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Emma and Kurt’s Unforgettable Wedding at Hotel Monaco

Your wedding day should be a true reflection of your favorite things, with personal touches that make it uniquely yours. Emma and Kurt nailed this concept, creating a wedding that was filled with special details and moments, ensuring it was a day no one will soon forget.

Held at the stunning Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh, their ceremony and reception were nothing short of spectacular. The decor throughout the various spaces was beautifully curated, with unique touches that added a personal flair to the elegant setting.

One of the most delightful aspects of the evening was the subtle yet meaningful references to one of the couple’s favorite artists, Taylor Swift. Her music played a significant role throughout the night, adding a fun and personal touch that made for some unforgettable moments on the dance floor.

As the evening progressed and it was time to dance, guests joyfully filled the dance floor, singing and dancing to a diverse mix of tunes from both yesterday and today. The energy and excitement of Emma and Kurt’s friends and family were palpable, creating an atmosphere of pure celebration.

Emma and Kurt masterfully crafted a special day brimming with magical moments that left a lasting impression on everyone, even those who aren’t die-hard Swifties. I’m incredibly thrilled to have been a part of such an unforgettable celebration, and I know it’s a day that will be talked about for years to come!

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Megan and JD (Hotel Monaco Wedding)

No one wants to see their wedding day come to an end. After so much consideration and planning, the day always seems to go by too quickly. Some couples choose to include an after-party so they can extend the fun a little more and have the chance to spend a little extra time with their friends and family. Megan and JD’s brilliant choice was to schedule their after-party as an extension of the wonderful reception. Instead of having to move to a new location, guests were able to just keep the celebration going!

The wedding ceremony, reception and after party were all held at the gorgeous Hotel Monaco right in the heart of Pittsburgh. Guests were treated to an amazing cookie table and late night buffet, along with a great selection of music throughout the night.

It was clear to me from the start how excited Megan and JD were to get married and enjoy every moment of their big day with their guests. It was so much fun to see everyone get a little silly on the dance floor. The happy couple planned the perfect day with lots of love and laughter that I’m sure everyone will be talking about for years to come!

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Brittany and Samuel (Hotel Monaco Wedding Reception)

Sometimes being a wedding DJ can be challenging… especially when figuring out what songs will inspire a group of people to let loose and have a good time.  Then there are weddings like Brittany and Samuel’s, where their friends and family were ready for an epic celebration and weren’t going to stop until the very last song!

Hotel Monaco Wedding DJ

The reception was held at the beautiful Hotel Monaco in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.  The spaces the hotel provides works perfectly for cocktails, dinner and dancing.  Guests gathered in the center foyer for formal dancing and an excellent dance party!

Hotel Monaco Wedding Ballroom

I was fortunate enough to be the DJ for Brittany’s sister’s wedding last year, so it was a great honor for me to work once again with this fabulous and fun family.  They made a terrific match for Sam’s family and friends as everyone danced to some of the best songs from yesterday and today.  I truly feel like the party could have lasted until the next morning!  Brittany and Samuel are now off for a little quiet time on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Lindsey and Mike (Hotel Monaco Wedding)

I love when couples are willing to play with the “standard wedding reception formula” when creating their timeline of events.  I find for the most part, the actual order of events isn’t critical for a successful evening, and mixing it up a bit helps keep the guests engaged and interested in what will happen next.  Lindsey and Mike did an amazing job creating an evening that flowed perfectly for their fun filled reception held at the fabulous Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh.

Their ceremony and dinner were held in the beautiful ballrooms at the hotel while the dancing for the evening occurred in the foyer space that separated the two rooms.  Instead of a traditional grand entrance, Lindsey and Mike chose to include the introduction into their first dance and fast upbeat bridal party dance after dinner.  They also chose to include their parent dances later in the night too, which meant everyone was up on their feet to enjoy seeing everyone dance.



Lindsey and Mike’s fresh ideas made for an evening that was lively and exciting for everyone.  When it was time to dance, all of their friends and family were quick to join in the celebration.  At the end of the night, it was obvious that no one wanted the party to end.  The happy couple is now planning a hopefully much more relaxed scheule as they prepare to celebrate on their Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Alexandra and Scott (Hotel Monaco Wedding)

I talk frequently with people about the importance of finding a venue that matches your style and taste.  Pittsburgh offers so many choices including museums, renovated churches, and some of the best high-end hotels.  Alex and Scott could not have made a better choice than holding their wedding and reception at the amazingly beautiful Hotel Monaco located in the heart of the downtown area.

After the ceremony and cocktails on the main floor of the hotel, guests were invited to the roof of the hotel, which was beautifully decorated for their celebration.  Guests had the best time taking advantage of the stunning flower wall to take photos and selfies.


Alex and Scott’s friends enjoyed dinner and dancing on a perfect summer evening with a stunning view of Pittsburgh!  When it was time to dance, everyone joined in and got a little crazy to a great variety of music from yesterday and today.  I can’t imagine a better location that was truly a reflection of this very cool and fun couple.  Their guests were treated to a one of a kind party that I’m sure will be talked about for years to come.

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