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Erica and Anthony (Ligonier Country Club Reception)

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how different every wedding reception is, there is no mistaking the feeling when friends and family pull together to help their loved ones achieve their dream wedding day. This past weekend I performed at the reception of Erica Lynn and Anthony Cebzanov at the Ligonier Country Club in Ligonier, PA. I loved the fact that Erica, Tony, and their families had worked extremely hard to give their guests a special day as well.


Erica’s Mom, Mary, took it upon herself to do all the flowers for the reception hall. The flowers really made the room look beautiful, and the fact that the mother of the bride had taken the time to make each arrangement made the every table look extra special.


Erica and Tony spent a great deal of time choosing the music they wanted played at the reception. They provided me with a wonderful list of music to use during each moment of the evening. It was obvious to me how much consideration they put into their choices and I think they made a wonderful mix that all of their guests enjoyed.

I love it when people find unique and creative ways to make their reception even more fun. Erica and Tony had these wonderful gift bags made up for each of their guests. Inside of each bag was 4 of their favorite treats that represented their hometowns. Better Made Chips from Detroit, Tastykake from Philadelphia, Smiley Cookie from Pittsburgh and a Grilled Stickey from State College. What a delicious idea!


As the night continued, I realized how many of the guests were close friends of Erica and Tony. There were quite a few of Tony’s college friends, and they all joined in a big sing along to the Penn State fight song!


The new Cebzanov’s were referred to me by the wonderful Leah & Joe Fiddler. I had played their wedding way back in September 2005! Leah & Joe helped keep the dance floor moving all night long. It’s great to see how much fun they’re still having being with each other after all this time.


The weather could not have been nicer for the reception, and the Country Club was the perfect venue for everyone to be able to enjoy socializing and dancing. Because the wedding was on July 4th, all the guests gathered outside for a sparkler farewell at the end of the evening. Watching Erica and Tony interact with their guests was my favorite part of the evening. I was amazed by how the newlyweds were able to keep up with everyone who wanted to spend time with them.


Erica and Tony seemed to recognize how rare it would be to have this group of special friends and family members together at one time. Their big day was made even better by seeing all their guests enjoying themselves singing, dancing and reminiscing. They focused their planning efforts on creating wonderfully special moments that they, and their guests, would remember for a lifetime.

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