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Mary and Lenny (Carnegie Museum Wedding)

When I meet with couples to plan their wedding, we typically talk about the dancing portion of the night to determine if they’re going to be spending much time dancing with their friends and family.  Wedding guests want to be with the bride and groom, so there’s nothing better for a DJ than a couple who is ready to celebrate.  Mary and Lenny were so much fun and made their dance floor at the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer the only place to be during their wonderful wedding reception.

Carnegie Museum Wedding DJ

Their wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful and elegant Hall of Architecture before guests made their way to the stunning Music Hall.  The Carnegie was an excellent choice for a day that was elegant, romantic and super fun for everyone.  The big dance floor was the perfect location for everyone to join in a fabulous Hora!

Carnegie Museum Hall of Architecture Wedding Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer Wedding

Mary and Lenny were sure to spend some quality time visiting with their guests before we got the celebration started… I loved how they encouraged everyone to join them on the dance floor for music that included a great variety of songs.  At the end of the night, the newlyweds took a moment to thank their guests for being part of their big day.  It was a wonderful and personal touch, and I can’t think of a better way to have ended such a wonderful occasion.

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Bree and Paul (Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Reception)

Some couples just know their wedding will be a great dance party.  Bree and Paul were 100% confident that their friends and family were going to be ready to jump on the dance floor and enjoy every moment of the fun, and they were absolutely right!  Their elegant and wild celebration was held on a perfect summer day at the gorgeous Fox Chapel Golf Club in Fox Chapel, PA.

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding DJ

The Golf Club is a beautiful and unique venue with lots of different spaces for guests to enjoy.  Bree and Paul chose fabulous decorations and even had me provide uplighting and a monogram in the main ballroom.  It was the perfect space when everyone gathered together after dinner for the party to begin.

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding DJ Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding

Bree and Paul knew their guests would have a great time and didn’t worry about the music at all.  They allowed me to determine what was working best for everyone and the result was a great party where guests of all ages were able to be a part of the fun.  All of the newlyweds’ friends and family gathered on the dance floor for one last song and to give a couple a great send off as they start this new chapter in their lives together.

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Amanda and Matt (Gathering Place Wedding)

Music always plays such a huge part of every wedding.  I find it most fun when couples find ways to incorporate a wide variety of song styles so that all of their guests will be able to enjoy themselves throughout the day.  Amanda and Matt did an amazing job picking the soundtrack for their wonderful wedding held at the beautiful Gathering Place in Darlington, PA.

The Gathering Place Wedding DJ

The Gathering Place provides an amazing space for ceremony, cocktails and the reception all with an amazing view of the Darlington Lake.  Amanda and Matt chose songs for their day that offered a wonderful mix of old and new.  Everything from classical music to oldies, country, rock and top 40 made for an excellent playlist for all of their friends and family to enjoy.

The Gathering Place Wedding Gathering Place Wedding Ceremony

The newlyweds spent their day with all of the people in the their lives that mean to the most to them.  They all had a fabulous evening of laughing, singing and some epic dancing.  It was such a thrill for me to be part of it all.  The happy couple will soon be on their way to Aruba for a well-earned honeymoon.

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Katie and Ryan (Succop Nature Park Wedding)

Most couples will probably never know how special their wedding day will be to everyone involved.  Wedding guests are given a wonderful opportunity to put their “normal” lives on hold for a while, and take time to share in the excitement, joy and love of a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Katie and Ryan treated their friends and family to an amazing day at their perfect wedding held at the Succop Nature Park in Butler, PA.

Succop Nature Park Wedding

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and made for a beautiful setting for both the wedding ceremony and reception.  Katie and Ryan included personal touches throughout the house and pavilion and even played the newlywed/shoe game before the epic dance party began.

Succop Nature Park Wedding Succop Nature Park Wedding

Succop Nature Park Wedding Succop Nature Park Wedding Succop Nature Park Wedding

It was clear to me how excited everyone was to be part of such a wonderful day.  Everyone truly enjoyed themselves as they sang, danced and got a little wild…no one was ready for this special celebration to be over.  Eventually everyone made their way onto the shuttle as they wished the couple well as they head off for their honeymoon in Portugal.

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Erin and Jason (Soldiers and Sailors Wedding Reception)

It’s important to choose music for your reception that will be special for yourself as well as your guests.  For some couples, this can mean just a few fun dancing songs that their friends and family will enjoy.  For Erin  & Jason, this meant a great variety of unique choices that helped create amazing memories at their reception.

The celebration was held at the historic and beautiful Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.  The main ballroom looked absolutely stunning!

When it was time to dance, everyone joined in a celebration full of wedding classics and one-of-a-kind song selections that Erin and Jason had chosen to make their night unforgettable.  There were many fun and exciting sing-alongs to Styx (Come Sail Away), Hamilton (My Shot), The Righteous Brothers (You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling).  One the the best was when Jason and his friends sang along to Mulan’s “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”.

All of this special music made for an evening were everyone felt they could relax and join in the fun.  The night came to an end when they handed out small flags and red, white and blue glow sticks as everyone came to the dance floor for “God Bless the USA”.  Erin and Jason chose the perfect songs for their guests and it made for a night I’m sure no one will forget!

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Cassidy and Mick (The Vineyards at Pine Lake Wedding)

Every couple has their own vision as to what will make their wedding day absolutely perfect.  From the moment I met with Cassidy and Mick, it was clear that the most important thing for both of them was that their big day would be one where all of their friends and family would have the times of the their lives.  They far exceeded anyone’s expectations during their amazingly wonderful ceremony and celebration held on a gorgeous summer day at the Vineyards at Pine Lake in Columbiana, Ohio.

Vineyards Pine Lake Wedding DJ

Words simply can not express how beautiful of a setting Pine Lake was as the happy couple exchanged their vows.  Mick surprised Cassidy by singing a fabulous rendition of the Luke Combs song “Crazy Beautiful” during the ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ohio Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ohio

One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing Cassidy and Mick dance with their parents.  In all the hectic moments of a wedding day, it’s special when the couple gets to stop for moments like these.  Once the formal dances were complete, it was time to celebrate!!!

Father Daughter Dance Mother Son Dance Vineyards at Pine Lake Wedding DJ Vineyards at Pine Lake Wedding DJ

Cassidy and Mick’s wedding day perfectly matched their style and included special details and treats that all of their guests could enjoy.  The newlyweds are soon headed off for a little well-deserved alone time as they travel to Colorado for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon!

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