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Ellen and Robin (White Barn Wedding)

There’s been a lot of unknowns this year, but I find comfort in the fact that no matter what challenges we face, people will always find ways to show their love for each other.  Ellen and Robin’s wedding day was a wonderful example of this, as not only could everyone see their love for each other, but everyone had come together to make their wedding day absolutely perfect.

The ceremony and reception were held on a stunning Fall day at the beautiful White Barn in Propsect, PA.  There were custom details everywhere you looked throughout the venue.

It was clear the amount of time and effort that the newlyweds and their friends family put into making everything extraordinary.  I can’t think of a better way for people to express their love for each other than with so many acts of kindness.  Ellen and Robin are soon headed off for an adventure-filled hunting-moon, and later will get to enjoy an even more adventurous honeymoon in Ireland.

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Allie and Matt (Bella Sera Wedding Reception)

I’ve always talked about how wedding celebrations can be as important to wedding guests as they are for the couple getting married.  Never has that been more true than this year, where everyone is looking for an opportunity to forget about everything happening in the world and just focus on love, happiness and a having a great time.  Allie and Matt provided all of that and more for their guests at their wonderful wedding reception held at Bella Sera in Canonsburg , PA.

Bella Sera Wedding Reception 2020

The ballroom at Bella Sera looked absolutely stunning as always, and I was so excited to get to provide uplighting and monogram to help customize the room for the party!  One detail I simply adored was their Pittsburgh themed seating chart showing their love for our amazing city.

Allie and Matt’s guests jumped on the opportunity to express their love for the happy couple as everyone sang and danced all night long.  It was a fantastic night full of emotion and celebration.  The couple even had a fantastic sparkler send off before heading off to start this new chapter of their lives togehter.

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Korin & Jess (Montour Heights Country Club Wedding)

Wedding planning is typically challenging in a normal year, but 2020 has taken the challenge to a whole new level.  It requires couples who are a little extra determined and resilient to figure out the best decisions regarding putting together a celebration they’ll want to remember their entire lives.  Korin and Jess navigated their road to wedding bliss with elegance and style for their perfect day held at the Montour Heights Country Club in Moon Township, PA.

The Country Club provided a wonderful area for the happy couple to hold their ceremony before everyone moved to the tent for an evening of food, fun and dancing!

For a brief moment it looked like I may not have been able to be part of Korin and Jess’s wedding day, but I can’t say how thrilled I am that everything worked out so perfectly.  Their friends and family were all fun and sweet, and everyone was so excited to be part of the celebration that they danced and sang all night long.  The newlyweds gave everyone the party of a lifetime, which obviously was something they all have been waiting for all year long.  Korin and Jess are now off to South Carolina for a little alone time as they start this new chapter in their lives together.

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Mallory and Andy (Finleyville Wedding)

One of the best parts of being a wedding DJ is when I get to work with couples who simply love music.  This gives me an opportunity to help them make a soundtrack for their wedding day that is like no other.  Mallory and Andy had so many wonderful suggestions and requests for their wonderful ceremony and reception held on a perfect summer day in Finleyville, PA.

Mallory’s family’s backyard made for a perfect intimate setting as their closest friends came to watch them exchange vows and celebrate.  The atmosphere was so fun and relaxed, it was clear how excited everyone was to be a part of this special day.

Mallory and Eric provided me a great variety of song suggestions to play throughout the day that matched their music tastes.  Mallory surprised her friends with a “Taylor 20”, a 20 minute mix of Taylor Swift songs for them to sing and dance to on the back deck.  I was so thrilled that I could be part of this truly once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  After their wonderful wedding, the happy couple went off to enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon in Washington, DC.

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Meghan and Eric (Oglebay Resort Wedding Reception)

To say 2020 has been a difficult year for wedding planning would be a gross understatement.  Couples have been forced to decide what it is about their wedding that is most important, and to be willing to be a bit more flexible on some of the other details.  What I loved most about working with Meghan and Eric was their commitment to spending their big day with the people who were most special to them.  They knew that nothing would matter more than the memories they would create surrounded by their friends and family.

Their wonderful reception was held at the beautiful Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia.  The ballroom not only looked amazing, but allowed plenty of space for guests to enjoy an evening of socializing, dinner and dancing!

Meghan and Eric did a fabulous job creating an evening that was fun for everyone.  Their song choices included a wide variety of music from yesterday and today to ensure no one was left out of the fun!  Towards the end of the night, all of their guests gathered around as the newlyweds headed off to begin this new chapter of their lives.  It was really obvious to me how special this evening was for all who attended… people even stayed and danced a while after the couple was gone!  Meghan and Eric are now headed off for a truly well-deserved honeymoon in Washington, DC.

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Emily and David (Hookstown, PA Wedding Reception)

This year has been nearly impossible for couples to know what choices to make for their wedding.  While 2020 has been a bit overwhelming for some, Emily and David navigated these unprecedented times with grace and style.  When things threatened their ability to hold an indoor reception, they moved everything to a lovely outdoor location where they held their perfect wedding day amongst all of their favorite people.

The ceremony and reception were all held outdoors in Hooktown, PA.  There was plenty of room for all of their guests to enjoy the beautiful summer day as well as enjoy a special meal provided by a local food truck (very cool idea!).


Having their wedding celebration on private property gave them the ability to enjoy the day exactly how they wanted.  The schedule was relaxed, which left lots of time for guests to enjoy a wide variety of wonderful music, all of which led up to a great sparkler ending where all of the guests yelled and cheered for the newlyweds.  Emily and David’s wonderful wedding day is proof that sometimes “Plan B” is destined to be the best thing that could ever happen.  I’m so glad I was able to be part of their wonderful celebration!

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