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Lisa and Joseph (Carnegie Museum Wedding DJ)

Almost anyone you meet would tell you that they love music, but only a select few people are truly passionate about a wide variety of songs and artists.  Even fewer still know how to craft a great playlist to create their ideal wedding celebration.  Lisa and Joe’s passion and knowledge of music allowed them to choose the perfect soundtrack for their reception at the Carnegie Museum’s Music Hall Foyer in Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Museum Music Foyer Wedding-8

The Music Hall is my absolutely favorite place to DJ in Pittsburgh.  Such an amazingly beautiful venue that is elegant and timeless.

Carnegie Museum Music Foyer Wedding-1

Lisa and Joe’s friends and family were tuned in to the couple’s music selections as everyone cheered and sang along to each song.  Everyone partied and danced all night long before heading off to the after party for more celebrating.  The happy couple is headed off to a romantic Mediterranean Cruise where they can relax and, I’m sure, listen to some more great music.

Wedding DJ Playlist

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