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Erin and Adrian (Hilton Garden Inn Reception)

I always encourage my clients to find ways to make their wedding unique to their personalities and tastes.  I’m always thrilled when a couple takes the opportunity to share a bit of themselves with their friends and families.  I love to DJ at weddings that are different each week, and this past weekend I was SO excited to play at the amazingly unique wedding of Erin McPherson and Adrian Pasricha at the Hilton Garden Inn in Southpointe, PA
Pasricha Wedding DJ at Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe

Erin and Adrian held their nuptials at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was a beautiful and unique ceremony blending their two families, customs, and traditions together.

Pasricha Wedding DJ

The music for the entire day was spectacular!  An amazing variety of Pop, Rap, Indian, Latin.  There was also room for some 80’s and 90’s hits as well.  Erin and Adrian put great care into providing me guidance for the songs they knew their guests would love.  Their hard work paid off with a fantastic playlist that I’m sure I’ll be encouraging future couples to review for unique and special song ideas.


Erin & Adrian’s first dance was very sweet and beautiful.

Pasricha Elegant DJ at Hilton Garden Inn

Once it was time to get the party started, the dance floor was immediately packed.  Erin was beaming all evening long.

Pasricha Salsa Latin DJ at Hilton Garden Inn

Adrian and his sister Nicole are both great dancers, no matter what the style of music.

Pasricha Indian DJ at Hilton Garden Inn, Pennsylvania

Things got really wild during the set of Indian music – it was truly spectacular!

Pasricha Indian Wedding DJ, Southpointe PA

Erin and Adrian were on the dance floor all the way until 2AM!  I’m sure the after party was a huge smash too!

Pasricha Newlywed DJ at Hilton Garden Inn

Pasricha Pittsburg Wedding DJ, Southpointe PA

Evenings like this are the reason any body ever becomes a DJ.  I really do consider it a privilege to help so many people dance, sing and celebrate.  Erin and Adrian are now off to Italy for their honeymoon.  I can’t thank them enough for asking me to help make their day as unique and wonderful as they are.

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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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