Jenna and John (Heinz History Center Wedding Reception)

Pittsburgh has so much to offer for your out-of-town wedding guests.  Often, first time visitors are shocked at what a beautiful and entertaining place it can be.  Couples who have either moved here, or come here for school, decide to use our city as a destination wedding for their friends and family.  Most of the guests at Jenna and John’s wedding traveled to be a part of their wonderful day and the fantastic reception that was held at the Heinz History Center.

The Grand Hall at the museum was a spectacular choice for dinner and dancing!  The wedding guests enjoyed touring parts of the museum before the celebration began.

After a terrific dinner and special dancing, everyone was primed and ready for an epic dance party that included some of my favorite party songs of all time.

Jenna and John made sure all of their guests were treated to a fantastic evening that was well worth the trip.  As the final few songs of the night played, and before heading to the after party, the happy couple were surrounded by all of their favorite people from all parts of the county.  It was heart warming to see how much love everyone had for the newlyweds.  I’m sure the trip was well worth it, to be part of an epic celebration that no one will soon forget.

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Kasey and Ryan (Children’s Museum Wedding Reception)

There are a lot of ways to describe a great wedding reception, such as beautiful, elegant, romantic, and even unique.  I think the word most couples are hoping their guests use most is FUN!  Kasey and Ryan made 100% sure their friends and family would have a fun time at their reception held on a perfect Fall day at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

The Children’s Museum is a wonderful venue and was a perfect match for Kasey and Ryan’s reception.  Throughout the night guests were offered special treats such as apple pie, popcorn, an amazing cookie table and a completely stocked taco bar for dinner!  Everyone then used the large dance floor to party and celebrate to some great music, including awesome songs from yesterday and today.

Kasey and Ryan held a celebration like no other that featured a little something for everyone, even an after-party for those who weren’t ready for the party to end.  I’m sure as their friends and family head back to work, they’ll be talking about how much fun they had.  The happy couple is now headed off to have some more fun on a romantic Jamaican honeymoon!

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Lindsey and Mike (Hotel Monaco Wedding)

I love when couples are willing to play with the “standard wedding reception formula” when creating their timeline of events.  I find for the most part, the actual order of events isn’t critical for a successful evening, and mixing it up a bit helps keep the guests engaged and interested in what will happen next.  Lindsey and Mike did an amazing job creating an evening that flowed perfectly for their fun filled reception held at the fabulous Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh.

Their ceremony and dinner were held in the beautiful ballrooms at the hotel while the dancing for the evening occurred in the foyer space that separated the two rooms.  Instead of a traditional grand entrance, Lindsey and Mike chose to include the introduction into their first dance and fast upbeat bridal party dance after dinner.  They also chose to include their parent dances later in the night too, which meant everyone was up on their feet to enjoy seeing everyone dance.


Lindsey and Mike’s fresh ideas made for an evening that was lively and exciting for everyone.  When it was time to dance, all of their friends and family were quick to join in the celebration.  At the end of the night, it was obvious that no one wanted the party to end.  The happy couple is now planning a hopefully much more relaxed scheule as they prepare to celebrate on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Teena and David (The Pennsylvanian Wedding Reception)

One of the coolest parts of being a wedding DJ is that in one evening, you can play a fabulous variety of songs instead of being stuck using music from only a single genre.  It’s so awesome to work with couples who understand how important it is to include different styles of music to please the various people who will be attending their celebration.  Teena and David knew that their wedding reception  would combine both Italian and Indian influences along with their love of music from yesterday and today.

The reception was held at the amazing Pennsylvanian Hotel in the heart of Pittsburgh.  It’s simply one of the most stunning venues in the city!  Music for cocktails included jazz and standards performed by the Rat Pack and other great artists, then as guests moved to their seats for dinner, they were treated to a high energy performance by the CMU Collegiate Bhangra dancers!

The music through out the evening moved between Top 40, Motown, Indian and many other styles…. everyone got the chance to be part of the fun!

Teena and David were so much fun to work with throughout the planning process.  They put together a celebration with lots of fun, surprises and entertainment for all.  It was the perfect match for them and their closest friends and family.  The happy couple is now off on a wonderful honeymoon cruise as they start on their next big adventure together!

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Katie and Alex (Edgewood Club Wedding Reception)

Planning your wedding timeline can be tricky.  So often couples get caught up in the idea that they have to stick to a traditional schedule in order for their reception to run smoothly.  Katie and Alex were willing to plan out their events in a way that kept the evening lively and fun for their celebration at the beautiful Edgewood Club right outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Guests were greeted to some charming “Alice in Wonderland” themed decor and a live jazz band before entering the beautiful ballroom.  Everything looked amazing for what would certainly be an entertaining evening.

Katie and Alex chose to have their parent dances (and a special tribute for Katie’s grandmother) during dinner.  This really kept the flow of the night moving along.  Once dinner was over, everyone gathered as they played the newlywed-shoe game and then had their first dance as husband & wife.

With most of the formal festivities completed, it was time to PARTY!

The newlyweds had plenty of time to visit, dance and get wild with their friends and family to fantastic music from yesterday through today.  Everything about the day was a perfect fit for Katie, Alex and all their guests.  The happy couple can now spend some time not worried about any kind of strict schedule as they relax on their romantic honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta!

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Alyssa and Neil (Longue Vue Club Wedding Reception)

Everyone needs to attend more weddings.  In today’s culture where almost anyone you talk to seems stressed and worked up about something, weddings are the perfect opportunity for family and friends to gather together for the sole purpose of celebrating love and wishing two special people happiness on their new lives together.  Alyssa and Neil put together a perfect celebration where all their guests could leave their worries behind at the beautiful Longue Vue Club in Verona, PA.

The ballroom at the Longue Vue Club looked amazing.  I was thrilled I could provide uplighting and a monogram to help customize the already elegant space.

Of course, no celebration would be complete without an epic dance party!

The soundtrack for the evening was a perfect fit for Alyssa and Neil’s group of super fun friends and family.  It’s awesome to DJ when you play music from every genre imaginable and watch all the guests join in the fun.  After some pretty spectacular ending songs, there were a lot of people ready to join the couple at the after party.  Alyssa and Neil gave all the special people in their lives a great chance to let go of all the distractions of life and let loose for a night that I’m sure no one will forget.

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