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Jen and Robert (Greystone Fields Wedding Reception)

Anyone who knows me or my family knows that we’re pretty obsessed with all things Disney, so you can imagine I was thrilled to find out that Jen and Robert chose to incorporate lots of fantastic and unique Disney themed details at their magical, fun-filled wedding reception at Greystone Fields in Gibsonia, PA.

Jen and Robert spent lots of time creating some amazing customized items based on their favorite Disney movies and characters.  I simply adore their card box, which included a few hidden Mickeys!

Obviously, such fun and imaginative people would have friends and family who were ready to laugh, sing and dance once it was time to celebrate.  Everyone was quick to dance to music from wedding classics to the newest hits.  Everyone surrounded the newlyweds for one last song before saying good night and wishing them well on their new lives together.  Jen and Robert are, of course, headed off to their honeymoon in the one and only, Walt Disney World!

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