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Emily and Scott (Twelve Oaks Mansion DJ)

One great way to share a part of yourself with your wedding guests is to choose a fun theme to help make the day feel extra customized.  This past weekend I DJ’ed a very unique and elegant reception for Emily Knopfel and Scott Gibbons at the Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.

Knopfel Gibbons Wedding

Emily and Scott both share a love of literature and came up with great ways to use that throughout the mansion.  Scott even built this custom card catalog for guests to find their seat assignments.

Card Catalog Seating Assignments

At the center of each table were books by the couple’s favorite authors.  Since Scott works as a teacher, it certainly made sense as well to shuttle their guests in a school bus!

Literature Wedding Theme

Scott and Emily clearly have a passion for music as well.  Their song choices blended well into a mix that was upbeat and fun.


Scott and Emily worked hard to create an environment that their guests would always remember.  Their cocktail hour featured a slideshow of great photos of the couple, and afterwards the bridal party decended the grand staircase at the mansion.  The couple’s first dance to David Gray’s “This First Love” followed dinner and was sweet and romantic.

Twelve Oaks Mansion

With the formalities out of the way it was time to relax and party!

Bridal Dance, Money Dance, Dollar DanceRemove garter

Scott and Emily pulled all of this together from out of state with help from their friends and family.  Their literary wedding theme was a huge hit and was a perfect example of simple elegance.  The couple is taking a little time to enjoy the success of their big day before their honeymoon in Ireland.  I sure hope they remember to take along something to read!

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