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Bobbi and Xavier (White Barn Wedding)

There is nothing like getting to DJ for a group of people who are ready to party, dance, and celebrate all night long. There’s something magical about the type of crowd who gets more and more excited when each new song begins and would keep dancing until the break of dawn. Bobbi and Xavier knew their friends and family would be ready for an epic celebration held on a perfect summer day at The White Barn in Prospect, PA.

The White Barn looked amazing as always, and the weather was perfect for Bobbi and Xavier’s beautiful wedding ceremony! Afterward, guests made their way inside for cocktails, dinner, and cupcakes. I love the flower wall that was included in the cocktail space for guests to take photos!

Then, when it was time to dance, the fun really began!

I’m pretty sure I was as bummed as the newlyweds when it was time to say goodbye. It was an amazing day with a little something for everyone. Guests went wild all night and THEN headed off for more celebrating at the after-party! The happy couple is now headed off to Cancun for some well-deserved time together as husband and wife!

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Laura and Charlie (The White Barn Wedding)

One of the great things about weddings is that those closest to you will be as excited as you are for the big day. It also means that those same people will step up to help you to ensure that everything turns out wonderfully. Laura and Charlie had an amazing group supporting them as they celebrated their love at The White Barn in Prospect, PA.

The White Barn looked amazing and offered lots of different spaces for the guests to enjoy the ceremony, cocktails, dinner and lots and lots of dancing!

I was fortunate enough to be the DJ at Laura’s sister’s wedding 10 years ago, so I knew this was going to be a fabulous celebration with a fun group of super friendly people. Both Laura and Charlie’s family and friends joined in to dance and sing all night long. The happy couple now gets to prepare for a VERY well-deserved honeymoon later this year in the Florida Keys.

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Ellen and Robin (White Barn Wedding)

There’s been a lot of unknowns this year, but I find comfort in the fact that no matter what challenges we face, people will always find ways to show their love for each other.  Ellen and Robin’s wedding day was a wonderful example of this, as not only could everyone see their love for each other, but everyone had come together to make their wedding day absolutely perfect.

The ceremony and reception were held on a stunning Fall day at the beautiful White Barn in Propsect, PA.  There were custom details everywhere you looked throughout the venue.

It was clear the amount of time and effort that the newlyweds and their friends family put into making everything extraordinary.  I can’t think of a better way for people to express their love for each other than with so many acts of kindness.  Ellen and Robin are soon headed off for an adventure-filled hunting-moon, and later will get to enjoy an even more adventurous honeymoon in Ireland.

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Katie and Joe (White Barn Wedding)

Most wedding couples enjoy a wide variety of music, but not every style is the type that always fills the dance floor.  I love working with couples that incorporate lots of their favorite songs throughout the day in order to make their celebration even more special.  Katie and Joe love lots of different music and made sure their big day had a little something for everyone.

White Barn Prospect First Dance

The ceremony and reception where held on a perfect Spring day at the beautiful White Barn in Prospect, PA.

White Barn Prospect PA Wedding Ceremony

Their ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner featured lots of country music which matched perfectly with the rustic vibe of the venue.  When it was time to dance the music switched to a little bit of everything from yesterday and today.  The dance party was fantastic and both Katie and Joe were tossed in the air by all of their friends!

White Barn Prospect PA Wedding DJ

White Barn Prospect PA Wedding DJ White Barn Prospect PA Wedding DJ White Barn Prospect PA Wedding DJ White Barn Prospect PA Wedding DJ


Katie and Joe created a warm and relaxed atmosphere for their guests to be able to join in the celebration.  As the night came to a close, all of their friends and family formed a huge circle around the newlyweds as they danced to “Closing Time”.  It was clear that no one wanted the day to be over.  Everyone hopped on the bus to the hotel/after party for a little more time with the happy couple before they head off for a romantic honeymoon in California.

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Melissa and Matt (White Barn)

One of the keys to ensuring a successful wedding reception is to be sure to include a great variety of music during the celebration.  I encourage couples to take advantage of every moment of their wedding day to feature different types of music from their favorite artists.  Melissa and Matt did an amazing job in choosing music, so all of their guests would be able to be part of the fun all day long.


The reception was held at the beautiful and rustic White Barn in Prospect, PA.  The barn looked fantastic decked out in Fall colors and flowers.



Melissa and Matt’s playlist included everything from Motown, R&B, rap and top 40 hits.  Including such a great mix of music was the perfect fit for their friends and family.  The party could have lasted all night long, but it was great to see so many guests at the end of the night ready for the couple’s wonderful sparkler exit!  The newlyweds are soon off to Grenada for a romantic and well deserved honeymoon.

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Amy and Douglas (White Barn Wedding DJ)

Amy and Doug’s wedding at The White Barn in Prospect, PA gave me a chance to really think about the power of words.  They took great care to express themselves not only through their vows, but also through their programs, table settings, and decorations.  The way they used words and phrases gave the wedding a personalized touch that set the perfect mood for their fun and unique ceremony and reception.

White Barn Wedding DJ (27 of 27)

The many hours Amy and Doug spent making these customized decorations was well worth it.  Each table’s center pieces even included a stack of antique books.  I loved how the main room at the White Barn included signs with beautiful quotes as well as ones that said NOM, YUM and YAY!

The newlyweds also spent time choosing an incredible selection of music to use throughout their special day.  Music from every genre imaginable helped create a great mood for everyone to enjoy.  Amy and Doug are now off to St. Lucia for their honeymoon, which I’m sure will be too romantic for words.

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