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Kameron and Nick (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

One of the coolest parts of being a wedding DJ is that I get to work with wonderful couples who are about to experience one of the most exciting days of their lives.  I love the chance to get to know them as we figure out the details that will play out during the wedding day.  Kameron and Nick’s fun and friendly nature let me know immediately that their reception would be a wonderful time for all of their friends and family.

Their reception was held at the amazing Carnegie Museum.  I’ve been the DJ for over 25 weddings at the Museum before, and I’m always blown away by the stunning beauty of the Music Hall.

Kameron and Nick chose a few songs that I’ve actually never played before, and they were HUGE hits with their guests.  Their celebration was as fun and unique as they are, and the end result was a wonderful evening that was a great time for all.  Their friends and family joined in the fun as they all wished them the best on their new lives together.

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Sara and Spencer (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

There are so many choices to make when planning a wedding.  It can be a challenge to decide on all the major options along with all the smaller decisions that need made along the way.  Sara and Spencer did a fabulous job focusing their attention on the details that mattered most to them, and put trust in their venue and vendors to help make sure their day would be a tremendous success.

The reception was held at the stunningly beautiful Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer.  Guests were allowed to explore the museum after the ceremony before heading to the balcony for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Sara and Spencer chose all the special songs for their first dance, parent dances and exit.  They left the rest of the music open for what their guests would enjoy for the celebration.  This gave everyone a chance to join in the fun and dance to great music from both yesterday and today!

The other vendors I talked to said how wonderful it was to work with Sara and Spencer.  Their ability to make such excellent decisions for their wedding day, resulted in a celebration that no one will soon forget.  The newlyweds made another perfect choice to head off for their honeymoon in Mexico!

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Maddie and Randy (Carnegie Museum)

One of the most fun things about being a wedding DJ is the wonderfully diverse music I get to play each weekend.  Maddie and Randy’s wedding was extra special since their playlist included music from pretty much every genre imaginable.  Their epic celebration was held at the gorgeous Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer.

The museum is always a stunning venue and looked even more amazing with the beautiful centerpieces and lighting!

The music throughout the night included everything from rock, country, standards and top 40 hits from the 60’s to today.  Maddie and her father had even put together a custom medley for their special dance that blew everyone away.  From the moment the dance floor opened, everyone jumped up to join in the party.

Maddie and Randy gave me the freedom to play anything and everything that would ensure their guests had a great time.  Their friends and family clearly were thrilled to be part of the newlyweds’ special day.  The happy couple is soon headed off to enjoy their honeymoon, and hopefully some great music, in the Riviera Maya.

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Stephanie and Brendan (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

A common question people ask me is “how to get the party started after everyone has enjoyed a delicious meal?”.  The answer can vary depending on the guests, but every once in a while, I get to work with a couple who has found a fun and unique way to instantly get everyone on the dance floor.  Stephanie and Brendan figured that out, as well as many other wonderful details for their beautiful and elegant wedding reception at the Music Hall Foyer in the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh.


I’ve been very blessed to play at the museum quiet a few times, and I’m always taken back by the incredible beauty of the music hall.


After Stephanie and Brendan’s friends and family enjoyed cocktails and dinner, it was time for some very special dances with the parents.  Not only were both dances incredibly sweet, Stephanie and her father’s dance was a medley of upbeat songs, ending on “We Are Family”.  They pulled everyone onto the dance floor and the celebration was instantly a success!


The music choices the newlyweds made were a perfect match for the friends and family.  Everything from classics to today’s biggest hits kept the party going.  In the end, Stephanie and Brendan were surrounded by their favorite people as they all sang and cheered.  The happy couple is headed off to Hawaii for a fun-filled and relaxing honeymoon.

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Janel and Nick (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

One of the best parts of getting to DJ weddings is that I get to play such a great variety of music in a single evening, and I love working with couples who are as passionate about the music for their big day as I am.   Janel and Nick worked hard to create a soundtrack for their celebration that was the perfect match for all their sweet and fun guests.  Their reception was held at the amazingly beautiful Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer.

If you regularly follow my blogs, you know how much I adore working at the Carnegie Museum.  The staff is fantastic, and it’s just the most stunning venue around.  The museum also provides lots of space for visiting, dining and dancing!


Janel and Nick chose a wonderful mix of songs to play through the entire celebration.  Everything from oldies, R&B to today’s music provided the right astmophere for their friends and family to join in the fun until the very last song.  The happy couple is now off to enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon in the Bahamas!

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Christina and Christopher (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

I feel blessed to get to work with some of the nicest couples in Pittsburgh.  It’s so fun to work with those who are truly excited to celebrate their love together surrounded by all their favorite people.  Christina and Chris worked hard putting together an epic celebration that included wonderful music, amazing treats and some really unforgettable moments.  Their wedding reception was held on St. Patrick’s Day at the gorgeous Carnegie Museum Hall of Sculpture.

What can I say about this venue?  It’s just stunning, elegant and was the perfect choice for Christina and Chris’s celebration.  Tori and the rest of the staff did their usual amazing job at making everything perfect.

The newlyweds chose wonderful music to include throughout the evening.  Their selections were the perfect match for their guests, as everyone was quick to join in the dance party!


Not only was it a thrill to get to know Christina and Chris, their friends and family were also wonderful, sweet and really knew how to celebrate!  Among all these great guests was an amazing wedding couple I had worked with back in 2010!  On top of all this, the newlyweds also hired some of the best vendors in the world (WeddingsbyAlisa & SyncopatedPictures).  All of these perfectly planned elements came together into an amazing day that I’m sure no one will soon forget.  The happy couple sets off soon for their well-deserved Hawaiian honeymoon.

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