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Allison and Nick (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

If you read my posts regularly, you know I believe it’s the wedding guests that are the most important part of the celebration. Wedding couples who put their focus on their friends and family are almost always the one who end up having the most memorable and fabulous receptions. Allison and Nick were so excited to spend time with all of their favorite people, and made sure that everyone was included in the fun during their amazing wedding day.

Their reception was held at the always gorgeous Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer. Guests were treated to live string music during cocktail hour before watching the newlyweds first dance (they prepared a wonderful routine to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”). Throughout the evening, Allison and Nick chose great music to make sure everyone got a chance to hear music they could enjoy.

Allison and Nick’s guests danced and danced to songs from yesterday and today. The best compliment I received was when Allison had told me that even her father was up dancing (apparently not a regular occurrence!). The happy couple planned their entire day around the concept of spending time with all of their closest friends and family (this included both a pre-party and an after party!). I loved the chance to work with these two awesome people through multiple wedding date reschedulings, and was so excited to see their big day turn out so successfully. Allison and Nick will soon head off for a truly one-of-a-kind safari honeymoon!

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Caitlin and Mark (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

So much happens during your wedding day, it’s important to try and slow down and really cherish every moment. Some couples get caught up in worrying about what’s next, they miss the opportunity to enjoy what’s happening around them. Caitlin and Mark did a fabulous job at staying in the moment at their beautiful and elegant wedding reception held at the stunning Music Hall Foyer at the Carnegie Museum

The Museum has always been one of my favorite venues in all of Pittsburgh. The gorgeous space was made even more specular with Caitlin and Marks’ beautiful decor. Each table featured wonderful photos of the newlyweds through each year of their lives.

Guests were excited to be part of the celebration as they joined on the dance floor with the newlyweds for a fabulous dance party!

I was so glad to see Caitlin and Mark take full advantage of the time they had at their reception. They were able to spend time with all of their favorite people while enjoying a great time dancing to some of their favorite songs. The happy couple is soon headed off to a very well-deserved honeymoon in Granada.

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Victoria and Cody (Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer Wedding Reception)

Every couple who gets married in December is faced with the choice of whether or not they should acknowledge the holiday or not. Victoria and Cody made a fabulous decision to embrace the spirit of Christmas for their gorgeous and fun wedding reception held at the stunning Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer.

If you’ve read this blog, you’ll know how much I adore Djing at the museum. The Music Hall Foyer looked amazing and the choices of flowers and decor was perfect. I can’t even begin to say how much I loved the fabulous Christmas present cake Victoria had chosen for the big day.

Everyone came ready to celebrate! There was plenty of wonderful music (including a few Christmas songs) for all of the newlyweds friends and family to enjoy.

It was so much fun to watch Victoria and Cody’s friends gather around to show their love and support. Including a splash of Christmas into their celebration was the best choice since their wedding day truly was one of love, family and making amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

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Julie and Tim (Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer Wedding Reception)

The most common thing I hear from couples is how they would like to avoid having all of the standard, overplayed music at their wedding. I love to work with people who really take the time to think about what songs will be special and unique for their celebration. Julie and Tim’s wedding is one I know I’ll never forget as their playlist featured so many amazing songs that made their wonderful reception truly one-of-a-kind.

The Carnegie Museum has always been one of my favorite venues and I can’t imagine a better location for Julie and Tim’s reception. The large dance floor was the perfect space for an epic dance party.

Be sure to click the link below to see all of the amazing music that went into Julie and Tim’s playlist. I believe what made their song choices so successful was because the newlyweds spent so much time on the dance floor singing and dancing with all of their friends and family. Their excitement was infectious. The end of the evening came entirely too fast for everyone (including me). Julie and Tim gave their guests an evening like no other and I’m sure no one will soon forget.

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Mary and Lenny (Carnegie Museum Wedding)

When I meet with couples to plan their wedding, we typically talk about the dancing portion of the night to determine if they’re going to be spending much time dancing with their friends and family.  Wedding guests want to be with the bride and groom, so there’s nothing better for a DJ than a couple who is ready to celebrate.  Mary and Lenny were so much fun and made their dance floor at the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer the only place to be during their wonderful wedding reception.

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Their wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful and elegant Hall of Architecture before guests made their way to the stunning Music Hall.  The Carnegie was an excellent choice for a day that was elegant, romantic and super fun for everyone.  The big dance floor was the perfect location for everyone to join in a fabulous Hora!

Carnegie Museum Hall of Architecture Wedding Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer Wedding

Mary and Lenny were sure to spend some quality time visiting with their guests before we got the celebration started… I loved how they encouraged everyone to join them on the dance floor for music that included a great variety of songs.  At the end of the night, the newlyweds took a moment to thank their guests for being part of their big day.  It was a wonderful and personal touch, and I can’t think of a better way to have ended such a wonderful occasion.

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Rylee and Adam (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

There’s always a lot of talk about how quickly time will seem to pass on your wedding day.  This sensation happens not only because there is so much to do and so much to see, but also because you are surrounded by all of your favorite people.  The challenge is to enjoy every moment on a day you wish would never end.  Rylee and Adam certainly made the most of their big day as their guests joined them for an amazing reception at the Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

The museum always makes for an amazing reception venue.  Not only is the music hall one of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh, their staff is always fantastically attentive and delivers top notch service throughout your event.

Rylee and Adam treated their guests to a fun-filled evening that started with their first dance and parent dances as guests had a terrific view from the balcony of the music hall foyer.  After a delicious meal everyone was quick to jump on the dance floor for an epic celebration.


Rylee and Adam spent their evening visiting and dancing with friends and family that had traveled from all over to be part of their big day.  While I’m sure the day flew by for everyone, the newlyweds made the most of each unforgettable moment.  Hopefully time will slow down a bit for them as they head to the Bahamas for a well-deserved honeymoon.

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