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Sarah and Shane (Grand Concourse Wedding Reception)

The best advice I can give to anyone for their wedding is to be sure to include unique and special details throughout the day that will make you happy.  These are the moments/events/decor that will stand out most to your friends and family.  Sarah and Shane’s ceremony and celebration was jam packed with one-of-a-kind elements that I’m sure all of their guests will be talking about for years to come.

Grand Concourse Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

The wedding and reception were held at the beautiful (and recently restored) Grand Concourse at Station Square in Pittsburgh.  Sarah and Shane were married on the grand staircase where everyone had a fabulous view as they shared their vows

After guests enjoyed dinner (and a fabulous wedding cheesecake) it was time to celebrate!  The dance floor was filled with fun, laughter and a few surprises including a horse and giant heads of the newlyweds’ pets!

Wedding Cheese Cake

Grand Concourse Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Wedding Horse

Grand Concourse Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Wedding Pet Heads

Sarah and Shane were so much fun to work with.  Their main focus was on making sure everyone had a wonderful time, and there is no doubt that their special day was a huge success!  Friends and family from all across the country sang and danced until the very last song, then they all headed off to continue the celebration at the after-party!  The happy couple treated everyone (including me) to a night no one will soon forget.

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Gabby and Stephen (Grand Concourse Wedding Reception)

I’ve been having the best time this year working with couples who have wonderful and unique ideas for the music for the wedding reception.  I encourage people to find ways to incorporate all their favorite songs throughout the celebration.  Gabby and Stephen took full advantage of this on their beautiful day at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, PA.

The main room at the Grand Concourse is always breathtaking and made the perfect location for the newlyweds to hold their ceremony and reception.   Gabby and Stephen chose great music for me to play throughout the night.  The background music featured selections from all genres including rock, oldies and classic singer-songwriters, and when the party got started, their friends and family couldn’t wait to celebrate to even more great music!

Everyone came to share this amazing day with the happy couple, and it was clear how thrilled they all were to wish the newlyweds happiness in this new chapter of their lives together.  Gabby and Stephen will be heading off soon for more special times on their honeymoon in Ireland.

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Grace and Miles (Grand Concourse Wedding)

Friday weddings scare some couples.  They’re afraid that their guests won’t be able to make it, or that no one will stay late to party.  Grace and Miles proved that there is nothing to fear when they held their amazing wedding day celebration on a beautiful Friday night at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, PA.

When it comes to venues, there’s nothing quite like the Grand Concourse.  The main dining room is a stunning location where everyone enjoyed dinner.  Afterwards, the guests headed to the outdoor patio for a fantastic dance party.

Grace and Miles’ wedding shows that Friday weddings can be even better than getting married on a Saturday.  They had so many fun friends and family join them on their special day, it probably would have been just as successful on a Monday morning.  Their wonderfully relaxed attitudes and love for each other made for a great environment for everyone to enjoy.

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Stephane and Andrew (Grand Concourse)

Finding the perfect venue for your big day can be a challenge.  Not only does it need to match all of your needs for the wedding, it also should be the right fit for your style and tastes.  Stephane and Andy could not have made a better choice for their wedding ceremony and reception than the Grand Concourse at Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Grand Concourse Wedding (10 of 25)

The main room at the Grand Concourse is simply stunning and made the perfect location for the happy couple to share their vows.

Pittsburgh Grand Concourse Wedding (3 of 25)

Pittsburgh Grand Concourse Wedding (7 of 25)

Stephane and Andy had planned the perfect evening for their friends and family.  Everyone had cocktails and dinner while enjoying the wonderful live piano music of John Radco.  After dinner, their guests danced to songs from every genre imaginable.  There was even a live performance of “Purple Rain” by Stephanie’s brother!  The newlyweds are now off to celebrate the success of their wonderful day on their honeymoon in beautiful Cancun.

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Emily and Calvin (Grand Concourse Wedding DJ)

One challenge every couple faces is how to make their wedding day flow to keep everything running smoothly.  Emily and Calvin’s wedding reception at the Grand Concourse was amazingly organized to keep their friends and family engaged and entertained all evening long.

Grand Concourse Wedding DJ (25 of 25)

The Grand Concourse at Station Square was the perfect choice for the celebration.  From the moment they made their entrance down the grand staircase, to the end of the last song, their guests were able to enjoy the beauty and elegance of this wonderful venue.  At each place setting was an itinerary of the evening’s events, I just love this idea!

When it was time to dance, everyone got a little crazy and silly.  Emily and Calvin told me they had a great dancing crowd and their guests did not disappoint.  At the end of the night no one, including me, was ready to end this fantastic party.  The newlyweds will soon be off to an epic (and I’m sure well planned) honeymoon in Europe.

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Kara and Luke (Grand Concourse Wedding)

Location, location, location.  Not only true in real estate, but maybe even more so when choosing the right wedding and reception venue for your special day.  Your choice of venue will determine how your day will progress, and clearly it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.  I love when I get to DJ at locations that are a little different, as I did this weekend for the wedding reception of Kara Piazza and Luke DeJohn at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, PA.

Piazza DeJohn Wedding Reception

Kara and Luke were married on the stairs at the Grand Concourse.  What an amazing way to begin their new lives together!

Grand Concourse Wedding Pittsburgh

Later in the evening, they used the same area to have their first dance.

Grand Concourse Wedding Pittsburgh

Since the Grand Concourse is a large, spectacular venue, I placed speakers in a few areas to be sure guests could hear and enjoy the music.  Kara and Luke chose a wonderful variety of songs throughout the evening that really suited them and their guests.


The newlyweds planned to use the different areas in the Grand Concourse creatively.  There was the main dining area, the bar, and in a separate area was a photo booth, cookie table, donut machine and video slideshow .  Even the dancing was in a space that made for a nice, louder party area, while there were plenty of places for people to go to visit and relax.  Once the dancing started, the area filled up right away and things got a little crazy!

Love the look on Kara’s face as Luke’s friends carried him around the concourse.

Grand Concourse Wedding DJ

Towards the end of the night, Kara and Luke were able to dance and spend quality time with their close friends.  They were able to have the entire day at one amazing location.  From getting prepared, all the way to the late night after party, their choice of venue made for an amazing celebration.  They’re now headed to St. Lucia, for what I’m certain will be the perfect honeymoon.


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