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Jessica and Ryan (Grand Hall at the Priory Reception)

I believe one of the hardest things for a couple do to on their wedding day is to be able to relax, enjoy themselves, and actually live in the moment.  It’s entirely too easy to get caught up in all the action, worry about the details and stress about the scheduled events and miss out on just having a good time.  Jessica and Ryan did an amazing job avoiding this problem and were able to make the most of every second during their wonderful celebration held at the Grand Hall at the Priory.

Grand Hall At the Priory Wedding DJ Pittsburgh

The Grand Hall is probably one of the most appropriately named venues in all of Pittsburgh.  Everything looked incredibly stunning and was the perfect location for Jess and Ryan’s guests to enjoy an evening of fun and dancing.  All of their guests had plenty of time and lots of room for an amazing dance party!

Jess and Ryan made some super smart decisions regarding their events and timeline throughout the night that allowed them more time to spend with all of their favorite people.  I was impressed by their flexibility and it resulted in a fabulous night that I’m sure none of their guests will soon forget.  The newlyweds now get to go and enjoy every moment of their well-deserved honeymoon in Hawaii!

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Brittany + Michael (Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall Wedding)

Finding the right venue for your reception can be very challenging.  Pittsburgh offers many uniquely styled locations based on your tastes and style.  I believe Brittany and Michael made the perfect choice for their elegant celebration held at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory.  Their friends and family gathered on a beautiful spring day to spend time and party with the newlyweds.

The Grand Hall was beautifully decorated and mother nature provided a wonderful amount of natural light, which made the room look even more stunning than usual.

Pittsburghs Grand Hall-4

Brittany and Michael (along with some help from their families) provided great selections for songs to include throughout the reception.  The music was a great mix of everything from Frank Sinatra to Pitbull.  As the sun went down, guests of every age crowded the floor to sing, dance and get crazy.  Brittany and Michael made all the right choices and created a wedding day like no other.


Paige and Evan (Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall)

I’m always very excited to play my first wedding of every year.  I can’t imagine a more perfect couple to kick off 2014 than Paige and Evan.  Their fun, relaxed attitude made for a fantastic and elegant reception at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory.

Pittsburgh Grand Hall Priory Wedding (25 of 25)

The Grand Hall is one of Pittsburgh’s most stunning venues and it was a fantastic choice for Paige and Evan’s reception.  There was plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves throughout the entire celebration.

The newlyweds allowed lots of flexibility when it came to the music for the evening.  This made it possible to include a wide variety of music for all of their guests to enjoy.  After a full evening of dancing and celebrating, Paige and Evan are now headed off for their honeymoon in sunny California.

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Joelle and Jamie (Grand Hall at the Priory)

One of my favorite parts of every wedding is getting to meet the couple and their families.  It’s fun to see how family members join in to help make the day perfect.  Joelle and Jamie were sure to include special elements at their reception that would be memorable for everyone.

Champagne Weiss Wedding

Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory looked amazing as guests enjoyed an evening of celebration.  The newlyweds chose many unique and fun songs to be included throughout the evening, including a collection of Haitian songs which were a big hit with all the guests.

Not only were Joelle and Jamie a fantastically fun couple to work with, they are genuinely sweet people who come from wonderful families.  After the newlyweds takes a couple of weeks to enjoy the success of their wedding day, they’ll be heading off on a unique honeymoon, traveling to various locations up and down the East Coast.

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Bailey and Tom (Grand Hall at the Priory Wedding)

I’ll start this post by stating the obvious.  I love music.  I’m sure one of the main things that have kept me loving my job as a PIttsburgh DJ is how much I enjoy listening to and playing new music.  Since I welcome input from every couple to make sure the music for their celebration is a reflection of their tastes, I’m fortunate to be exposed to new music that I may have never discovered on my own.  I was pointed towards tons of great music for the reception of Bailey Flask and Tom Kapfer, held on a beautiful November Saturday at the Grand Hall at the Priory in Pittsburgh, PA

The Grand Hall is a stunning venue that is hard to beat.  Not only did the ballroom look amazing as usual, but Bailey and Tom also had added some special touches that you’d never see anywhere else.  The newlyweds provided song suggestions for cocktails and dinner that were fresh and unique.  I had a great time pulling together their playlist and hearing some new music that I know I’ll be keeping in my repetoire.

The end of the evening always comes too soon, and this celebration was no exception.  Bailey and Tom were able to exit their reception with the knowledge that their input on the music helped make the day a perfect match for their friends, family and themselves.  Their guests sent them off with a sparkler farewell as the newlyweds began their honeymoon in San Francisco.


Jena and Matthew (Grand Hall at the Priory DJ)

What a perfect way to start a new year!  Last evening I had the amazing opportunity to DJ at the wedding of Jena Brook and Matthew Hutchison, held in the Grand Hall at the Priory.  Jena and Matt are both Captains in the military.  Jena is recently back from a tour of Iraq while her new husband was stationed in Afghanistan.  It’s such a great honor to be involved with military weddings. Not only do I have tremendous respect for the these men and women, but these are people who seriously know how to celebrate!

Pittsburgh Grand Hall Wedding DJ

Located on the North Side of Pittsburgh, The Priory is a stunning reception venue.  After their grand entrance, Jena and Matthew had their first dance.

Grand Hall Priory Wedding

I see a lot of unique cake toppers, but I’ve never seen anything as customized as this!

Military cake topper

Jena and Matthew were fun and relaxed about their music choices.  They gave me the freedom to figure out what was going to keep everyone on the dance floor.  Throughout the evening the music included everything from oldies, Motown, top 40, and rock.


Once dinner was finished it was time to dance…

Grand Hall Priory Wedding DJ

and dance…

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

and dance!

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

At the end of the evening the guests surrounded Jena and Matthew for the final song.  It was obvious how happy everyone was for the newlyweds.

Pittsburgh Military Wedding DJ

I love to entertain our service men and women, and it was great that so many of Jena and Matthew’s friends were able to be a part their big day.  I can’t imagine a better way to kick off a new year!  The newlyweds are now off to their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

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