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Christie and Jacob (Olde Stonewall Golf Club Reception)

There are times for everyone when things get tough.  Work, stress, family, health – all these things can make us forget how blessed we are and how great life is.  While the wedding is clearly very special for the bride and groom, it’s also a gift to everyone who attends because it gives them a genuine reason to celebrate.  In this day and age, people NEED to celebrate.  Christie and Jacob had an amazing and beautiful wedding at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City, PA, and the perfect celebration for all of their friends and family.

The Grand Hall looked gorgeous and had the most wonderful Beauty and the Beast themed decor.  The roses under glass were simply amazing.  After a delicious dinner, everyone was quick to join in the fun for a fantastic dance party!

Christie and Jacob wanted to make sure everyone had a fabulous time and took the simple idea of “Be Our Guest” to a whole new level.  As the evening came to a close, there was a great atmosphere of joy and happiness as all of their guests joined in to wish them well in their new lives together.  It was a perfect ending to the perfect day.

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Mikel Lynn and Jim (Shakespeare’s Castle DJ)

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your style. No matter what your tastes are, your big day is a chance to showcase who you are to the people who mean the most to you. The guests at the wedding of Mikel Lynn Davis and Jim Langan were given a great opportunity to be part of an intimate occasion which was truly one-of-a-kind.

David Langan Wedding

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Shakespeare’s Castle at the Old Stonewall Golf Course.  The perfect place for a wedding, the castle offers an experience like no other.  Of course, Mikel Lynn and Jim were able to add their own touches, including an archway made of books, that added even more character for their big day.

I was thrilled that Mikel Lynn and Jim asked me to part of their wonderful celebration.  Since I had known Mikel Lynn since college, it was an extra special thrill for me to see her have her perfect wedding day with her soulmate.  The newlyweds are now off on their honeymoon in the Virgin Islands, and I’m sure they are making it an experience that is truly all their own. Wedding DJ Playlist

Becky and Alex (Shakespeare’s Castle Wedding DJ)

If you read through my entries here, I hope people understand how much I do enjoy getting to DJ at so many wonderful and elegant weddings in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania. The end of the year always brings a variety of emotions, since it’s about time for some much needed R&R, but it’s hard for me to take a break from doing something I love to do. I can’t imagine a better end to this marvelous year than the fun-filled wedding reception of Becky Richards and Alex Youngdahl held at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood, PA.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

I’ve said many times that Old Stonewall is the best castle in town. Having everything decorated for Christmas really made the room look elegant and festive. Becky and Alex continued the castle theme throughout the reception details, most notably on their beatiful and unique cake.  Becky and Alex gave me a lot of freedom when it came to the music of the evening. They chose their special event songs and guided me to the right styles of music to get everyone dancing and celebrating. Becky and Alex’s friends were ready to get the party started! Once the Bridal Party started to dance to the Black Eyed Peas, all the guests joined in the celebration.


The end of the night came way to soon for everyone (including me). Before the couple could head off to their honeymoon in Punta Conte, their friends and family gave them a giant group hug as the final song ended! It was the perfect ending for me as well, as I end a memorable and extraordinary year of weddings.

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Carlee and Robert (Old Stonewall Golf Club)

I am extremely blessed to get to do something I love so much.  Every time I get to go and be a part of someone’s celebration it feels new and fresh.  This past weekend I DJ’ed a wonderful celebration that reminded me how long I’ve been this lucky.  Carlee Saba and Robert Sontag were married on a perfect November day at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City, PA.

Saba Sontag Wedding DJ

I knew I was in for a fun evening when I saw Carlee and Rob’s custom cake topper featuring a bride dragging her groom away from his videogames and Dr. Pepper cans!

Custom cake topper

Due to hectic schedules, Carlee and I did most of the planning online and through Skype.  It worked out great as she was able to let me know what special songs they wanted to use throughout the evening to make the day perfect.


