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Stephanie and Nick (J. Verno Studios Wedding DJ)

I talk a lot about the various details of each wedding, and there certainly is a lot to discuss.  The actual dancing portion of the evening only makes for a small percentage of my DJ responsibilities.  That said, it is also the most fun part of being a DJ.  I find that getting to play great music while everyone joins in a celebration is the best way for me to enjoy all the hard work of the day.  I had an amazing time playing music for Stephanie Shelley and Nick Strasser’s wedding reception at J. Verno Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.  Their friends and family came to dance, sing, and party, and no one left disappointed.

Shelley Strasser Wedding

There simply is no wedding venue in Pittsburgh as unique and stunning as J. Verno’s.

J. Verno's StudioJ. Verno's Studio

Stephanie and Nick knew that even though they were having an intimate Friday night wedding, that dancing was going to be important to their guests.  They chose a wonderful mix of fun party music which really made everyone get wild on the dance floor.


J. Verno Studio is a photography studio, which means the lighting was fantastic for the newlyweds’ first dance.

Afterwards, the celebration was quickly underway and never let up.

Almost a year ago, I was the DJ for Stephanie’s sister’s wedding.  It was great fun to see Niki and Neil again, having a great time tearing up the floor.

As the last song ended, Nick commented to me about how everyone could keep dancing for 5 more hours.  The majority of their guests had stayed until the very end of the night and could have easily stayed for more.  Everyone left knowing that this was one of the best celebrations they had ever attended.  Stephanie and Nick are off for 2 weeks in Mexico, where I’m pretty confident they’re doing a little more dancing.

Award Winning Pittsburgh DJ
Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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