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Lindsay and Roy (Carnegie Museum)

Weddings are hard work.  It’d be easy to use up all your energy just planning for such an important day.  Lindsay and Roy didn’t have any problem keeping their excitement going throughout their elegant celebration at Carnegie Museum’s Hall of Sculpture in Oakland.  From their first dance all the way to the last song, they made sure to enjoy every moment to its fullest.

The newlyweds had arranged to give their guests a wonderful wedding experience.  Everything started with a beautiful ceremony at Heinz Chapel, which was immediately followed by cocktails on the Grand Staircase at the Carnegie.  When guests moved to the Hall of Sculpture, everyone was commenting on how spectacular everything looked.  The entire evening flowed smoothly and efficiently so that when the dance floor opened, people were ready to join in the fun.

You can see some of the beautiful decor and the rest of the party in this video.

Lindsay and Roy were smart to spend both cocktail hour and dinner time visiting with their guests, which allowed them lots of opportunities to dance.  I was blown away by how tirelessly they were able to keep moving all night long.   After an amazing amount of planning and celebrating, these two were finally ready to enjoy their well deserved honeymoon in Maldives.

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