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Lauren and Blaise (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding)

What truly sets a wedding apart is the beautiful amalgamation of family and friends who gather to celebrate the union of two souls. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion when people from all corners of your life come together to revel in the love shared between the bride and groom. Lauren and Blaise’s wedding was an embodiment of love, laughter, and unity among those dearest to them.

Their special day unfolded at the picturesque Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale, PA, casting a spell on all in attendance on a glorious Fall day. The venue was nothing short of perfect for both their ceremony and reception. The wedding offered guests a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing everyone to bask in the beauty of the day. From the delightful dinner to the heartfelt celebration, there was an abundance of space for everyone to enjoy.

Lauren and Blaise meticulously curated a timeless selection of music that encapsulated the spirit of their love story. Their playlist served as the backdrop for moments throughout the day, from cocktails to dinner and dancing. It was a harmonious blend of classic wedding tunes and contemporary hits, ensuring that everyone could partake in the celebration.

As the night drew to a close, it was heartwarming to see Lauren and Blaise surrounded by their loved ones, all joining in for a few unforgettable last songs, singing in unison. With cherished memories etched in their hearts, the newlyweds were set to embark on their journey of married life before their well-deserved honeymoon in Italy next summer.

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Marissa and Caleb (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding Reception)

I’ve been lucky enough to get to DJ some pretty cool wedding receptions.  A lot of couples choose to include a fun or unique element that their guests will never forget.  Marissa and Caleb’s wonderful celebration included so many special details and events, I know it will be a night that their friends and family will be talking about for years to come!

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding Reception

Their reception was held at the fabulous Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.  The tent and barn were excellently decorated, and made the perfect space for the party of a lifetime.  The evening included TWO choreographed dances – one by Marissa and her father, and then later in the night, she danced with her bridesmaids for Caleb to “Shut Up and Dance”!  Throughout the evening there were glow lights, cigars, a fire pit (with s’mores), and a taco truck to provide everyone with a late night snack!

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding Reception


The best part of the wedding day was not all the special and unique details, but actually how fun and sweet all of Marissa and Caleb’s guests were all night.  It was clear how thrilled everyone was to be with the newlyweds as they start a new chapter in their lives together.  After such an amazingly cool evening, the happy couple is now prepared for an even cooler time on their honeymoon to Fiji and New Zealand!

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Erin and Michael (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding)

Long ago I realized that letting couples choose all the music for their wedding would give their day a unique vibe that matches their style perfectly.  Sometimes this means couples will give me a list of hundreds of songs to choose from, other times newlyweds will provide me with only a few genres or selections.  Erin and Michael provided me with a few specific song choices along with some unique style suggestions, all of which lined up perfectly with their fun group of friends and family.

Their wedding ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Garden on a lovely Spring day.  After the nuptials, guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as they were treated to a terrific selection of Yacht Rock.  Songs from Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and others set a wonderfully relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Erin and Michael’s reception featured great food served at stations and was immediately followed by a fun-filled dance party with music for guests both young and old.  The party continued all night long and the end of the celebration came along entirely too fast.  The newlyweds ended the night enjoying the last few songs with all of their favorite people.  The happy couple is off to Ireland for a special once in a lifetime honeymoon.

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Caitlin and Mark (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding)

I’ve been blogging a lot this year about the planning of the wedding day schedule.  Every couple has to decide if they’ll  spend more time visiting, taking photos, etc.  Sometimes, I get to work with a couple like Caitlin and Mark, who planned their day so there would be LOTS of time for dancing and celebrating.  Their ceremony and reception was held on a perfect summer day at the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale, PA.

The setting and day could not have been more perfect for a couple who enjoys the great outdoors.  Guests were able to enjoy both the sun as well as the AC inside as they visited with friends and family.

Shortly after dinner, a dance party erupted on the dance floor and everyone got a chance to party to a great selection of music from yesterday and today.


With so much time to celebrate, I was able to play some amazingly fun songs that aren’t able to be included at many weddings.  Caitlin and Mark suggested just the right mix of music for their wild bunch.  The happy couple now gets to take a break from dancing as they head to Michigan for a well-deserved honeymoon.

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Stephanie and Mike (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden)

Weddings are serious business with lots of important mature decisions to make…but if you do it right, they can also include huge amounts of silliness and fun.  Stephanie and Mike clearly had a wonderful time working on details for their big day, held at the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale, PA.

This was the perfect venue for Stephanie and Mike to hold both their ceremony and reception.  Decorations in the barn included some well-placed action figures from Star Wars and Friday the 13th!

My favorite part of the evening had to be when Stephanie and her father did an awesome choreographed dance to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too”!  What a way to celebrate Father’s Day!!!


Stephanie and Mike made sure to put together a great day that matched their style and that would be a great time for their guests.  I’m sure the newlyweds will have a fun, silly and amazing time when they go on their Hawaiian honeymoon later this year.

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