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Lauren and Johnny (Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding)

Lauren and Johnny’s wedding was a true testament to the power of joyful celebration. From near and far, their loved ones gathered at the enchanting Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA to witness and partake in a truly unforgettable evening.

The grand ballroom of Twelve Oaks Mansion provided an exquisite backdrop for both their heartfelt ceremony and the electrifying reception that followed.

What set Lauren and Johnny’s wedding apart was their unwavering commitment to ensuring that their guests had an extraordinary time. They entrusted me with the task of curating a playlist that would ignite the dance floor and infuse the night with energy and exhilaration. From the opening notes to the final chords, there was no shortage of laughter, joy, and dancing. The guests wholeheartedly embraced the music

As the last song echoed through the ballroom, it was evident that the evening had forged an unbreakable bond among the guests. Their spirits were still soaring, and the hunger for more celebration lingered in the air as they headed to the after-party. Lauren and Johnn’s wedding day became a testament to the power of unity and shared excitement, creating an evening that will be spoken of with joyous nostalgia for years to come.

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Katlyn and Charlie (Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding Reception)

Wedding planning has always been challenging, but this year has made things even more interesting for couples as they prepare for their big day.  Katlyn and Charlie navigated the entire process with thoughtfulness and attention to detail as they put together a wonderful celebration that all of their guests could enjoy and party.

The wedding reception was held at the wonderful 12 Oaks Mansion and Mars, PA.  Katlyn and Charlie made great use of all the spaces ensuring there was plenty of room for guests to spread out and have fun.  Since it was also the Fourth of July, they incorporated a subtle red, white and blue theme that could be seen throughout the venue.  I was able to help with the decor by providing a their monogram and uplighting!

Guests enjoyed some outdoor games, fireworks, and of course, plenty of dancing!  Katlyn and Charlie included the “La Hora Loca” which was a huge hit with everyone as they brought out a lot of Fourth of July hats and lights.  It was wonderful getting to see all of their family and friends come together and celebrate with the happy couple.  It was the party of a lifetime and one I’m sure none of their guests will soon forget!

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Colleen and Jason (Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding Reception)

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to express how much I love being a wedding DJ.  There’s something very special about being chosen to work with a couple to help make their big day turn out exactly as they have planned.  Colleen and Jason weren’t supposed to be my first wedding of 2020, but  I can’t imagine a better way to kick off the season than being part of their wonderful celebration.

Twelve Oaks Mansino Wedding Reception 2020

The reception was held at beautiful Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.  Colleen and Jason added personal touches (including custom hand sanitizer) that created a terrific atmosphere for their guests to enjoy.  I was added some uplighting and their monogram, which looked amazing in the foyer.

Twelve Oaks Mansino Wedding Reception 2020 Twelve Oaks Mansino Wedding Reception 2020


While this year has definitely been different for everyone, it was a real joy for me to see how Colleen and Jason’s friends and family came together to ensure this day was perfect for them in every way.  It was also very clear to me how much their guests enjoyed this opportunity to relax and spend some quality time together.  Personally, I believe there is always some ‘wedding magic’ that happens when people gather to celebrate the love of newlyweds, but Colleen and Jason’s celebration was one I think all of their guests really needed, and one they can all cherish for many, many years to come.

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Nicole and Matt (12 Oaks Mansion)

As a DJ, I tend to talk a lot about the fun and dancing portion of wedding receptions, but many times I’m fortunate enough to be a part of the actual ceremony.  I love being able to provide sound and music for the most important time of couple’s special day.  Nicole and Matt did a fantastic job choosing music to include in their ceremony that fit their style perfectly.


The newlyweds made an excellent choice to hold their nuptials and celebration at the beautiful Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.


Once the ceremony was  completed, guests were able to move from the library into the ballroom for cocktails, dinner and dancing.  The happy couple took great care in preparing a day that would suit their guests’ style.  This included everything from the location, ceremony, candy buffet and music.  The results could not have been more perfect and I am thrilled that Nicole and Matt chose me to be part of it all.  Congratulations to this awesome couple!

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Lindsey and Kirk (Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding DJ)

Putting together weddings is a lot of work.  Lots of things to do, lots to think about and plan.  I love when couples are able to let all of it go and just enjoy themselves on the big day.  Lindsey and Kirk were not only great fun to work with, but were able to truly enjoy every moment of their beautiful reception at Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.

Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding DJ-4

I love the ballroom at Twelve Oaks.  It’s a big open space with lots of beautiful natural light.  It was a wonderful area for Lindsey and Kirk’s celebration.

Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding DJ-2

Lindsay and Kirk provided a great list of music for cocktails, dinner and dancing.  The mix was perfectly suited for their friends and family who danced, sang and got a little crazy on the dance floor.  I had the best time watching the newlyweds enjoying themselves so much as their guests cheered and celebrated with them.  The happy couple is now headed off to San Diego for a romantic and well-deserved honeymoon.

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Sarah and Matt (Twelve Oaks Mansion)

It’s fun when couples include special touches or details into the decorations at their reception.  I was excited to learn that Sarah and Matt got engaged at Disney World.  I was even more excited that they included a few Disney details at their elegant wedding celebration at Twelve Oaks Mansion in Mars, PA.

Twelve Oaks Mansion Wedding (29 of 29)

Twelve Oaks Mansion is one of my favorite places to do uplighting, it looked amazing in both light orange (dinner), and blue (dancing).

Twelve Oaks Mansion (2 of 29)

Sarah and Matt’s “Guest Book” was actually magnetic stars for guests to write wishes to the newlyweds.  My favorite detail was their Mickey and Minnie cake topper!  So cool.

I had been told that the wedding guests would be excited to dance, and they definitely came to celebrate.  Thankfully they had already chosen to extend the evening since we needed every minute to keep the party going.  When the night came to an end, guests still didn’t want to leave.  I’m confident that Sarah and Matt truly will have a Happily Ever After.

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