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Christy and Ryan (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

Choosing the right time of year to get married can be just as important as finding the right venue and wedding vendors.  Pittsburgh offers such distinct seasons which can offer wonderful options for colors and themes.  A winter wedding was the perfect fit for Christy and Ryan’s elegant and fun reception, held at the Carnegie...

Lindsay and Roy (Carnegie Museum)

Weddings are hard work.  It’d be easy to use up all your energy just planning for such an important day.  Lindsay and Roy didn’t have any problem keeping their excitement going throughout their elegant celebration at Carnegie Museum’s Hall of Sculpture in Oakland.  From their first dance all the way to the last song, they made sure...

Megen and Keith (Pittsburgh Athletic Association)

When your wedding is over, how will your guests describe it?  I’m sure  Megen and Keith’s family and friends will be using words like elegant, romantic, fun, and completely unforgettable. Their celebration was held at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association in Oakland, which was decorated beautifully.  My favorite touch was how each table featured a romantic quote from the couple’s favorite movies....

Tara & Jason (Grand Concourse Wedding Reception)

Even though I’ve had this website for many years, I’ve only recently started featuring extensive looks at the weddings where I perform.  Winter is typically considered the ‘slow season’ for DJs, so I thought it would be fun to showcase images from past weddings that never made it to the blog. Tara Zurowski and Jason...

Eunie and Frank (Carnegie Museum Reception)

Next year I will celebrate the 25th anniversary of my first DJing performance. (Ok, I was 15 so I’m not sure how much of a performance it was, but my mother did pay me $25). The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the many receptions I’ve played since then is this: Always listen to the client....

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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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