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Kimly and James (Lexus Club Wedding)

Kimly and James’ reception was held at the beautiful Lexus Club @ PNC Park.  They did an amazing job putting together a celebration that would be contemporary, but still include a variety of special traditions which made theirs a day like no other.

Lexus Club PNC Park Wedding-25


I was thrilled to be able to help customize the dining room with uplighting of blue, purple and pink.


Lexus Club PNC Park Wedding-2

Kimly and James each included some ethnic traditions to make the evening even more special.   As part of a Vietnamese tradition, the newlyweds and their families went to every table and shared a toast.  Kimly even changed into a stunning special outfit for this special time.  There was also a money dance that was done to all Greek music.  I loved the inclusion of these events!

The music for the dancing portion of the evening was a perfect match for the happy couple and their fun and wild group of friends and family.  As the night came to a close, Kimly and James were surrounded by their guests as everyone cheered and clapped.  They had created a perfect elegant and modern evening that no one will forget.

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