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Alaina and Eric (The Wintergarden at PPG Place Wedding Reception)

Weddings should be fun! This seems like basic advice, but I know how easy it is for couples to get caught up in the importance and seriousness of the day. Alaina and Eric knew exactly what they wanted for their big day. They took extra steps to include lots of fun, silliness, and special moments throughout their reception held at the gorgeous Wintergarden at PPG Place, located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

The Wintergarden is an amazing venue, and it looks fantastic decked out with beautiful decor. Alaina and Eric included some special and funny signs, and even their dog made an appearance on the cake! Guests were ready for some fun too as the dance floor filled quickly with those prepared to celebrate, sing and get wild!

Alaina and Eric made the most of their big night and spent lots of the time on the dance floor dancing to an amazing set of dance music. Their friends and family weren’t ready for the celebration to end and even demanded “one more song” before saying farewell to the newlyweds. Alaina and Eric’s wedding day was beautiful, romantic, and yes… tons of fun for everyone!

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Madeline and Tim (Wintergarden at PPG Place Wedding Reception)

So what happens when you’re forced to reschedule your wedding THREE times? For Madeline and Tim, all their patience and hard work paid off with an absolutely incredible celebration where friends and family came together to celebrate like crazy and have the time of their lives.

The reception we held at the stunning Wintergarden at PPG Place. The large and beautiful venue looked amazing and provided plenty of space for guests to enjoy an evening full of joy, love, and some of the wildest dancers I’ve ever seen!

There was such an amazing amount of fun and positive energy all night long, I’m confident no one was ready for the evening to come to an end. Thankfully Madeline and Tim planned ahead as everyone headed off to enjoy the after party which featured a french fry bar! The newlyweds special weekend even included a day-after after-party where they can enjoy some more time with all of their favorite people before heading off for a seriously well-deserved honeymoon in Hawaii!

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