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Holly and Morgan (University Club Wedding)

Holly and Morgan’s wedding was a celebration of love, family, and togetherness. As the couple exchanged vows at the breathtaking University Club in Pittsburgh, PA, surrounded by their closest friends and family, it was clear that this was a special day for everyone in attendance.

The University Club was the perfect venue for both the ceremony and reception, with its stunning surroundings providing the perfect backdrop for the evening’s festivities. As the night unfolded, guests were treated to an evening of music, delicious food, and wild dancing (including the limbo!). Holly and Morgan’s family hit the dance floor with gusto, showing off their moves to a range of wedding classics, 80s rock hits, and sing-along favorites.

Throughout the evening, Holly and Morgan made it clear how much their friends and family meant to them. From the heartfelt speeches to the special dances, it was clear that family was at the heart of this celebration. It was heartwarming to see the newlyweds surrounded by their loved ones, basking in the love and happiness of their big day.

I was honored to be a part of Holly and Morgan’s special day, and the joy on everyone’s faces as they sang, danced, and celebrated was truly infectious. It was heartwarming to see the newlyweds surrounded by their loved ones, basking in the love and happiness of their big day. The happy couple will soon set off on their well-deserved honeymoon in the Caribbean, ready to start their next adventure together.

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Bridgette and Eric (Renaissance Hotel Wedding)

Are you in the midst of wedding planning and wondering how to handle the reception playlist? It’s a common concern for many couples – after all, you want to make sure the music reflects your own personal tastes, but you also don’t want to exclude your friends and family from the festivities. Well, Bridgette and Eric faced this exact dilemma, and they came up with a solution that was nothing short of genius.

Bridgette and Eric decided to put their trust in their loved ones and allow them to make song requests through the wedding RSVP. And let me tell you, the results were amazing!

The reception, which was held at the luxurious Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel in the heart of downtown, was jam-packed with dancing and singing from start to finish. The winter theme decor added a touch of elegance, and the music selection was a perfect blend of all different genres. In fact, the party was so epic that when the night was coming to a close, the guests needed two extra songs before they were ready to head downstairs for the after-party.

Bridgette and Eric were the ultimate DJ’s dream couple – their relaxed and fun-loving approach made it a celebration that nobody would forget. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to allow your friends and family to make song requests at your own wedding reception, take a cue from Bridgette and Eric and go for it! You never know what hidden talents your loved ones might have when it comes to selecting the perfect dance party playlist. Trust me, your reception will be a hit with this approach!

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Tori and Kevin (Olgebay Resort Wedding)

Couples who are planning a December wedding always face the choice of acknowledging the holiday season or not. Since Christmas is probably the only thing I love more than weddings, I was THRILLED to hear that Tori and Kevin were not only going to recognize the season but use the sights and sounds of Christmas to make their wedding day truly amazing!

Their ceremony and reception were held at the Oglebay Resort in West Virginia. Oglebay is one of the best-known Christmas locations in the world for its amazing outdoor light display. I was not prepared for how spectacular the ballroom would look decorated with beautiful lights and Christmas trees.

Tori and Kevin also used Christmas music throughout their wedding day. After dinner, a few guests even started dancing early to some classic yuletide hits. When it was officially dancing time, nearly everyone hit the floor to get wild to songs from every genre imaginable!

The joy of the Christmas season mixed with the unbelievable excitement of the day made Tori and Kevin’s wedding one that I wish would have never ended! Their friends and family danced, sang, and even needed multiple encores before they would allow the night to come to a close. I can’t imagine a better ending. After their perfect evening, and before the holiday rush, Tori and Kevin headed off for a very well-earned honeymoon in Aruba!

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Amber and Christopher (Antonelli’s Event Center Wedding Reception)

One of the biggest challenges a couple is faced with on their wedding day is trying to spend enough time with their friends and family while still including all the events, special dances, toasts, photos, etc, etc, etc. After the wedding day it can be a huge disappointment if you realize you hadn’t gotten to talk and reminisce with people you don’t get to see very often. Amber and Christopher made excellent choices and were sure to take the time to visit with their guests and still have plenty of time for an amazing celebration.

Their wedding reception was held at Antonelli’s Event Center in Irwin, PA. The ballroom looked amazing decorated with beautiful blue accents and lots of special touches, including special jars of cobbler jam for each table setting.

Once dinner and visiting was completed, it was time for the dance party to begin! Everyone hit the dance floor to a great selection of music from yesterday and today. The night was extra special for me since I had played Christopher’s sister’s wedding just last year!

Amber and Christopher’s wedding reception was perfect in so many ways, and was one I’m sure their guests will be talking about for years to come. Even after the last song, it was clear that no one was ready to leave. The newlyweds were one of the very last people to leave as they were sure to hold on to every special moment with all of their favorite people. With their wedding day completed, the happy couple is ready to prepare for a well-earned honeymoon in Walt Disney World!

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Meghan and Joe (The Pennsylvanian Wedding Reception)

115 songs… that’s the average number of tracks that make up a wedding reception. You need fifty to sixty for cocktails and dinner, then add another 10 or so for entrances, special dances, and other events. The remaining songs make up the dance party/celebration. Meghan and Joe used their 115 songs to perfection, including an excellently diverse selection of music that was the perfect match for thier fun and friendly guests at their wedding reception at The Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

I’ve been fortunate to play many weddings at the Pennsylvanian, but am always still blown away by this historic and gorgeous space!

Meghan and Joe’s reception started off with some jazz standards and “Rat Pack” style music for their cocktail hour held in the Rotunda at the Pennsylvanian. Dinner music then included some more contemporary singer-songwriter music by some of the couple’s favorite artists. When the dance party began thier friends and family were treated to some of the best music from the last 50 years. It was so much fun to see how guests of every age filled the dance floor to celebrate!

I’ll be encouraging engaged couples to review this wedding playlist to see how they can merge their personal music tastes with songs that will appeal to all of their friends and family. Meghan and Joe’s dance floor was the place to be as guests danced and sang songs from every genre imaginable. I’m very confident that everyone will be talking about how much fun they had at Meghan and Joe’s wedding for years to come!

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Lauren and John (Wintergarden PPG Wedding)

Have you ever considered how your wedding day will end? With so many details to consider, it’s hard to decide on the most memorable way to finish off such an important day. Lauren and John knew exactly how their day would be completed after their amazing wedding at the Wintergarden PPG in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

The Wintergarden PPG is a beautiful venue with light streaming in from every direction. There was plenty of space for everyone to enjoy a perfect evening. Lauren and John’s ceremony and reception were held in the same beautiful space allowing guests plenty of time for visiting before the amazing dance party!

If you’re still reading, then you must be wondering how exactly did Lauren and John’s wedding day end? After their dance party, Lauren and John waited for their guests to clear the Wintergarden so they could have a single final dance in the empty room. It was so sweet to watch them have a few quiet moments alone together after spending so much time with friends and family. On a day so full of excitement and being the center of attention, I love that they took a few minutes to just enjoy each other as they start this new chapter of their lives together as husband and wife!

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