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Lauren and PJ (University Club Wedding Reception)

Weddings tend to also double as reunions for all the guests who gather together to celebrate with the newlyweds.  Friends and family travel from all over, and for many, it’s a chance to reconnect with people they haven’t seen for many years.  Lauren and PJ’s reception was full of love and laughter as everyone enjoyed spending time together at the beautiful University Club in Pittsburgh, PA.

The ballroom was stunningly decorated and made the perfect venue for an evening of dining and dancing.

Lauren and PJ’s playlist included many songs that brought everyone to the dance floor to get a little wild.  It was clear as midnight approached that their closest friends and family were thrilled to be there and to be part of  the happy couple’s big day.  As much as the newlyweds enjoyed spending such a great time with everyone, I’m sure they’re now ready for a little time together on their honeymoon in the Cayman Islands.

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Stefanie and David (Veltres Event Center Wedding)

When people find out that I’m a wedding DJ, one of the first questions tends to be “Did you DJ your own reception?”.  To make a long story short, yes, I did… but it’s certainly not something I’d recommend.  When you work as a DJ, finding someone else to play such an important part of your big day can be a very daunting task.  It’s why I was thrilled when Stephanie and David chose me for their entertainment since David and his brother Vince regularly DJ at weddings throughout the Pittsburgh area.  It was great fun for me to work with an experienced professional and even more fun to watch everything unfold at their beautiful celebration held at the Veltre’s Wedding & Event Centre in Plum, PA.

The event centre offers lots of beautiful spaces with spectacular views.  Everything was beautifully decorated with personal touches everywhere for the happy couple’s guests to enjoy.

Once dinner was over, everyone moved to a large and fabulous lounge/bar area for dancing, singing and lots of celebrating!



Stefanie and David put lots of special and memorable touches into their wedding reception.  There were special introductions for every member of the bridal party, a perfectly Pittsburgh themed cookie table, and songs from every genre imaginable to keep all their guests happy and dancing all night long.  The hardest part of the night was having it end all too soon.  The newlyweds were literally surrounded by all their favorite people as everyone moved in for a giant hug as the last song ended.  I feel confident David had no regrets not being his own DJ as he and Stefanie headed off with their friends and family to start their new lives together.

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Erin and Michael (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding)

Long ago I realized that letting couples choose all the music for their wedding would give their day a unique vibe that matches their style perfectly.  Sometimes this means couples will give me a list of hundreds of songs to choose from, other times newlyweds will provide me with only a few genres or selections.  Erin and Michael provided me with a few specific song choices along with some unique style suggestions, all of which lined up perfectly with their fun group of friends and family.

Their wedding ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Garden on a lovely Spring day.  After the nuptials, guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as they were treated to a terrific selection of Yacht Rock.  Songs from Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and others set a wonderfully relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Erin and Michael’s reception featured great food served at stations and was immediately followed by a fun-filled dance party with music for guests both young and old.  The party continued all night long and the end of the celebration came along entirely too fast.  The newlyweds ended the night enjoying the last few songs with all of their favorite people.  The happy couple is off to Ireland for a special once in a lifetime honeymoon.

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Hillary and Dave (Heinz History Center Wedding Reception)

I find all the music I play during a wedding reception to be equally important.  While many people focus solely on the dance music, the songs that will play during cocktails and dinner help set a tone for the entire celebration.  Every once in a while, I get to work with a couple who is as passionate about the soundtrack to their wedding as I am, and they’ll provide a great list of song suggestions for me to include on their big day.  Hillary and Dave put together wonderful playlists that truly made their fabulous celebration at the Heinz History Center like no other.

The Grand Hall looked amazing and was full of personal touches throughout.  Guests enjoyed a fantastic meal as they listened to the custom music that consisted of some classic blues and rock.

When it was time to dance, there was a great variety of great music from yesterday and today!

By taking the time to think about the music for their big day, Hillary and Dave made their wedding truly customized to their style and tastes.  As all their guests gathered in a big circle for the last song, it was clear this was a very special day for everyone that they will talk about for years to come.

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Nancy and Kameron (Omni William Penn Wedding Reception)

One of the things that make wedding receptions so much fun is when the happy couple provides great options for their guests to enjoy.  This ensures that all their friends and family will have the time of their lives while celebrating with the newlyweds.  Nancy and Kameron did an excellent job choosing a wonderful selection of food and music for their party at the Omni William Penn Hotel in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

Their reception was held in the Urban Ballroom, which is a beautiful space with unique charm and decor.

After guests enjoyed a fabulous meal, everyone joined in the fun to dance to great music from yesterday and today.  Friends and family were also treated to a delicious cookie table and late night buffet!


Nancy and Kameron did an excellent job choosing music for their celebration.  They made sure there was a nice selection of 70s & 80s hits early in the night and then ended the evening with some newer hip-hop songs that they love.   All of this great variety made up for the perfect mix that kept everyone smiling and dancing all night long.  The happy couple is soon headed off for a well deserved honeymoon in Hawaii!

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Rylee and Adam (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

There’s always a lot of talk about how quickly time will seem to pass on your wedding day.  This sensation happens not only because there is so much to do and so much to see, but also because you are surrounded by all of your favorite people.  The challenge is to enjoy every moment on a day you wish would never end.  Rylee and Adam certainly made the most of their big day as their guests joined them for an amazing reception at the Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

The museum always makes for an amazing reception venue.  Not only is the music hall one of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh, their staff is always fantastically attentive and delivers top notch service throughout your event.

Rylee and Adam treated their guests to a fun-filled evening that started with their first dance and parent dances as guests had a terrific view from the balcony of the music hall foyer.  After a delicious meal everyone was quick to jump on the dance floor for an epic celebration.

Rylee and Adam spent their evening visiting and dancing with friends and family that had traveled from all over to be part of their big day.  While I’m sure the day flew by for everyone, the newlyweds made the most of each unforgettable moment.  Hopefully time will slow down a bit for them as they head to the Bahamas for a well-deserved honeymoon.

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