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Jessica and David (Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Reception)

One of the top concerns I hear from couples is about how there might not be enough time to do everything they want to include on their wedding day. It’s easy to see how time will pass too quickly on of a day filled with your favorite people, favorite foods and of course, favorite music. Jessica and David made many excellent choices for their reception, but I think one of the best was to plan for a day that allowed plenty of time for many special moments, lots of visiting, and tons of dancing!

Their reception was held at the wonderful Pittsburgh Airport Marriott in Moon Township, PA. The ballroom looked fabulous with great lighting, pink linens and a custom monogram above the head table. One of the great things about the Marriott is the option to use the ballroom for a lot longer than other venues allowed. This gave Jessica and David lots of time to really enjoy once-in-a-lifetime moments with their friends and family.

Jessica and David’s celebration gave everyone plenty of opportunity to visit with family they haven’t seen for a long time, and also allowed them time to enjoy a great ice cream bar AND a late night snack of chicken fingers! At the end of the night there was a still a huge group of people who circled the dance floor to wish the newlyweds all the best on this new chapter of their lives. The newlyweds are now taking a little time to bask in the success of their big day before heading off for a European honeymoon later this year.

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Maci and Adam (The Haskell House Wedding Reception)

I tell people quite frequently that being a wedding DJ is the best job ever. 2021 has made me see how true that statement is more than ever before. After spending time alone for the past year and a half, wedding guests are more excited than ever to gather for a real celebration and to laugh, hug and get a little wild with their friends and family. This was definitely the case for Maci and Adam at their totally epic party held at the Haskell House in downtown Clarion, PA.

This was the first wedding held at this beautiful venue. Maci and Adam’s closest friends and family helped them add tons of special touches everywhere, which added some wonderful personality to the already stunning space. Once dinner was over, guests wasted no time moving a few tables for what would be one of the most fun dance floors I’ve ever seen.

The guest’s excitement grew throughout the evening and there were wild cheers as each new song began. Everyone’s love and happiness for Maci and Adam was obvious as they were consistently lifted in the air throughout the night. After getting to spend so much time with their favorite people, the happy couple now gets to head off for a little non-quarantine alone time on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Carly and Zach (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

Some couples are afraid to having their wedding day on a Friday or Sunday since their guests might not be in the same party spirt that is typically reserved for Saturday nights. Carly and Zach’s wedding was absolute proof that no matter what day of the week, friends and family are always ready to celebrate love with those who mean the most to them.

Carly and Zach were married in the gorgeous rotunda of the Pennsylvanian before guests entered the Grand Hall for an evening of special moments, amazing food and, of course, lots of dancing!

The newlyweds spent their evening surrounded by their guests as everyone danced and sung their hearts out. No one cared what day of the week it was, and instead focused on creating amazing memories with the happy couple. Carly and Zach can spend more time not worrying about what day it is on their well-deserved honeymoon in Cabo.

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Kit and Cameron (Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding)

Changing your wedding date is an incredibly difficult decision, yet once you finally get to have the wedding of your dreams… it’s totally worth it. Kit and Cam’s amazing wedding celebration was one everyone was waiting for, and one that no one will soon forget!

The ceremony and reception were held at the fabulous Fox Chapel Golf Club and featured gorgeous decor and tons of room for everyone to eat, visit and dance the night away!

I had the pleasure of DJing for Kit’s sister’s wedding a few year’s ago, but even I was surprised by how much fun everyone had on the huge dance floor. Kit and Cam’s wedding day was well worth the wait as no one wanted to leave even after the music stopped. Thankfully the newlyweds didn’t have to wait long before heading off to their well deserved honeymoon in the Maldives.

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Patty and Jack (Chapel Valley Estate Wedding Reception)

This year I’ve been talking a lot about couples who have needed to adapt quickly when wedding plans suddenly have to change.  Patty and Jack handled their change in venues perfectly to accommodate their large guest list and have a day that really showed the importance of spending time with family and friends.  They were able to hold their reception at the beautiful Chapel Valley Estate in an outdoor tent and I can’t imagine a more perfect location for their epic party.

No amount of cold or rain could keep anyone’s spirits down.  All of Patty and Jack’s guests were clearly thrilled to be together to celebrate with the newlyweds.

While every aspect of your wedding day is important, nothing matters more than the opportunity to be surrounded by those who have meant the most to you during your life. I was thrilled that Patty and Jack made sure their day was one that included all of their favorite people for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

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Erica and Scott (George Washington Hotel Wedding)

So much work goes into planning all the details of a wedding, it can be overwhelming. Add in a pandemic and other hurtles and it could all just be too much. This was not the case with Erica and Scott who handled all the challenges in stride and put together a day that was truly magical.

The ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous George Washington Hotel in Washington, PA. The decor The special touches throughout were completely stunning.

Erica and Scott’s planning including choosing some amazing songs for their guests to enjoy. There were times the The dance floor was so full I wasn’t sure the historic structure was going to hold up! (it did, thankfully)

After the epic reception, Erica and Scott joyfully headed off with their friends and family to keep the celebration going at the after party. I had such a great time working with the newlyweds throughout the planning process. I have a fondness for those who appreciate organization and attention to detail, and it’s always fun to watch all the plans turn out so perfectly! Congratulations!

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