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Katie and Mackie’s Unique and Unforgettable Celebration at the Carnegie Museum

One of the coolest aspects of being a wedding DJ is seeing how couples customize their big day to perfectly reflect their style and tastes. I get to work with some of the most creative people who constantly amaze me with their unique approaches. Katie and Mackie’s wedding reception was filled with special surprises that made it truly memorable.

Their reception took place in the stunning Music Foyer at the Carnegie Museum in the heart of Oakland. The grand scale of the foyer was the perfect backdrop for Katie and Mackie’s epic celebration, adding an extra layer of elegance and excitement to the night.

A standout moment of the evening was when Katie and her father performed “Islands In The Stream” instead of having a traditional father-daughter dance. Their heartfelt performance was a beautiful reflection of their relationship and set a fun, joyous tone that lasted the entire night.

Katie and Mackie also curated a fantastic playlist that catered perfectly to their fun-loving friends and family. The dance floor was packed (even before dinner!) with guests enjoying great songs from every genre imaginable.

Working with Katie and Mackie was an absolute blast, and I was thrilled to help bring their vision to life in such a unique and unforgettable celebration. As the night came to a spectacular close, the happy couple looked forward to starting their new chapter with a honeymoon in beautiful Maine.

Katie and Mackie’s wedding at the Carnegie Museum was a true testament to the power of personal touches and creativity, making it a celebration that will be cherished by everyone who attended.

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