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Katrina and Rocco (Lingrow Farm Wedding Reception)

There’s so much to worry and stress over when planning for your wedding day. Not every couple has the ability to truly relax and enjoy the day and treasure each special moment as it happens. Katrina and Rocco could offer a MasterClass in making the most of every second of the biggest celebration of their lives. It was awesome seeing them smile and laugh throughout their wonderful reception held at Lingrow Farm in Leechburg, PA.

Lingrow Farm offers a beautiful space both indoors and outside. It was the perfect spot to create what will be cherished memories for all of Katrina and Rocco’s guests, especially the newlyweds wonderfully choreographed first dance! Everyone was then treated to a fabulous meal, delicious cookies and an amazing fireworks display over the lake.

Katrina and Rocco also included some special music for me to provide during the reception, but also allowed their guests to make requests (including a salsa and a Christmas song!). It was wonderful seeing the happy couple enjoying their day to the fullest on their perfect once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

Wedding DJ Playlist

Cassandra and Paolo (Lingrow Farm)

Most people love to attend weddings, and these are the guests that will really help make your special day even more memorable.  Cassandra and Paolo were joined by friends and family from around the world who came to sing, dance, and celebrate with them for their wedding day at Lingrow Farm in Leechburg, PA.


The couple was married down by the pond during a quiet and romantic ceremony.  During the reception, guests were given a wonderful favor of homemade olive oil adorned with the Italian equivalent of “I Do”.

Once dinner was completed, Cassandra and Paolo’s guests had a fantastic time dancing to a wonderful selection of oldies and Motown classics.  At the end of the evening, it was clear that the newlyweds truly had the perfect wedding and reception, one that their guests will never forget.  They are now heading off for their romantic honeymoon in Puerto Rico to rest up before their wedding this Fall in Italy!

Wedding DJ Playlist

Alaina and Nick (Lingrow Farm Wedding DJ)

While I believe almost everyone loves music of some kind, it’s great for me to work with couples who are truly passionate about the songs they want to include at their reception.  This weekend I was the DJ for Alaina and Nick’s amazing wedding at Lingrow Farm in Saxonburg, PA

Hession Hanson Wedding

Alaina and Nick picked a great variety of music for cocktails (20’s & 30’s jazz), dinner (Beatles, rock, & soul), and dancing (motown, soul, rock, alternative).  My favorite parts of the evening were watching their faces light up as their selections helped create the perfect moments.

It was an amazing day for the newlyweds and their guests before it was time to take the shuttles back from Lingrow Farm.  Nick and Alaina chose an amazing and unique wedding day soundtrack, and it was the perfect match for their friends and family.  By the end of the evening, the couple was ready to begin their honeymoon in the Tennessee mountains.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Jessica and Jeffrey (Lingrow Farm Wedding DJ)

Years ago I made the decision to DJ exclusively for weddings.  I spent years DJing in nightclubs, class reunions, christmas parties, etc, but I came to realize that my true passion was to play a part in celebrations which would be unique each and every time.  Jessica and Jeffrey held their reception at Lingrow Farm in Leechburg, PA and I had the pleasure of helping them make their day a wonderfully special and intimate time with their friends and family.

Henry Lane Wedding

Jessica and Jeffrey have a true passion for music, and provided me with some diverse and fun song lists which helped to ensure that the day would meet their style.  Lots of oldies and rock seemed to be the perfect match for both their venue, as well as all of their friends and family.

What I loved about the night was how often the newlyweds spent quiet moments dancing with each other on the dance floor.  The wedding day can be filled with so much rushing around, it was nice to see a couple getting time to enjoy each other’s company while still entertaining their guests.  Jessica and Jeffrey are now off to spend more quality time together on their Caribbean honeymoon.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Melanie and Alan (Lingrow Farm DJ)

While most people will describe their ideal wedding day as elegant, romantic, and fun, many overlook how to make their day memorable.  Special touches, and the ability to deal with the unexpected, certainly helped Melanie Boretsky and Alan Young have a wedding day like no other, and one I am sure will be discussed for years to come.

Boretsky Young Wedding

Their choice to get married and have their reception at Lingrow Farm was a great choice for a day no one would forget.  As their ceremony began, the perfect skies and beautiful scenery made for the ideal setting.  When the weather changed suddenly to a down pour, everyone made a quick dash to the barn to finish the nuptials.  All the guests cheered and celebrated as Alan carried his wife to shelter.

Lingrow Farm Wedding

Another truly memorable part of the evening was when Alan’s twin brother and best man gave one of the best Powerpoint/Toasts I’ve ever heard.

Best Man Powerpoint Toast

Of course, music is always a great way to make the day special.  They had planned for plenty of time to dance and celebrate, so it was great getting to fill so many requests from their friends and family.


I love when couples have practiced their first dance.  Melanie and Alan are fantastic dancers, and theirs could not have been more perfect.

This amazing evening also included a photo booth, fireworks, a bonfire, and lots of opportunities for some wild and hilarious dancing.

Lingrow Farm Wedding DJ

All night long I overheard many of the guests already reliving stories about the events of the day.  With so many fantastic moments for them to cherish, Melanie and Alan’s wedding day was truly unforgettable.

Emily and James (Lingrow Farm DJ)

It’s so easy to get caught up in making everything perfect for you wedding day, that it’s difficult to stay focused on what’s most important.  Sometimes the fact that you’re celebrating your vows to the person you’ll be with for the rest of your life can get lost amongst all the many details.  Yesterday I was the DJ for a wonderful couple who were able to stay focused on the real reason for their celebration and it was a fantastic day.  The wedding and reception of Emily Gold and James Scheidemantle was held at Lingrow Farms in Leechburg, PA.

Emily Gold & James Scheidemantle

While the weather wasn’t perfect, there is no mistaking how perfectly matched these two are for each other.

Lingrow Farm Wedding DJ

Emily and James gave me great direction for the music they wanted for their special day.  The music for their ceremony was extremely special and unique.  Emily’s mother walked her down the aisle to The Monkee’s “Daydream Believer”!


Lingrow Farm is a beautiful venue for an intimate reception.  Guests were able to enjoy the balcony as well as a bonfire once the sun went down.

Lingrow Farm Wedding Reception DJ

Emily & Jim had WILD friends that stayed on the dance floor all night long.  They were such a great group of friendly party people.

Lingrow Farm Wedding DJ

Lingrow Farm Wedding DJ

All of the guests received a Terrible Towel as a wedding favor.  During the introduction everyone spun them around as the newlyweds entered to “Renegade”.  A true Pittsburgher’s entrance!

Terrible Towel Wedding Favor

Emily Gold & James Scheidemantle

I had a blast working with Emily & Jim and I love their passion and sense of humor.  At the end of the night it was clear that while everything might not have gone as planned, they wouldn’t have changed a thing.  It was a PERFECT day.

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