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Grace and Miles (Grand Concourse Wedding)

Friday weddings scare some couples.  They’re afraid that their guests won’t be able to make it, or that no one will stay late to party.  Grace and Miles proved that there is nothing to fear when they held their amazing wedding day celebration on a beautiful Friday night at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, PA.

When it comes to venues, there’s nothing quite like the Grand Concourse.  The main dining room is a stunning location where everyone enjoyed dinner.  Afterwards, the guests headed to the outdoor patio for a fantastic dance party.

Grace and Miles’ wedding shows that Friday weddings can be even better than getting married on a Saturday.  They had so many fun friends and family join them on their special day, it probably would have been just as successful on a Monday morning.  Their wonderfully relaxed attitudes and love for each other made for a great environment for everyone to enjoy.

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Meghan and Dan (Pennsylvanian Wedding)

Almost everyone you meet will tell you that they love music, but every once in awhile, I get to work with couples who really LOVE to hear their favorite songs.  Meghan and Dan’s passion for music was evident as they sang and danced at their wedding reception held on a perfect summer day at the Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

The Pennsylvanian is one of the most stunning venues in the city.   The large dance floor was perfect as everyone joined in to dance the hora!


Meghan and Dan provided a wonderful list of songs to be included on their big day.  They knew exactly what would get their guests excited and on the dance floor.  As a DJ, there’s nothing more fun than seeing a couple explode with excitement when their favorite song starts playing.  Eventually, it was time for the evening to end, and everyone headed over to the after-party.  The happy couple is soon headed off for a well-earned honeymoon in Greece and Italy.

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Chelsea and Tyler (Pittsburgh Airport Marriott)

Many newly engaged couples I meet with are concerned about their wedding guests dancing and having a good time at their reception.  I assure them that if the bride and groom are having the time of their lives, that energy radiates to everyone in the room.  From the moment I met Chelsea and Tyler, I knew their excitement and love for each other would make for an incredible celebration.

Their ceremony and reception were held on a perfect day at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.  Both the indoor and outdoor spaces were excellent locations for the big day!

Chelsea and Tyler’s first priority was to make sure their friends and family were included in the celebration, even when it came to the music.  From beginning to end, they were sure to have music from every genre imaginable.  The dance floor was constantly full and you could tell how much everyone loved the newlyweds.  The happy couple is off on a romantic honeymoon in Aruba to relax and enjoy the success of their special day.

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Sarah and Brian (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

Wedding days are elegant, serious, romantic, and beautiful, but at the same time they are also funny, loud, joyous and absolutely crazy.  Sarah and Brian road this roller coaster of emotions with style during their perfect celebration at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

The art studio at the museum makes the most amazing location for a ceremony!  Once Sarah and Brian tied the knot, guests made their way to the wonderfully decorated Big Red Room for dinner and a wild dance party.

Sarah and Brian made the most of their big day by making sure to spend lots of time with their friends and family.  They also took time to join in the dancing and singing all the way until midnight!  The couple will soon embark on their honeymoon where they can reflect on their wonderful and successful wedding day!

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Haley and Lucas (Fairmont Pittsburgh Wedding)

One of the things you can do to help make your wedding day more memorable is to include a few special, unique ideas that will keep your guests talking for weeks after the big day.  Haley and Lucas chose some of the most fun and special touches for their wedding reception held at the beautiful Fairmont Pittsburgh.

Not only did they choose a wonderful venue and great uplighting colors.  They also included fantastic food stations, selfie photo booth, and a late night soft pretzel bar.  To help capture they night, they had an artist from Celebration Paintings who painted an amazing piece of artwork throughout the reception.

Of course, Haley and Lucas also selected some wonderful music for their guests to enjoy.  The dance floor never let up and at the end, no one was ready to leave.  The newlyweds put together the right mix of elegance and fun that I’m sure no one will ever forget.  They also made the perfect choice for their honeymoon, as they head off to Greece and Italy.

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Danielle and Brian (SNPJ Bridgeville)

It’s such a thrill for me to work with couples who are as passionate about music as I am.  Danielle and Brian spent a great deal of time curating an amazingly diverse and fun music list for their wonderful wedding reception held at the SNPJ in Bridgeville, PA.

Music wasn’t the only custom touch they made for their special day, among their fun decorations was this cake topper featuring them and their puppies!


Danielle and Brian told me their friends and family would be quick to get up on the dance floor, and they didn’t disappoint!  Everyone had a great time dancing and getting wild to some great music.  It was clear at the end of the night that no one was ready for the night to end.  The newlyweds put together the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable celebration.

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