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Korin & Jess (Montour Heights Country Club Wedding)

Wedding planning is typically challenging in a normal year, but 2020 has taken the challenge to a whole new level.  It requires couples who are a little extra determined and resilient to figure out the best decisions regarding putting together a celebration they’ll want to remember their entire lives.  Korin and Jess navigated their road to wedding bliss with elegance and style for their perfect day held at the Montour Heights Country Club in Moon Township, PA.

The Country Club provided a wonderful area for the happy couple to hold their ceremony before everyone moved to the tent for an evening of food, fun and dancing!

For a brief moment it looked like I may not have been able to be part of Korin and Jess’s wedding day, but I can’t say how thrilled I am that everything worked out so perfectly.  Their friends and family were all fun and sweet, and everyone was so excited to be part of the celebration that they danced and sang all night long.  The newlyweds gave everyone the party of a lifetime, which obviously was something they all have been waiting for all year long.  Korin and Jess are now off to South Carolina for a little alone time as they start this new chapter in their lives together.

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Samantha and Matthew (Montour Heights Country Club Wedding Reception)

While most weddings are a mixture of friends and family, I find some of the most fun receptions are those where college friends unite to celebrate and get a little wild with the happy couple. Samantha and Matthew knew their fellow Penn State alumni would help make their party fantastic as they all gathered at the beautiful Montour Heights Country Club in Moon Township, PA.

Montour Heights Country Club Wedding

The ballroom at the Country Club looked amazing decked out with holiday decor and custom centerpieces.  I was thrilled to be able to provide uplighting and a monogram to help customize the space even more.

Montour Heights Country Club Wedding

wedding reception monogram dj Pittsburgh

father daughter dance mother son dance

All of the guests joined in for dancing, but the celebration really took off when the Penn State pom-poms came out!

penn state wedding pittsburgh penn state wedding pittsburgh Pittsburgh wedding dj

Samantha and Matthew’s wedding day was full of special moments meant for all their guests to enjoy.  Everyone spent quality time with friends both new and old.  At the end of the night, the dance floor was filled with lots of singing and hugging.  The happy couple was joined by all of their favorite people as they headed off to enjoy the after party and start their new life together.

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Angela and Jason (Montour Heights Country Club)

No matter how diverse a bride and groom’s styles may be, the combination of the two can make their wedding day wonderfully special and unique.  Angela and Jason combined tastes of Persia, England, and Pittsburgh for their big day at the Montour Heights Country Club in Moon Township, PA.

The reception was held on the terrace under a beautiful tent.  Their choice of colors and decorations helped make the space feel intimate and elegant.  I was able to provide a monogram on the ceiling above the dance floor which not only looked great, but helped light up the dance area later in the evening.

Angela and Jason took great care in choosing music for their celebration. Their choices of Iranian, American, and English artists made a marvelous variety for everyone to enjoy.  I had the best time watching their guests crowd the dance floor and cheer happily before the couple headed off for their honeymoon in Maui.

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