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Kit and Cameron (Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding)

Changing your wedding date is an incredibly difficult decision, yet once you finally get to have the wedding of your dreams… it’s totally worth it. Kit and Cam’s amazing wedding celebration was one everyone was waiting for, and one that no one will soon forget!

The ceremony and reception were held at the fabulous Fox Chapel Golf Club and featured gorgeous decor and tons of room for everyone to eat, visit and dance the night away!

I had the pleasure of DJing for Kit’s sister’s wedding a few year’s ago, but even I was surprised by how much fun everyone had on the huge dance floor. Kit and Cam’s wedding day was well worth the wait as no one wanted to leave even after the music stopped. Thankfully the newlyweds didn’t have to wait long before heading off to their well deserved honeymoon in the Maldives.

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Bree and Paul (Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Reception)

Some couples just know their wedding will be a great dance party.  Bree and Paul were 100% confident that their friends and family were going to be ready to jump on the dance floor and enjoy every moment of the fun, and they were absolutely right!  Their elegant and wild celebration was held on a perfect summer day at the gorgeous Fox Chapel Golf Club in Fox Chapel, PA.

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The Golf Club is a beautiful and unique venue with lots of different spaces for guests to enjoy.  Bree and Paul chose fabulous decorations and even had me provide uplighting and a monogram in the main ballroom.  It was the perfect space when everyone gathered together after dinner for the party to begin.

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding DJ Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding

Bree and Paul knew their guests would have a great time and didn’t worry about the music at all.  They allowed me to determine what was working best for everyone and the result was a great party where guests of all ages were able to be a part of the fun.  All of the newlyweds’ friends and family gathered on the dance floor for one last song and to give a couple a great send off as they start this new chapter in their lives together.

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Kaylyn and Greg (Fox Chapel Golf Club Reception)

With so many details to choose for a wedding day, it’s easy to forget to consider how the night will end.  While no one wants to focus on the day being completed, you’ll always remember the way you spent the last moments of your celebration.  Kaylyn and Greg came up with the most original and sweet idea for their wonderful reception held at the Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Before I explain the ending, I should note how amazing the Golf Club looked.  Everything from the dining area to the ballroom looked stunning.  I was glad they chose to have me provide some uplighting and a custom monogram to make things look even better!  It was the perfect setting for one of the most epic dance parties I’ve ever seen.


So, by this point, I’m sure you want to know how it ended.  After a wonderful dance party, all of the guests gathered in the front of the golf club while Kaylyn and Greg had one final slow dance alone.  It was sweet, romantic and a wonderful chance to just be together for a few moments before heading outside for cheers and hugs from all their favorite people.  The perfect ending to a truly unforgettable day.

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Sara and Ryan (Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding)

Every couple should have as much fun dancing on their wedding day as Sara and Ryan did.  It was so great watching them dance together the entire evening as they smiled, laughed and truly enjoyed every moment of their special day.

The reception was held at the beautiful Fox Chapel Golf Club in Fox Chapel, PA.  The Atrium, dining room and ballroom all looked stunning and made for the perfect venue for a fantastic celebration.  Guests were treated to an amazing evening, which also featured an entire cookie room filled with delicious treats.



Sara and Ryan weren’t the only ones who enjoyed themselves on the dance floor.  Their friends and family were quick to join in the celebration as they danced to a great variety of music.  At the end of the evening, everyone headed outside to wish the couple well with a sparkler send-off.  The newlyweds can now enjoy some time dancing on the beach during their romantic Hawaiian honeymoon!

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Mary Katherine and Thomas (Fox Chapel Golf Club)

It’s that time of year again, when Pittsburgh weather gets a little more unpredictable.  When planning a wedding for December and through winter, you never know if you’re going to get sun, rain, or even snow.  With any luck, you’ll end up with the perfect day that Mary Katherine Moravek and Thomas Fisher had for their elegant reception, held at the Fox Chapel Golf Club in Pittsburgh, PA.

Not only did Mary Katherine and Tom end up with a beautiful sunny December day,  but also the club had been gorgeously decorated for the Christmas season.  MK and Tom had provided me some general guidance for the music of the evening, but gave me the flexibility to be sure to keep everyone dancing and singing throughout the celebration.  None of the guests wasted their time once it was their time to dance.  They were such a fun group!

I had the best time getting to know Mary Katherine and Tom, and work with them to create such a customized and memorable evening.  In keeping with their uniqueness, the newlyweds left their reception to head off to Africa for a one of a kind honeymoon!

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