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Cady and Adam (George Washington Hotel Wedding)

While every wedding features beautiful decor and special touches, the receptions I find most memorable are the ones where the couple includes unique details that are truly a reflection of their style and tastes. Cady and Adam’s big day was one that featured customized choices that I’m sure their guests will never forget.

Their ceremony and reception were held at the historic and gorgeous George Washington Hotel in Washington, PA. Guests were treated to homemade maple syrup AND a cupcake/popcorn bar. Of course, I LOVED the custom Mickey & Minnie Mouse cake topper!

I had a blast working with Cady and Adam. I could tell that their fun and relaxed demeanor would lead to a fun evening of dancing, singing and just being a little silly. Their guests joined in for a playlist featuring some amazing music from yesterday and today. I’m so glad I was able to play a part of such a beautiful celebration!

Wedding DJ Playlist

Erica and Scott (George Washington Hotel Wedding)

So much work goes into planning all the details of a wedding, it can be overwhelming. Add in a pandemic and other hurtles and it could all just be too much. This was not the case with Erica and Scott who handled all the challenges in stride and put together a day that was truly magical.

The ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous George Washington Hotel in Washington, PA. The decor The special touches throughout were completely stunning.

Erica and Scott’s planning including choosing some amazing songs for their guests to enjoy. There were times the The dance floor was so full I wasn’t sure the historic structure was going to hold up! (it did, thankfully)

After the epic reception, Erica and Scott joyfully headed off with their friends and family to keep the celebration going at the after party. I had such a great time working with the newlyweds throughout the planning process. I have a fondness for those who appreciate organization and attention to detail, and it’s always fun to watch all the plans turn out so perfectly! Congratulations!

Wedding DJ Playlist

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