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Katie and Josh (Power Center Ballroom DJ)

I’ve talked a lot about timing for receptions here on my website, since I believe the decisions you make regarding the times of your ceremony and reception will effect how each part of your day plays out.  Katie and Josh held their reception on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and had their reception begin immediately following in the wonderful sun-lit  Duquesne Power Center Ballroom.  Not only was this an excellent choice in venue, but they made many other fantastic decisions which made the day a tremendous success. Pantaleo Ely Wedding Since dancing was scheduled to begin long before the sun went down, we had discussed the best way to get the celebration started.  Katie, who works as a Zumba instructor, had the brilliant idea to begin by teaching all of the guests a simple, yet fun routine.  This really helped get people out of their seats and helped them loosen up for an early evening of dancing Both Katie and Josh stayed on the dance floor for almost every song of the night, and they worked hard to pull shy guests out and seemed to have a ton of fun just being with each other.  For the their honeymoon, this creative couple is heading off to the Adirondack Mountains to truly enjoy time together as they start a new chapter in their lives.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Mackenzie and Zachary (Power Center Ballroom)

Timing is always one of the most tricky aspects of any wedding day.  While you don’t want to be trapped by holding to a strict schedule, it’s easy to lose track of time during a day full of activities.  It was great fun to be part of Mackenzie and Zachary’s perfectly executed wedding day in which, without even trying, everything happened exactly as planned.

Madden Varga Wedding

Held on a perfect spring day at the Duquesne Power Center ballroom, Mackenzie and Zachary were nice enough to allow me to debut my uplighting package.  I loved how it helped enhance the already beautiful room to match the colors of the wedding.  

One of my favorite things about working with Mackenzie and Zach was their love of music.  The choices they made gave the reception a truly unique style.  Once the final song came to an end, the ballroom was still full of guests who couldn’t get enough of what was a simply perfect celebration.  The couple now head off for a romantic, and well planned, honeymoon in San Francisco and Hawaii.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Rachel and Stephen (Power Center Ballroom DJ)

Every time a couple says “I Do”, it’s a unique and fantastic occasion.  Everyone wants to create a day that reflects their style and personality.  It’s always a thrill for me when people use music as a way to share a bit of themselves with their guests.  That was certainly the case for the reception of Rachel Mackanin and Stephen Gatusso, held at the Duquesne Power Center Ballroom in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mackanin Gatusso Wedding

The Power Center Ballroom has large, fantastic windows, which is a great way to show off Pittsburgh to out-of-town guests.

Duquesne Power Center Ballroom

Rachel and Stephen helped create a playlist for their celebration that was perfect for their friends and family.  Dinner music featured great rock music from the 70’s and 80’s – I’ve never received so many great comments about background music!


From the moment the bridal party entered the reception, it was clear that this was going to be a night like no other.  The couple even had their first dance to Led Zepplin’s “Thank You”.  What a great way to set off the evening!

Of course, by the time dinner was over, the guests were all ready to rock the dance floor!

While I always tell the people I work with that they only need to tell me about the music that’s most important to them, it’s always amazing when a couple is this passionate about music.  Rachel and Stephen used music to make sure their guests had a fun and memorable night.  The couple now is now off on their rockin’ honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Jill and John (Power Center Ballroom DJ)

I’ve talked a lot about timing the perfect wedding day lately.  It’s a challenge to coordinate everything between the church, vendors and venues.  It can be even more difficult to know what do when planning an early ceremony.  Many people fear their reception won’t be a big success if it starts early and doesn’t last until 11 or midnight.  Jill Hocker and John Lieb certainly didn’t have that problem at their elegant and sunlit reception at the Power Center Ballroom in Pittsburgh, PA.

Hocker Lieb Wedding

The Power Center Ballroom at Duquesne is simply stunning.  The view, staff and food were all top notch.  Since Jill and John had been married at 1PM, the guests were able to have plenty of time to enjoy how beautiful this room is when filled with light.  The wonderful view of Pittsburgh was a real treat for the out of town guests.

Power Center Ballroom

The guests filled out wishes on a Jill & John’s Wishing Tree.  This particular “wish” caught my eye.

Wishing Tree Wedding

Jill and John gave me wonderful suggestions for their playlist, some I haven’t gotten to play for years.  I know it’s going to be a good night when I get compliments during dinner!


After dinner the newlyweds enjoyed their first dance to Kenny Chesney’s “You Had Me From Hello”.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ-10

When it was time for everyone to dance no one seemed to care if it was day or night.  They jumped on the dance floor for a chance to celebrate!

Daylight Wedding Dancing

Eventually it did get dark outside, and the party continued!

Jill and John’s last song was “I Had The Time of My Life”.  Here they are attempting to create a scene from Dirty Dancing.  This might be my favorite photo I’ve ever taken!

Since everything wrapped up around 9PM, most of the guests stayed for the entire evening.  Jill and John had a perfect day where everyone was able to relax, visit, dance and have a wonderful time.  John summed it up perfectly when he told me it was the perfect mix of “classy and wild party”.  The newlyweds are headed off now for what I’m sure will be a classy/wild party honeymoon in Punta Cana.

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