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Julie and Alex (Wedding at The Art Room)

From the moment Julie and Alex reached out to me, I knew their wedding day would be something truly special. Their enthusiasm for the music and its significance as part of their celebration was infectious, and I couldn’t wait to help them curate the perfect playlist that would make the day unforgettable.

The Art Room, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Strip District of Downtown Pittsburgh, provided a picturesque setting for their wedding ceremony and reception. The venue’s charm and character perfectly complemented Julie and Alex’s style, creating an inviting space for their loved ones to gather and celebrate their love.

Julie and Alex were hands-on in selecting their favorite music, ensuring that every moment of their wedding day was a true reflection of their tastes and personalities. From the laid-back sounds of 90’s and 2000’s rock during the cocktail reception and dinner to the upbeat hits from both yesterday and today for the dancing, every song on the playlist carried meaning and significance for the couple.

The dance floor came alive with infectious energy, as guests eagerly moved to the rhythm of the music. The garage door bay of the Art Room opened, and the celebration spilled out onto the sidewalk, creating an impromptu dance party that caught the attention of passersby, who couldn’t help but join in the fun.

As the final songs played and the night drew to a close, the dance floor was still buzzing with energy and excitement. Julie and Alex had orchestrated the perfect day, filled with incredible music and heartfelt moments. The newlyweds now get to embark on their well-earned honeymoon in the Carolinas, where I’m sure they’ll find some great music to enjoy!

Wedding DJ Playlist

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