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Hannah and Connor (Green Gables Wedding Reception)

Choosing the right venue for a wedding reception can be tricky business.  Couples want to find a place that will match their style as well as accommodate all the needs of their family and friends.  I can’t imagine a more perfect match for Hannah and Connor’s big celebration than the beautiful and unique Green Gables in Jennerstown, PA.

The main ballroom at Green Gables was the perfect spot for what would be a celebration of epic proportions.  Guests enjoyed cocktails and dinner before an unforgettable dance party.  Hannah and Connor showed a little Pittsburgh love as all of the guests’ cards were tiny Heinz Ketchup bottles!

Hannah and Connor told me that their guests would be ready for a party, and they certainly did not disappoint!  Everyone packed the dance floor even as more tables were moved out of the way.  I believe the celebration could have lasted all weekend long, but eventually we had to play the last few songs.  The newlyweds were literally surrounded by all of their favorite people one more time in a moment I’m sure no one will forget.  Now they get to head off to an even more perfect location as they enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon in Maui.

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Colleen and Ben (Noah’s Event Venue Wedding Reception)

Some couples choose to focus solely on the dancing music when making plans for their reception, but I love when I get to work with people who realize that they can use the entire celebration to make their day even more customized to their tastes.  Colleen and Ben did a marvelous job choosing wonderfully diverse and unique songs throughout their fabulous wedding reception held at Noah’s Event Venue in Canonsburg, PA.

Noah's Event Center Pittsburgh Cannonsburg Southpointe Wedding

The ballroom was gorgeously decorated with beautiful greenery and flowers with lots of room for an epic dance party which included all sorts of music so everyone could join the fun.

Colleen and Ben provided song choices that covered cocktail and dinner as well as dancing.  I love how by taking the time to consider the entire evening, they were able to include music from all of their favorite artists.  This made for a one-of-a-kind soundtrack that was the perfect match for them as well as their super fun friends and family.  Colleen and Ben can now pick out some music to listen to as they head off for their fabulous honeymoon in London and Amsterdam!

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Brittany and Samuel (Hotel Monaco Wedding Reception)

Sometimes being a wedding DJ can be challenging… especially when figuring out what songs will inspire a group of people to let loose and have a good time.  Then there are weddings like Brittany and Samuel’s, where their friends and family were ready for an epic celebration and weren’t going to stop until the very last song!

Hotel Monaco Wedding DJ

The reception was held at the beautiful Hotel Monaco in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.  The spaces the hotel provides works perfectly for cocktails, dinner and dancing.  Guests gathered in the center foyer for formal dancing and an excellent dance party!

Hotel Monaco Wedding Ballroom

I was fortunate enough to be the DJ for Brittany’s sister’s wedding last year, so it was a great honor for me to work once again with this fabulous and fun family.  They made a terrific match for Sam’s family and friends as everyone danced to some of the best songs from yesterday and today.  I truly feel like the party could have lasted until the next morning!  Brittany and Samuel are now off for a little quiet time on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Stacie and Ron (Vinoski Winery Wedding Reception)

One of the best things about being a wedding DJ is how different and unique every celebration is.  I love when couples take the time to make their big day match their style and personalities.  Stacie and Ron planned their wedding to be one filled with wonderful moments that were specifically chosen for their friends and family to enjoy.

Vinoski Winery Wedding Reception DJ

They chose the beautiful Vinoski Winery for their ceremony and reception, and it was the perfect venue for a great celebration.  The dining room looked amazing and included many custom details, including custom wood engraved names at each setting along with a wine stopper guest favor.  After dinner, guests took to the dance floor for a great variety of music from yesterday and today.

The newlyweds were sure to include a few sports themed songs in order to keep all the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh fans happy.  It was so fun to see people of all ages join in the celebration!  The time and effort that Stacie and Ron put into the making the day one that all of their guests are sure to remember for years to come.  The happy couple is now off to the Bahamas for a well earned honeymoon!

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Jessica and Ryan (Grand Hall at the Priory Reception)

I believe one of the hardest things for a couple do to on their wedding day is to be able to relax, enjoy themselves, and actually live in the moment.  It’s entirely too easy to get caught up in all the action, worry about the details and stress about the scheduled events and miss out on just having a good time.  Jessica and Ryan did an amazing job avoiding this problem and were able to make the most of every second during their wonderful celebration held at the Grand Hall at the Priory.

Grand Hall At the Priory Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

The Grand Hall is probably one of the most appropriately named venues in all of Pittsburgh.  Everything looked incredibly stunning and was the perfect location for Jess and Ryan’s guests to enjoy an evening of fun and dancing.  All of their guests had plenty of time and lots of room for an amazing dance party!

Jess and Ryan made some super smart decisions regarding their events and timeline throughout the night that allowed them more time to spend with all of their favorite people.  I was impressed by their flexibility and it resulted in a fabulous night that I’m sure none of their guests will soon forget.  The newlyweds now get to go and enjoy every moment of their well-deserved honeymoon in Hawaii!

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Sarah and Shaun (Pittsburgh Opera Wedding)

For some couples, wedding day traditions are moments they’ve been looking forward to their entire lives.  There are others though,  who would rather spend this once-in-a-lifetime occasion in a more relaxed and natural atmosphere.  Sarah and Shaun’s wedding was held at the Pittsburgh Opera and was the perfect match for their taste and style.

Pittsburgh Opera Wedding Ceremony

I’m still blown away by the amazing decor of the Pittsburgh Opera, it made the perfect space for a wonderful celebration.  The evening began as guests arrived and were treated immediately to cocktails before a fantastically humorous and sweet ceremony.  Friends and family moved to the main dining area for food stations, speeches and an amazing dance party!

Instead of worrying about events like a grand entrance, special dances or a cake cutting, Sarah and Shaun spent their time visiting with all of their favorite people throughout the incredible evening.  Everyone had a fabulous time dancing to a great variety of songs from yesterday and today and when the night ended, no one was ready to leave.  The entire wedding day was one meant for everyone, including the happy couple, to enjoy.  I’m sure this is one that no one, including me, will ever forget!

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