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Catherine and Eric (Westin Pittsburgh Wedding Reception)

Weddings guests almost always consist of friends and family of different ages, various backgrounds and widely diverse music tastes.  Some of the best receptions I’ve been able to DJ for have been the ones that include a great mix of music to ensure that everyone has the time of their lives.  Catherine and Eric’s wonderful...

Kelli and Eric (Westin Convention Center)

I believe most people anxiously wait for real moments in life to get excited and be a little crazy.  Kelli and Eric’s friends and family were absolutely ready when they gathered at the Westin Convention Center Ballroom for a huge celebration like no other. The large ballroom was the perfect location for the couple’s reception,...

Kristen and Mikkel (Westin Convention Center DJ)

Some couples just know.  They know what they want, and they know what will work.  I LOVE working with couples like this.  I’m certainly always happy to lend my expertise to help make decisions, but when it comes down to it, the bride and groom are the ones who know best what is going to...

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