9 of 25)

Greensburg Country Club Wedding (11 of 25)

Obviously, there was thousands of other special moments that happened throughout Leah and Mark’s special day.  Some everyone could enjoy, many I’m sure were private and even more special.  It was such a pleasure for me to be able to help this great couple make their big day everything they had hoped for.  The newlyweds are soon headed off to Italy to enjoy even more once-in-a-lifetime moments that they will never forget.

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Briana and Russ (Southpointe Golf Club)

What makes a wedding day perfect?  Is it the dress, the food, the weather?  Nope, none of this stuff matters at all as long as you can focus on what matters most, the whole reason there even is a wedding.  Briana and Russ had no problem at all putting together a day that was perfect in every way.  They knew that what mattered most was getting to spend time with friends and family as they gathered together at the Southpointe Golf Club to celebrate their love.

Southpointe Golf Club Wedding (5 of 25)

The ballroom turned out to be a wonderful location for both their elegant ceremony and reception.  I was able to provide uplighting for dinner and dancing, which really gave the room a customized atmosphere.

Southpointe Golf Club Wedding (3 of 25)

Southpointe Golf Club Wedding (1 of 25)

Briana and Russ knew their guests were going to be ready to party, and they did not let them down.  Everyone jumped on the dance floor for a great mix of music from the 80s, 90s and today.  I can’t say enough about how much fun it was to work with this wonderful couple.  They are now preparing to celebrate some more on what I’m sure will be their perfect honeymoon in the Riviera Maya.

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Kiera and Matt (Perlé)

Doing something truly different for your reception can be scary, but the results can be amazing.  Kiera and Matt’s choice to have their celebration at Perlé champagne lounge in Market Square was the perfect choice.  Instead of a traditional sit-down dinner, guests were able to mingle, sit on the couches, and enjoy the wonderful Spring weather.

Perle Pittsburgh Wedding (5 of 25)

The vibe at Perlé set a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere for the newlyweds’ friends and family to enjoy.

Perle Pittsburgh Wedding (2 of 25)

I loved their custom cake topper which featured Kiera and Matt’s cats!

Perle Pittsburgh Wedding (4 of 25)

Kiera and Matt’s guests enjoyed cocktails, food and a great view on the balcony.  When dusk arrived, it was time to get the music going, and no one hesitated to join in the party.  Guests of all ages crowded the dance floor to sing, dance and get crazy.  The happy couple made excellent choices on what would be the perfect match for their wedding reception.  They appear to have made another excellent choice as they prepare to leave for their honeymoon in Ireland!

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Devon and Chris (Edgewood Club)

Weddings consist of thousands of details.  Some small ones may go completely unnoticed, while others will be part of the stories told by guests over and over again.  Devon and Chris included some fantastically unique details that I’m sure their friends and family will never forget.  Their reception was held on a perfect Spring day at the Edgewood Club outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Edgewood Club Wedding (8 of 25)

The main hall at the club looked amazing.  The decorations they chose, along with an amazing amount of candles, made for the perfect atmosphere for their celebration.

Edgewood Club Wedding (3 of 25)

One of the most memorable details had to be the fantastic wall of table seating cards which featured each of the guests’ faces!  Such a brilliant and original idea!

Edgewood Club Wedding (1 of 25)

Of course, the music helped play a wonderful part of the reception as well.  Family and friends wasted no time at all getting up on the dance floor to join in the celebration.  One last detail that Devon and Chris planned, and are currently enjoying, was their well-deserved honeymoon in St. Martin.

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Kate and Chris (Carnegie Museum)

I frequently have the opportunity to DJ weddings for people who have grown up in Pittsburgh and had to move away for school, jobs or other reasons.  Kate and Chris came back to the city for their big celebration at the Carnegie Museum in Oakland.

Carnegie Museum Music Hall Wedding (6 of 25)

The Music Hall Foyer looked stunning as the newlyweds had their first dance.  I can’t think of a better venue to treat out-of-town guests to the best of Pittsburgh.

Carnegie Museum Music Hall Wedding (8 of 25)

Kate and Chris had invited lots of friends and family to be part of their special day.  They were so excited to be with the happy couple, that once it was time to dance everyone crowded the floor and got crazy.  There wasn’t a dull moment all evening as the guests danced and sang to every single song that played.  The newlyweds now get to visit more destinations before heading back home.  They are headed to Thailand and Vietnam for a once in a life time honeymoon!

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