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Jenna and John (Heinz History Center Wedding Reception)

Pittsburgh has so much to offer for your out-of-town wedding guests.  Often, first time visitors are shocked at what a beautiful and entertaining place it can be.  Couples who have either moved here, or come here for school, decide to use our city as a destination wedding for their friends and family.  Most of the guests at Jenna and John’s wedding traveled to be a part of their wonderful day and the fantastic reception that was held at the Heinz History Center.

The Grand Hall at the museum was a spectacular choice for dinner and dancing!  The wedding guests enjoyed touring parts of the museum before the celebration began.

After a terrific dinner and special dancing, everyone was primed and ready for an epic dance party that included some of my favorite party songs of all time.

Jenna and John made sure all of their guests were treated to a fantastic evening that was well worth the trip.  As the final few songs of the night played, and before heading to the after party, the happy couple were surrounded by all of their favorite people from all parts of the county.  It was heart warming to see how much love everyone had for the newlyweds.  I’m sure the trip was well worth it, to be part of an epic celebration that no one will soon forget.

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Blaire and Colby (Heinz History Center)

Weddings held over the holidays are always extra special.  It gives everyone a reason to pause from the hectic season and enjoy a time of celebration.  Blaire and Colby’s wedding at the Heinz History Center was a wonderfully joyous occasion as their friends and family came to spend some quality time with the newlyweds and wish them well on their new lives together.

The Heinz History Center Great Hall is absolutely one of the most unique and captivating venues in Pittsburgh.  Most of the guests traveled from Louisiana to be part of the big day, so this was an amazing way to show off our amazing city.  They even got to see some snow!

 Blaire and Colby’s wedding featured so many special moments, including live music for their ceremony and cocktails, some very special parent dances, and of course, lots of great times with friends and family.  The music featured a wide variety of music from today, oldies, country and even some cajun selections.  I’m sure their guests all went home with many stories to share about this once in a lifetime celebration of love.

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Amie and Benjamin (Heinz History Center)

At the end of Amie and Ben’s reception, there was a discussion about how everyone had all experienced a “unicorn wedding”.  A day that was so perfect, most people would consider it a myth.  It made me wonder how they had succeeded in having such an unbelievably epic wedding day.

Heinz History Center Wedding Reception DJ (5 of 25)For starters, Amie and Ben chose to work with a venue and vendors that they put 100% confidence behind.  Many of the vendors were either personal friends, or ones they had experience with at other events.  The Heinz History Center was an amazing choice for both their ceremony and reception; the ballroom looked absolutely stunning.

Heinz History Center Wedding Reception DJ (1 of 25)

Heinz History Center Wedding Reception DJ (8 of 25)

Heinz History Center Wedding Reception DJ (11 of 25)

The newlyweds made so many choices that helped make their day unforgettable.  From Amie’s stunning pink dress, to the absolutely beautiful flower arrangements, to the dessert bar featuring dairy & gluten free treats.  Even their music choices formed a fun soundtrack for all of their guests to enjoy from beginning to end.  More importantly, Amie and Ben remained relaxed and fun throughout the day and were able to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime celebration with their friends and family.  The happy couple is all set to enjoy some time away on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

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Italia and Seth (Heinz History Center)

One of my favorite questions I’ve included in my online wedding planner regards how much the bride and groom hope to be able to dance at their reception.  Since guests want to be near the newlyweds, it’s so much fun for everyone when they plan to be dancing!  Italia and Seth said they would be dancing “all night long”, and they could not have been more accurate!

Heinz History Center Wedding (3 of 25)

Their ceremony and reception was held at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, which was the perfect setting for both an elegant and wildly fun celebration.

Heinz History Center Wedding (1 of 25)Heinz History Center Wedding (2 of 25)Heinz History Center Wedding (11 of 25)Hava Nagila Pittsburgh Jewish Wedding DJ

To help make their day even more special and unique, Italia and Seth included great events that represented both of their families’ traditions.  This included starting off the dancing with the Tarantella followed immediately by Hava Nagila.  After that, the songs the happy couple chose were a perfect match for their friends and family to enjoy.  I loved that the newlyweds truly did get to dance “all night long” and loved every minute of it.  They’re now off to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon in England and Scotland.

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Maggie and Kevin (Heinz History Center Wedding DJ)

The success of your wedding celebration depends greatly on your guests.  If they feel happy and comfortable, they will stay and enjoy every moment of your big day from beginning to end.  Maggie and Kevin did a fantastic job giving their guests all they needed to completely let loose and have the time of their lives at their elegant reception at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Heinz History Center Wedding (20 of 25)

The ballroom at the History Center has never looked better as it was decked out in uplighting, candle lighting, and a gorgeous wall of rope lights.

Heinz History Center Wedding (6 of 25)

Maggie and Kevin’s guest were treated to a full day of great food, a wonderful atmosphere and some fantastic music.  When it was time to dance, everyone was up and ready to get a little wild on the dance floor.  At the end of the night many of their friends and family were ready to join the newlyweds for the after-party.  Maggie and Kevin are now preparing for a well-deserved, romantic honeymoon in Aruba.

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Lisa and Armando (Heinz History Center DJ)

Every wedding is unique.  It’s the one time in a couple’s life that this group of people will gather together to celebrate their love for each other.  Sometimes things can be even more customized when couples incorporate various family and cultural traditions.  This past weekend I was DJ for a wonderful and very unique celebration for the wedding of Lisa Sontag and Armando Padilla held at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Both the wedding and reception were held at the History Center, which makes a wonderful and easy day for everyone.  The Great Hall was decorated beautifully for the Jewish ceremony which was conducted by one of Lisa’s close friends.

Hienz History Center Wedding

While the guests enjoyed cocktails at the 4th floor gallery, the Great Hall was converted for dinner and dancing.

Heinz History Wedding DJ

After dinner, guests were treated to a cake and coffee buffet, such a unique idea!

Cake Buffet

Lisa and Armando asked their guests to make song requests on the back of their RSVP invitations.  This made for a great variety of music that covered every genre.  Cocktail hour featured Big Band music from the 40’s, dinner featured music from crooners like Frank Sinatra and the Gypsy Kings.  When the dancing started, the music included modern dance music and 80’s classics, as well as Salsas and the Hora dance!


The newlyweds’ first dance was sweet and romantic.

DJ Pittsburgh Heinz

Lisa and Armando’s guests took the floor after dinner and the celebration started!

Spanish Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

The newlyweds were hoisted into the air during the hora dance… love this part!

Jewish Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh DJ Jewish Wedding

Pittsburgh DJ Wedding Spanish

Lisa and Armando found wonderfully fun ways to combine their Jewish and Spanish heritages throughout their big day, creating special moments that will be cherished forever.  The happy couple is on their way to Jamaica for a well deserved rest after a fantastic day.