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Brittany and Joshua (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

There’s something truly special about a wedding where the excitement and energy of the guests match the love and joy of the happy couple. Brittany and Josh’s unforgettable celebration at the iconic Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh perfectly embodied this magical combination of love, friendship, family, and music.

Guests gathered in the breathtaking Rotunda of the Pennsylvanian which served as the perfect backdrop for Brittany and Josh’s heartfelt ceremony, where they exchanged vows and promised each other a lifetime of love and happiness. Before dinner, Brittany and Josh took center stage and embarked on their first dance as a married couple.

As the evening progressed, we made our way to the magnificent Grand Hall of the Pennsylvanian, where dinner and dancing awaited. The room was transformed into a magical space, meticulously decorated to reflect Brittany and Josh’s unique style and vision. But what truly made the night extraordinary was the contagious enthusiasm and excitement of their friends. From the moment the first notes filled the air, the dance floor came alive. Friends came together, leaving their inhibitions at the door.

As the night drew to a close, and the final song echoed through the Grand Hall, the dance floor was filled with a mix of exhilaration and bittersweet sentiment. The memories of Brittany and Josh’s wedding reception would forever be etched in the hearts of their friends and family. It was a celebration that showcased the power of love, friendship, and music to create an extraordinary experience.

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Caitlin and Patrick (Wedding at the Pennsylvanian)

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and forget about the most important ingredient of all: the energy and excitement that you bring to your celebration. Cait and Patrick knew the secret to create an unforgettable wedding reception, and it all started with their infectious positive vibes.

The Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh, PA served as the backdrop for their extraordinary day. Love was in the air as guests gathered in the rotunda for a heartfelt ceremony and delightful cocktail hour. But the real magic happened when everyone made their way into the Grand Hall, ready to let loose and have the time of their lives.

When the dance party kicked off, Cait and Patrick took it to a whole new level. They led the charge, keeping the momentum going strong for hours on end. Their playlist was a masterpiece, carefully crafted to include a delightful mix of Motown, oldies, and an eclectic range of genres that catered to every guest’s taste. It was a musical journey that brought back cherished memories while creating new ones on the dance floor.

As the night drew to a close, Cait and Patrick’s energy never waned. They made sure that their wedding reception was a non-stop adventure, leaving their guests with memories that will be cherished forever. And now, as they embark on their well-deserved mini-moon in Miami, they can reflect on a day that was filled with love, laughter, and an atmosphere of pure celebration.

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Nadia and Connor (The Pennsylvanian Wedding Reception)

When planning your wedding, it’s the little details that hold the power to create unforgettable moments for you and your guests. Nadia and Connor understood this perfectly, and their reception was a testament to their incredible attention to detail.

Held at the magnificent Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh, the venue provided a stunning backdrop for Nadia and Connor’s celebration. The space was adorned with their impeccable decor, and a spacious dance floor beckoned guests to let loose and revel in the joyous atmosphere.

The dance party was a highlight of the evening, and Nadia and Connor curated a playlist that catered to every musical taste. One particularly outstanding choice was the inclusion of Persian songs, which ignited the dance floor and became an instant hit with their guests.

Nadia and Connor radiated infectious energy throughout their reception, and their friends and family eagerly joined in the festivities, ensuring that the night would be etched in everyone’s memory. As the evening drew to a close, it was evident that no one wanted the celebration to end. The love and laughter that filled the space were a testament to the incredible connection shared by Nadia and Connor and their loved ones. With their unforgettable celebration now a cherished memory, Nadia and Connor embark on a well-deserved honeymoon in Cabo.

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Meghan and Joe (The Pennsylvanian Wedding Reception)

115 songs… that’s the average number of tracks that make up a wedding reception. You need fifty to sixty for cocktails and dinner, then add another 10 or so for entrances, special dances, and other events. The remaining songs make up the dance party/celebration. Meghan and Joe used their 115 songs to perfection, including an excellently diverse selection of music that was the perfect match for thier fun and friendly guests at their wedding reception at The Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

I’ve been fortunate to play many weddings at the Pennsylvanian, but am always still blown away by this historic and gorgeous space!

Meghan and Joe’s reception started off with some jazz standards and “Rat Pack” style music for their cocktail hour held in the Rotunda at the Pennsylvanian. Dinner music then included some more contemporary singer-songwriter music by some of the couple’s favorite artists. When the dance party began thier friends and family were treated to some of the best music from the last 50 years. It was so much fun to see how guests of every age filled the dance floor to celebrate!

I’ll be encouraging engaged couples to review this wedding playlist to see how they can merge their personal music tastes with songs that will appeal to all of their friends and family. Meghan and Joe’s dance floor was the place to be as guests danced and sang songs from every genre imaginable. I’m very confident that everyone will be talking about how much fun they had at Meghan and Joe’s wedding for years to come!

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Melissa and Dante (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

I can’t say enough how much I love working with couples to create the perfect soundtrack for their wedding day. It’s so much fun when people have extraordinary ideas and music that will make their day an ideal fit for them. Melissa and Dante knew all the songs that would make their wedding celebration at the Pennsylvanian memorable for all of their friends and family.

If you read through my blog much, you know I’ve been fortunate to play quite a few weddings at the Pennsylvanian. The Grand Hall is always stunning, but Melissa and Dante’s use of the space was absolutely one of my favorites. There was plenty of room for all their guests, but everything still felt very intimate and elegant.

After Melissa and Dante exchanged their vows in the Rotunda, guests were treated to an evening of treats (including Pittsburgh popcorn and an ice cream bar!) – and of course, lots of great music to dance to and celebrate.

Melissa and Dante provided an amazing request list for their dance party, but also allowed their guests to guide the evening and make sure everyone had the time of their lives. After lots of dancing and singing, everyone headed off for more quality time with the newlyweds. I’m so thrilled I was able to be part of this unforgettable day with this amazingly fun and perfect couple!

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Basia and Joe (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

Some people ask me if I ever tire of only DJing weddings, and the answer is always the same… NEVER! It’s so awesome getting to work closely with couples to create a day that matches their unique style and tastes. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many fun couples and DJ their weddings in a variety of extraordinary venues throughout Pittsburgh and other great locations throughout Western Pennsylvania. Basia and Joe’s wedding at The Pennsylvanian was a perfect example of a wedding that was truly like no other, and was the perfect match for all of their friends and family who came ready for a celebration!

The Rotunda at the Pennsylvanian makes for one of the most stunning locations for in all of the Pittsburgh Area. Basia and Joe’s guests gathered on a perfect Summer day to witness their vows in this historical and gorgeous space before the reception began inside the Grand Hall.

Basia and Joe’s playlist was one of my favorite parts of their wedding day. They chose a great selection of EDM, house, and 80’s music for me to play throughout cocktails, dinner, and the incredibly epic dance party. Their guests enjoyed dancing and getting wild to music that was anything but the typical overplayed wedding hits. The unique and fun soundtrack kept everyone dancing all the way through the very last song when it was time to head off for more fun at the after-party! Basia and Joe’s hard work paid off in a one-of-a-kind celebration that I know I’ll never forget.

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