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Julie and Evan (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Wedding)

Weddings are always fun.  It’s why I decided long ago to only be a wedding DJ, because I love working with couples to create a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that is a good time for everyone.  Julie and Evan worked some real magic in making sure their wedding day at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh was jam packed full of unique and fun details that guaranteed a night that will have their guests talking for years to come.

I’m always amazed by the transformation of the Children’s Museum into an elegant wedding venue.  Julie and Evan were married in the Art Studio before guests made their way to the Big Red Room for an evening of celebrating.  I was so happy I could provide uplighting and a monogram to help them customize the ballroom for the newlyweds.

I still can’t get over this amazing guest book idea!  What an amazing keepsake!

Julie and Evan’s big day was filled with something for everyone.  Their guests were treated to an evening like no other.  Everyone enjoyed dancing and singing to great hits from yesterday and today.  The happy couple is off to what I’m certain will be an amazingly fun honeymoon in Banff!

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Colleen and Chris (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

Everyone has their own favorite style of music, and it’s always fun to work with with couples who have some unique ideas for their wedding day.  Colleen and Chris had wonderful selections for their wedding day, and even got a great surprise from Colleen’s musical family!  Their wedding ceremony and reception were held on a perfect Spring day at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

The Children’s Museum makes for a wonderful venue to hold a wedding.  There are lots of great spaces for the entire celebration.

During the toasts, a large number of Colleen’s family broke into an amazing version of “Happy Together” including guitars, a trumpet and tambourine!  It was a sweet and entertaining moment for everyone.


The music for the evening included songs from musicals, standards, oldies, 70’s and some of today’s hits as well.  It was fun to watch guests of all ages on the dance floor join in the party!  Colleen and Chris put together an amazing wedding soundtrack that will keep their guests talking for years to come.  The happy couple is headed off to Paris for a well deserved honeymoon.

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Sarah and Brian (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

Wedding days are elegant, serious, romantic, and beautiful, but at the same time they are also funny, loud, joyous and absolutely crazy.  Sarah and Brian road this roller coaster of emotions with style during their perfect celebration at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

The art studio at the museum makes the most amazing location for a ceremony!  Once Sarah and Brian tied the knot, guests made their way to the wonderfully decorated Big Red Room for dinner and a wild dance party.

Sarah and Brian made the most of their big day by making sure to spend lots of time with their friends and family.  They also took time to join in the dancing and singing all the way until midnight!  The couple will soon embark on their honeymoon where they can reflect on their wonderful and successful wedding day!

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Sarah and Jason (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

Putting together a wedding is all about finding the right mix.  This is true when it comes to the choosing the guests, the food, and definitely the music.  Sarah and Jason could offer a master’s class on assembling the right blend of personal tastes and guest pleasing elements.  The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh was the perfect venue for their fun and unique ceremony and reception.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Wedding-25

From the moment I first met Sarah and Jason, it was clear how much they cared about music.  It was great fun to assemble their music playlist which included some special surprises throughout the evening.  Music is clearly at the center of their relationship. When Jason told me the entrance song, he said, “Sarah told me she wanted to enter to Rush, which is why I love her.”

Throughout the night, the music was a fantastic selection of rock, classic guitar, Motown, and top 40 music.  This great mix gave all the guests a chance to get up and be part of the celebration.  Sarah and Jason put together an amazing day that was meant for everyone to enjoy, and they certainly did!

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Connie and Daniel (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

I find that every couple I work with is able to create ways to really be themselves on their wedding day.  Connie and Dan spent lots of time making their reception at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh a fantastic representation of their lives together.

Children's Museum Pittsburgh Wedding (25 of 25)

Their ceremony was held in the Art Room of the Children’s Museum and featured a reading from the Velveteen Rabbit, and a banjo performance of “Rainbow Connection”.  Connie and Dan also read their own vows, which were not only hilarious, but  very sweet and personal.  The customization continued as the venue was filled with unique pins made for each guest (and even the DJ!)

There was also a wonderful selection of music for me to use throughout the day.  When it was time to dance, guests of all ages were able to enjoy a mix of Motown, disco and 90’s hip hop.  Connie and Dan are creative, artistic, fun, and caring people, and they used their talents and passions to make their day absolutely perfect.

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Shannon and Cole (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh)

Every wedding contains a million details, all of which will come together to create a day which is completely your own.  Shannon and Cole worked tirelessly on their amazing wedding and reception held at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  With the help of family and friends, their celebration was romantic, unique, and completely awesome.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (31 of 31) One important detail I was able to help out with was the newlyweds’ customized playlist.  They avoided overplayed and cheesy songs, and instead used great songs to create a great vibe.  Their song choices included great indie singer-songwriters, and later in the night some amazing 90’s tunes.  Dancing started off with a hora which filled up the big dance floor quickly as the newlyweds were hoisted in the air!

Shannon and Cole avoided many wedding traditions, and instead spent every moment of the special day enjoying amazing moments with their guests.   Their choices in details and music helped make the day a perfect reflection of their personalities.  They can enjoy every moment of their honeymoon in Puerto Rico knowing their day  had been a complete success.

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