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Cassie and Bobby (Wyndham Grand Wedding DJ)

I simply love the fall, it’s my favorite time of year.  Clearly, so do many Pittsburghers, since so many people choose to have their wedding during this beautiful season.  Cassie Russell and Bobby Mirt used a fantastic fall color palette to give their day an elegant, yet fun appearance.  The view of Pittsburgh from the Wyndham Grand’s ballroom made the entire city match all of their great details.

Russell Mirt Wedding

This was my first time playing at the Wyndham Grand, and I was pleasantly surprised by the great view available from their ballroom.  All of the details really made the room look stunning.

Cassie and Bobby’s music choices were fun and diverse.  Tons of great dance music filled the dance floor all night long.  Some special choices from the likes of New Kids on the Block as well as The Doors made for some great cherish-able memories.


In order to keep the night moving along, the newlyweds held most of their events before dinner.  This relieved stress from the rest of the evening and gave them lots of time to visit and dance.  The timing worked perfectly, since the sun was setting as they had their first dance.

I think almost any DJ would tell you that there is no greater pleasure than a group of guests who are anxious to dance.  I’m pretty confident to say this was the best party happening anywhere in Pittsburgh.

It was such a thrill for me to see one of my favorite couples, Mitch and Nicole Paterline.  I played their wedding back in 2006 and they’ve been so sweet to refer me to so many of their friends.

A beautiful, elegant, and perfect fall wedding, followed by the biggest and wildest party ever.  Cassie and Bobby gave their guests a day that no one (including me) was ready to end.  Their fun and friendly style came through in every detail and moment of this fantastic fall celebration.

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