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Ashley and Matt (J Verno Studios DJ)

I love working with couples who not only love music, but who know how much fun it can be to use a specific song to enhance their wedding reception.  I had a blast working with Ashley and Matt to create a once in a lifetime mix of music that suited them perfectly.

Olander Merks Wedding

The reception, which was held at J. Verno Studios, kicked off with a grand entrance, which featured each couple of the bridal party walking in to custom songs.  Afterwards Ashley and Matt danced to a unique and romantic mix of two Elton John songs.

The music the newlyweds chose for their day was a perfect reflection of their personal style.  With dinner and formal events out of the way, the dance party quickly began.  Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to a great variety of music and no one was ready for the party to end.  The couple now gets to continue their celebration in St. Lucia.

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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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