Carlee and Rob had wonderful first dance after dinner.  I loved seeing this quiet moment between the two of them.

An extra bonus for me was getting to see Carlee’s father and stepmother.  Cy and Joni used to work with me at one of my earliest DJ gigs, and I even DJ’d their wedding, right at the same golf club over 11 years ago!

After all the visting and catching up, it was time to celebrate!

Saba Sontag Wedding DJ

I’m grateful to Carlee and Rob for choosing me as their DJ.  They were so relaxed and fun to work with, and their day truly reflected all their hard work.  They had a wonderful celebration that they’ll never forget as they start a new chapter in their lives.

Dottie and Daniel (Shakespeare’s Castle DJ)

No matter when you get married…they will come.  People LOVE to join the wedding celebration.  It doesn’t matter when or where you hold it, your friends and family will be there.  This was certainly the case for Dottie Dutchesne and Daniel Miller when they said their vows on a beautiful Monday afternoon at Shakespeare’s in Ellwood City, PA.  Around 250 came from all over to be a part of their perfect day.

Dutchesne Miller Wedding

What can you say about Shakespeare’s?  Clearly it’s the best castle in Western PA!  A wonderful venue for a fairytale wedding.

Shakespeare's Castle

Dottie and Daniel were married on the balcony.  I was able to provide music and sound for the ceremony. I love the chance to play a part in the entire day.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ-2

When I met with the couple, we had a great time talking about music and finding ways to include a wide variety (including Hanson) into the festivities.


After a wild introduction featuring some awesome rap tunes, Dottie and Daniel had their first dance to Keith Urban’s “I Wanna Be Your Everything”.

Beaver County Wedding DJ

The recent heatwave we’ve been having gave way on this Monday to a wonderfully cool and breezy day.  The guests were able to dance & party and then go relax on a cool summer evening.

Shakepeare's Wedding DJ

Dottie and Dan had to extend their evening since so many guests were still enjoying themselves.  Their guests didn’t seem to mind, or perhaps were even enjoying the fact that it was a Monday evening.  These newlyweds took a day that most people dread and turned it into a day that their guests will never forget.   Now they get to spend this Tuesday preparing for their getaway honeymoon to St. Croix.

Dawn and John (Old Stonewall Golf Club Reception)

I make a big deal about the importance of including your own tastes into your wedding and reception. Everyone deserves to have a day that is truly unique. I’m just amazed at originality of the wedding I just performed for Dawn Ruby & John Lonzenski. The ceremony and reception were both held at Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City. Since the castle is also referred to as Shakespeare’s, Dawn & John decided it would be fun to have a theme wedding and go for broke. Although they aren’t typically “into” the whole renaissance scene, they made their day special by making it fun and stylish.


This chocolate cake was truly amazing!


This was an intimate celebration with about 40 of the newlyweds friends and family, Dawn’s mother did a great job making choices for cocktail hour and dinner that were able to be enjoyed by everyone.
Dawn & John picked a great selection of oldies and 80’s music for the dancing portion that really got people up and having fun.

Dawn’s grandparents, Norman & Cleora, were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, Norman spent a lot of time dancing!


Since Dawn & John were married about 1:30, this was an early reception with dinner served around 3:30. They really planned things out well so that their guests were not left with hours and hours with nothing to do. When I had met with John I had made a comment about the fact that sometimes people aren’t up for dancing while it’s still light outside, but clearly I had nothing to worry about. Around 5:00 I “opened the dance floor” and everyone was up and celebrating!


I always hope that people can learn from people like Dawn & John. Not that everyone should have a renaissance theme wedding, but that it’s important to find the fun on your wedding day. Most people find that their wedding day passes by very quickly, and it seems silly to me to waste any moment of it. Dawn & John found so many special ways to make their day memorable, fun and beautiful. They were so genuinely sweet and wonderful to work with, I’m glad they chose to let me be a part of it!

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