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Vanessa and Nick (Sunset Ranch Wedding)

If I had to pick a word to describe the theme of Vanessa and Nick’s wedding, that word would have to be FAMILY. Throughout their wonderful day, it was abundantly clear how important family meant to the newlyweds, and they made sure to plan for a day where all members of their large Italian families would be able to join in the amazing celebration.

Their ceremony and reception were held on a perfect Fall day at the Sunset Ranch in Ellwood City, PA. Everything from the ceremony site to the gorgeously decorated tent was set to reflect an elegant Italian theme that honored both Vanessa and Nick’s family heritage.

Everyone at the celebration was part of the family for this magical day. After a spectacular fireworks show, this newly formed group of family members danced and partied on the huge dance floor! Vanessa and Nick chose wonderful music that matched perfectly with their guests including songs from the 70s, 80s, and today.

After the most amazing and perfect day, Vanessa and Nick’s guests gathered on the dance floor for a few last songs before loading into the shuttles for more family time at the hotel. Having spent so much time with all their favorite people, the newlyweds are soon headed off for a little alone time on their well-deserved honeymoon in Italy

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Taylor and Joey (Allegheny RiverTrail Park Wedding)

Taylor first emailed me about DJing her and Joey’s wedding with this message: “We love to dance and have fun! We are looking for great mixes, some dance floor lighting, and some emceeing (if that’s a word).” Taylor could not have been more correct, her friends and family LOVED to dance and have fun, and I was thrilled I was able to provide everything they needed for their wonderful wedding (and yes, emceeing is totally a word).

Taylor and Joey’s wedding was held on a perfect Summer day at the Allegheny RiverTrail Park in Aspinwall, PA. The couple made excellent choices in decorations and music to make the celebration one everyone could enjoy.

Taylor wasn’t kidding when she said her guests would love to dance… the dance floor was full of fun and excitement as guests enjoyed songs from every genre imaginable!

At the night’s end, everyone crowded the dance floor to cheer for the newlyweds! Taylor and Joey knew from the start what they’d need to create the most magical day for themselves and all of their favorite people. I had a blast being part of their unforgettable celebration and epic dance party!

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Natalie and Zach (Big Oak Meadows Wedding)

If you read a lot of wedding blogs (like this one), you’ll notice how couples are encouraged to “be present” during their wedding day. When surrounded by so many people and so much happening, it can be challenging to take a moment and truly appreciate the magic of each moment. Natalie and Zach did an amazing job of jujnot only soaking in the moments of their wedding day but also making sure all of their guests were able to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Their ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous Big Oak Meadows in Burghill, Ohio. They were married in a wooded area that was the perfect spot to say “I do”. As an extra special touch, Zach’s father officiated the ceremony! Afterward, guests made their way to the barn for cocktails, dinner, and lots of cookies!

Once dinner was over it was time to celebrate, and Zach and Natalie’s guests did not hesitate to dance and sing!

My favorite moment of the day came at the end of the night when Natalie and Zach took a few moments for a single slow dance after their guests left the barn. It was so special to witness them taking a few quiet moments together after an amazing celebration. After their dance, they headed outside where their guests had gathered to cheer one last time during their sparkler exit! The happy couple is now off for a very well-deserved honeymoon in Cancun!

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Stefanie and Erik (The Atrium Wedding)

The coolest thing about weddings isj that they not only join together two people in a lifetime commitment but also join two groups of friends and families in their love of the newlyweds! Stefanie and Erik’s wedding at the Atrium in Prospect, PA was one that allowed all of their guests to truly feel part of the big day, and part of the happy couple’s new life together.

I can’t imagine a better choice of venue for Stefanie and Erik to hold their ceremony and reception. It was a perfect summer day as their guests gather for an amazing celebration.

Stefanie’s sister and brother helped keep the atmosphere awesome as they performed a great customized song set to the Friends TV theme song (this will be available on my Instagram soon)! Everything Erik and Stefanie prepared for their special day was focused on making sure every one of their guests would have an incredible time. The result was a beautiful day followed by an epic dance party that only had to end so their friends and family could get to the after-party!

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Basia and Joe (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

Some people ask me if I ever tire of only DJing weddings, and the answer is always the same… NEVER! It’s so awesome getting to work closely with couples to create a day that matches their unique style and tastes. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many fun couples and DJ their weddings in a variety of extraordinary venues throughout Pittsburgh and other great locations throughout Western Pennsylvania. Basia and Joe’s wedding at The Pennsylvanian was a perfect example of a wedding that was truly like no other, and was the perfect match for all of their friends and family who came ready for a celebration!

The Rotunda at the Pennsylvanian makes for one of the most stunning locations for in all of the Pittsburgh Area. Basia and Joe’s guests gathered on a perfect Summer day to witness their vows in this historical and gorgeous space before the reception began inside the Grand Hall.

Basia and Joe’s playlist was one of my favorite parts of their wedding day. They chose a great selection of EDM, house, and 80’s music for me to play throughout cocktails, dinner, and the incredibly epic dance party. Their guests enjoyed dancing and getting wild to music that was anything but the typical overplayed wedding hits. The unique and fun soundtrack kept everyone dancing all the way through the very last song when it was time to head off for more fun at the after-party! Basia and Joe’s hard work paid off in a one-of-a-kind celebration that I know I’ll never forget.

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Bobbi and Xavier (White Barn Wedding)

There is nothing like getting to DJ for a group of people who are ready to party, dance, and celebrate all night long. There’s something magical about the type of crowd who gets more and more excited when each new song begins and would keep dancing until the break of dawn. Bobbi and Xavier knew their friends and family would be ready for an epic celebration held on a perfect summer day at The White Barn in Prospect, PA.

The White Barn looked amazing as always, and the weather was perfect for Bobbi and Xavier’s beautiful wedding ceremony! Afterward, guests made their way inside for cocktails, dinner, and cupcakes. I love the flower wall that was included in the cocktail space for guests to take photos!

Then, when it was time to dance, the fun really began!

I’m pretty sure I was as bummed as the newlyweds when it was time to say goodbye. It was an amazing day with a little something for everyone. Guests went wild all night and THEN headed off for more celebrating at the after-party! The happy couple is now headed off to Cancun for some well-deserved time together as husband and wife!

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