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Paige and Josh (Wedding at The Pennsylvanian)

2022 might be the best year of weddings ever! Guests are more excited than every to FINALLY get together with friends and family. Add in having the opportunity to celebrate the love of the bride and groom, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect day. The feeling of happiness and pure joy at Paige and Josh’s wedding was contagious. Guests had come from all literally all over the globe to be with this wonderful couple.

Paige and Josh took full advantage of the amazing space at The Pennsylvanian for both their wedding ceremony and reception. Guests enjoyed a fabulous evening of visiting and dining before crowding the dance floor for an epic dance party featuring tons of great music from yesterday and today.

I’m so fortunate to get to play a part in helloing newlyweds create an evening that is a reflection of their style. Watching Paige and Josh’s energy as they spent time with their favorite people and dancing ALL NIGHT made me wish the night would never end. Towards the end of the evening, guests surrounded the couple for a dollar dance before partying hard to the last few songs. The happy couple is now off on a very well-deserved honeymoon in the Maldives!

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Emma and Jake (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

Wedding receptions are even more fun when couples include special music and traditions that make their big day unique and memorable. Emma and Jake included a great selection of songs for me to play throughout the reception and were sure to include some Arabic music, which created some amazing moments on the the dance floor for all of their family and friends.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous Pennsylvanian Grand Hall where there was lots of room for everyone to enjoy a night of visiting, singing and dancing. Guests were not only treated to wonderful music, but also amazing food including an amazing cookie table and late night buffet!

Emma and Jake were amazing hosts to all of their guests. They spent lots of time with everyone, making sure they had a great time. They put together a celebration like no other that included special events and moments for all to enjoy. The happy couple now get a little time for themselves on their well-earned honeymoon in Jamaica.

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Julie and Mike (The Pennsylvanian Vow Renewal and Wedding Reception)

I had the opportunity to DJ quite a few weddings this year that were originally scheduled in 2020. While everyone dealt with this situation differently, Julie and Mike’s solution may be one of my favorites. The happy couple were married at a small ceremony on their original wedding day, and chose to have a vow renewal this year when they could gather with all of their friends and family for an epic celebration.

The celebration took place at the stunning Pennsylvanian hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. They renewed their wedding vows to each other under the gorgeous Rotunda with no officiant or readers. Julie and Mike just affirmed their love for each other while their guests watched on and cheered. Afterwards everyone moved inside for an evening of visiting, dancing and singing.

Another amazing choice Julie and Mike made was to replace the bouquet toss with a small stuffed cat (Pusheen) that would grant the catcher the responsibility of adopting a cat in honor of the newlyweds. What a fun way to include everyone in a unique and memorable event!

I had so much fun working with Julie and Mike and was so excited to see all of their guests join in on the fun. After dealing with all the changes of the past year, it was obvious how happy everyone was for them. At the end of the night Julie and Mike were literally surrounded by their friends and family on the dance floor for the last few songs. It was a celebration that was well worth the wait for this wonderful couple!

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Kelsey and Dustin (The Pennsylvanian Wedding Reception)

There are a lot of options to consider when planning the flow of events for your wedding reception. One great addition I don’t see nearly enough of is when couples have a mini-dance party before dinner. It’s such a wonderful way to set a tone of celebration and I find that nearly every guest participates. Kelsey and Dustin’s pre-dinner dance party was one of the largest I’ve ever seen, and really helped get the party started!

Their wedding reception was held at the gorgeous Pennsylvanian in the heart of Pittsburgh. The large dance floor was completely filled with their guests throughout the evening. Of course, I have to also mention that Kelsey and Dustin included an amazing (and quite large) ice sculpture of Grogu (Baby Yoda)!

All this great dancing required some fabulous music, and Kelsey and Dustin knew exactly the songs that would get their guests moving. Everyone had a so much fun dancing to the best songs from yesterday and today. The newlyweds added tons of energy to the dance floor as they sang and partied with all of their friends and family. With such a perfect evening behind them, the happy couple gets to spend their well-earned honeymoon in Barbados.

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Lindsey and Byron (The Pennsylvanian Hotel Wedding)

One of the big decisions couples make when planning their wedding is about who will be doing speeches, toasts, and officiating during the big day. Obviously it’s important to choose people you trust, but also those who will do a great job at making all of the wedding guests feel part of the celebration. Lindsey and Byron’s choices of speakers were perfect for their beautiful Fall wedding held at the Pennsylvanian Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.

Their ceremony was held in the Rotunda at the Pennsylvanian and was officiated by a long-time friend of the bride. The mix of relatable stories and the relaxed nature of the service helped set a great tone that lasted all night long. As guests moved in doors, Lindsey and Byron were toasted by not only their Maid of Honor & Best Man, but also by a group of their friends from Baltimore, which added more fun and laughter to the occasion.

Of course, Lindsey and Byron’s excellent choices weren’t only limited to those who spoke on their wedding day, they also chose an amazing selection of music that kept their guests dancing all night long!

As the night came to an end, all of the guests returned to the Rotunda for a fabulous sparkler exit before heading off to the after party. I love how Lindsey and Byron’s choices throughout the day created a wonderful community out of all their friends and family. After such a successful celebration, the newlyweds are headed off for a very well-deserved honeymoon.

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Courtney and Eric (Wedding at The Pennsylvanian)

Not every couple is interested in choosing most of their music for their wedding day, but it’s great fun for me when they do! It’s even more of a thrill when a couple decides to include a wide variety of great songs that not only reflect their style, but includes something special for all of their guests to enjoy. Courtney and Eric took great care in creating a fabulously unique request list like no other for their beautiful wedding held at The Pennsylvanian in downtown Pittsburgh.

The rotunda at The Pennsylvanian makes one of the most spectacular places in the city to hold a ceremony. It was the perfect spot for Courtney and Eric’s guests to watch the couple share this special moment. Afterwards guests were treated to an amazing evening that included wonderful food and an amazing dance party!

The soundtrack for the evening included everything from Elton John to Drake. It was a fabulous mix that kept people dancing and singing along throughout the evening. Once the guests left the Grand Hall, Courtney and Eric chose to have a special dance alone before meeting up with their friends and family at the after party. I loved that they took a few moments together, reflecting on their perfect day. Once this special moment was over, they went on to meet their guests for more celebration, and I’m sure, to enjoy a few more great songs!

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